why is jasmine essential oil so expensive

Is Jasmine Expensive? Why is Jasmine Oil so Expensive?

Jasmine essential oil is one of the world’s most used perfume ingredients. It has increasingly become an exotic choice of oil with various applications and benefits. Not only does the overwhelming benefits of the oil cut across relevant aspects of human life but also its exquisite aroma makes it stand out from other types of essential oils.

Why Is Jasmine Essential Oil So Expensive?

I know you might have been wondering and asking lots of questions about why Jasmine essential oil is so expensive. Jasmine essential oils are popularly known as the king of oils; it has an amazing aroma and is made from quite elite species of flower petals. For every production of a bottle of the oil, thousands of jasmine flower petals have to be cropped out.

Out of the many species of jasmine flowers that can be found, only two species make the requirement for the oil’s production. The process of collecting these flower petals are very stressful and time-consuming. I have been able to find out that these factors significantly impact the oil price.

What Is Jasmine Essential Oil Good For?

Jamine Essential Oil
Jasmine Essential Oil

This part is what I would love to talk about, many years back, I also asked the question, what’s Jasmine essential oil good for? The oil finds application for various purposes, which makes it retain its status as a hot demand product and is mostly used in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

The oil can produce significant skin effects when applied to wrinkles, stretch marks, greasy skins, scars, and a lot of other skin conditions. Its goodness isn’t limited to skin conditions but also the emotional and mental health of users. Jasmine essential oils can reduce depression, anxiety, mental disorders, and improve an individual’s mental health. With the right application of the oil, the body experiences a sense of relaxation and calmness.

What Does Jasmine Essential Oil Smell Like?

I can confidently say that jasmine oil smells quite lovely. No doubt, people want to experience a pleasant smell, but let’s get into its detail. When chemical processes extract the fresh petals, they are converted to liquids with a distinct and exotic aroma. Its smell is sometimes intoxicating and is known to increase the feeling of romance and love.

Due to the smell, the oil is used on royal couples’ perfumes going out on dates or events. In our present day, you can find the jasmine oil scent on moderately prosperous and well to do individuals who can afford its high costs of purchase. Jasmine essential oils have a distinct smell that can be detected easily when worn by individuals. 

Is Jasmine Essential Oil Safe for Dogs & Cats?

Jasmine essential oils have a strong aroma, causing us to wonder if they are safe for dogs and cats either sprayed directly or diffused through a room. Cats and dogs have increased sensitivity and can readily pick up a variety of scents. This makes oils, in general, a potential irritant to them.

Strong scents of jasmine oil can cause respiratory problems, skin-irritating, and other forms of allergies. I usually advise that pets’ owners don’t directly spray the oils on them or allow them to stay in a room when the oil is released to the air. The fumes from jasmine essential oils can penetrate the skin of your dog and cat. To this end, I’ll say it’s not safe for cats and dogs.

Is Jasmine Essential Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

I strongly advised that you stay away from jasmine essential oil if you are pregnant. There is this existing notion that pregnant women are susceptible to health challenges. Jasmine oil can cause dullness to the mind, which in-turn impacts pregnancy. The dullness can result in dizziness and weakness, leading to falls or slips, which would cause miscarriages or even affect the baby in the womb.

From my observation, inhaling jasmine oil isn’t safe during pregnancy. It can cause contraction of the uterine walls, which will affect the development of your baby. Thus, it is better to stay away from the consequences than assuming a different reaction with your body chemistry. As your baby develops, you can begin allowing usage of the oil in small doses.

Is Jasmine Essential Oil Good for Sleep?

There are lots of speculations to ascertain if jasmine oil is good for sleep. In this case, you don’t have to believe just anything. Scientific research and evidence prove that jasmine oils play a role in improving sleeping conditions.

Jasmine essential oils act in the individual’s mind and mental state, calming down the nerves and neurons that support sleep. People who sleep with jasmine scents have been discovered to have a better time sleeping than others who don’t. They even wake up feeling happy, lively, and joyful. These feelings are not just limited to night hours alone. The same effect can be felt during the day and afternoon sleep hours.

Is Jasmine Essential Oil Safe for Babies?

Well, since babies have soft, tender, and easily irritated skin, essential oils should be avoided as much as possible. It results in skin complications and other respiratory problems. However, Jasmine essential oil can be applied to children who are up to two years.

Some precautions must be taken into consideration before applying the oil for babies. Some of these precautions include avoiding undiluted ratios, avoiding water usage, preventing ingestion into the mouth, and avoiding use near heat sources. However, I recommend that you shouldn’t apply the oil to sensitive parts of the body like the eyes, ears, and nose.

What Goes with Jasmine Essential Oil?

Due to the cost of purchasing jasmine essential oils, there is a need to look for other chemicals to form a good combination. In the fashion and beauty niche, it is common that every ingredient is used alongside some substitutes in case the primary materials become extinct or hard to reach.

I strongly recommend a few essentials that can blend: almond oil, rosewood oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, clary oil, and neroli oil. These oils don’t produce adverse effects and are safe for usage.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are considering using jasmine oil whether, for treatment or other aesthetic purposes, it is ideal to gather as much reliable information as possible because when the oil is not utilized rightly, there can be severe consequences.
If you have more questions or you need more personalized information on the essential jasmine oils, shoot me a message and I can assist you with the right resources in making an informed decision.

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