what essential oils can kill parasites

What Essential Oil Kills Parasites? (Top 12 Essential Oil)

The best essential oil kills parasites are Oregano , Thyme, Myrrh, Frankincense, Tea tree Oi, Fennel, Chamomile, Black Cumin, Clove, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Tansy. This review will reveal how to use these essential oils and the recipes for killing parasites.

Parasites are harmful to the body as they spread diseases and make you heal. Medically, they can be treated; however, essential oils can serve as an alternative treatment. Here, we will review the best essential oils to kill parasites in the body.

What Is A Parasite?

A parasite is a living organism whose survival is dependent on another living organism (called a host). It dwells in or on another organism (usually a more advanced organism) and obtains its food and shelter from the organism. They are so dependent on their host that they cannot live without them. These parasites are usually smaller in size than their host; hence, they reproduce quickly and in large amounts increasing in the organism.

So, these parasites often harm the host by causing diseases that disrupt bodily functions. This relationship between the host and the parasite is like that of a bad friendship. A friend benefits from the other, and the other friend is left physically and emotionally exhausted. Some common examples of parasites are; mosquitoes, tapeworm, lice, mites, ticks, etc.   

Human Parasites

What Essential Oil Kills Parasites & How To Use Them

Parasite resistance is becoming more prevalent, as the conventional usage of only medications in treating parasitic infections is becoming very ineffective. 

However, these medications can work better with essential oils of proven anti-parasitic activity. This is a review of the best ones with useful tips on using them.

1. Oregano Essential Oil 

Oregano essential oil can kill parasites in the body stems, as it contains an intrinsic chemical constituent, “Carvacrol.” This carvacrol in oregano essential oil stops parasites from multiplying in the body. By halting the reproduction of parasites, the body’s immune system can fight it off.

Another quality  that makes this oil suitable for killing parasites is its ability to prevent the parasites from producing a substance called “biofilm.” Parasites use biofilm to shield themselves from destruction in the body. With the biofilm gone, the body’s defense system can fight them off.

Oregano essential oil also reduces the parasite’s ability to stick to red blood cells and to release toxins in the body. The parasite becomes powerless without all its capabilities.


  • Renders the parasites powerless.
  • It rids the body of all accompanying intestinal problems from the parasitic infection. 


  • It has no standard effective dosage of oregano.

How to Use Oregano Essential Oil 

It can be taken with a cup of green tea not more than 200mg, thrice daily for up to six weeks. 

2. Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential oil, like oregano, can alter the typical structure of parasitic organisms, causing their destruction and subsequent elimination from the body. Besides, thyme essential oil releases a chemical substance called “nitric oxide,” known for its harmful effect on parasitic organisms. 

Hence, this oil literally kills parasites and encourages their expulsion. Thyme essential oil causes the untimely death of the larvae produced by parasites. Thus, this oil is frequently used to deworm and treat hair lice in its larvae and adult forms. 


  • Suitable for deworming.
  • Suitable for treating hair lice.


  • May cause allergies in some people.

How to Use Thyme Essential Oil

It is better to follow the doctor’s instructions. However, for adults, it can be taken at 150mg thrice daily for up to six weeks. 

3. Myrrh Essential Oil

what essential oils can kill parasites Myrrh essential oil

The use of Myrrh essential oil for killing parasites is as old as time and very useful. It works by releasing nitric oxide, a substance that is very toxic to parasitic organisms. Nitric oxide causes the parasites’ rapid death and encourages their release from the body. 

Parasites tend to alter their host’s genetic makeup, causing the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines in their hosts. These pro-inflammatory cytokines are harmful because they start a chain of reactions that lead to the host’s destruction. 

Myrrh essential oil stops this process by blocking the gene expression leading to the release of the cytokines. This oil also helps the body identify the newly hatched eggs of the parasites poised to start attacking the body. This recognition by the body enables it to mount a defense on the parasites quickly.


  • It causes the rapid death of the parasites.
  • It prevents the hosts’ destruction.


  • Avoid use for individuals with diabetes.

How to Use Myrrh Essential Oil

Add three to six drops of Myrrh essential oil to one teaspoon of carrier oil, such as olive or jojoba oil for adults. For children, and one drop of this oil in one teaspoon of carrier oil.

4. Frankincense Essential Oil

frankincense essential oil kill parasites

Frankincense essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which enable it to protect the host from the inflammatory effect. Some parasites cause the excessive production of inflammatory mediators, especially in the liver and the muscles. This oil helps to shield these organs from inflammation, acting as a sort of parasite cleanse. 

Frankincense essential oil also stops the damage that parasite eggs cause in the body. It has a pleasant woody, spicy scent, which is soothing when you inhale it.


  • It has potent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It has a pleasant woody, spicy scent.


  • It can often cause nausea and acid reflux when used.

How to Use  Frankincense Essential Oil

You may burn it as an incense or apply it to the skin. You may put in tea or take it as a supplement. The dosage varies depending on how you use it. However, 300-400mg is what is usually recommended.

5. Tea tree Essential Oil

Teatree essential oil can kill parasites

Tea tree oil comes from crushed leaves of the Tea Tree. This oil destroys the parasite’s biofilm, a protective covering for the parasite. It also destroys enzymes produced by the parasites, which are capable of destroying the host organism. 

Tea Tree oil strengthens the immune system while it discourages the invasion of parasites and their reproduction. Thus, this oil helps in cleansing the body of parasites. It is also useful for treating hair lice.


  • Destroys the parasite’s biofilm
  • Boost the immune system


  • Can irritate the skin

How to Use  Tea tree Oil

Due to Tea Tree oil potency, mix a few drops with a carrier oil such as sage or coconut oil before applying to the skin’s affected area.

6. Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel essential oil comes with a sweet, anise-like scent that is very stimulating and energizing. This oil can destroy adult worms and also kills them in their egg forms. It contains substances that destroy the parasite’s biofilm; hence it is useful as a deworming agent.

Fennel essential oil also decreases mycotoxin production, a substance secreted by parasites that harms the body. In essence, this oil cleanses the body of parasites.


  • An effective deworming agent
  • Protects the body from parasitic harm


  • Unsafe for pregnant women because of its estrogen-like properties.

How to Use Fennel Essential Oil

It is better to follow the doctor’s instructions. However, for adults, it can be taken at 150mg thrice daily for up to six weeks. 

7. Chamomile Essential Oil

chamomile essential oil kills parasite

Chamomile essential oil comes from the flowers of the chamomile plant. It kills parasites at the larvae stage, thereby halting their life cycle. It also destroys the means of movement of the adult parasites

Chamomile essential oil also destroys the biofilm of parasites, rendering it vulnerable to the body’s defense system for an attack. 


  • Halts the life cycle of the parasites.
  • It destroys the means of movement of the adult parasites.


  • Interacts with drugs like; warfarin and cyclosporine, avoid the use of these medications.

How to Use Chamomile Essential Oil

You can burn the oil as incense or dilute with a carrier oil such as olive or jojoba oil to use for massage. You can put the mix in your bath water or use it as a hot compress. For the hot compress, add a few drops of the mixture in hot water, soak it in a towel, and then apply it within the affected site.

8. Black Cumin Essential Oil

Black Cumin essential oil fights against parasites of all forms, especially ringworms on the skin. This oil prevents the laying of eggs by the female parasites and secretes substances that kill the parasite’s larvae. It is known as one of the best oils for deworming the body. 

Black Cumin essential oil also causes oxidative stress to the adult worms, a series of processes that lead to the worms’ demise. These processes render the adult worms spineless and swollen, as seen from their postmortem state. It also prevents the body from harming itself by halting its inflammatory process caused by a response to the parasites.

Black Cumin essential oil destroys the apparatus the parasitic worms use in attaching to the host and destroys the biofilm acting as a protective coat for the parasite. 


  • It is one of the best oils for deworming the body.
  • Prevents the body from harming itself due to a response to the parasites.


  • It can predispose susceptible individuals to seizures.

How to Use Black Cumin Essential Oil

Use a teaspoon of Black Cumin essential oil daily for most parasitic infections.

9. Clove Essential Oil

clove essential oi can kill parasites

Clove essential oil has a characteristic strong spicy aroma and varies in color from light yellow to colorless. It comes from the clove tree’s dried flower buds. It is known to instigate “apoptosis,” programmed cell death; thus, it causes the parasite’s body cells, leading to its untimely demise.

Clove essential oil inhibits the parasite’s larvae’s growth, rendering it to the body’s harsh defense mechanism. It also destroys head lice.


  • Leads the parasite to its untimely death.
  • It inhibits the growth of the parasite’s larvae.


  • Avoid use for anyone with a peptic ulcer, a recent surgery, and a bleeding disorder.

How to Use Clove Essential Oil

You can dissolve the oil in a soluble, mix with water, and use it in a spray bottle or diffuser to apply on the body for inhalation. You can also apply it on the skin after mixing with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil. Mix a teaspoon of carrier oil with 15 drops of the oil. You can add it to your body lotions and face cream.

10. Ginger Essential Oil

ginger essential oil can kill parasites

The ginger essential oil has a rich, warm, spicy aroma and comes from the ginger plant’s rhizome. It kills parasites of all forms, especially those in the liver and intestines, and stops the body’s inflammatory response to these parasites’ presence.

The ginger essential oil also eradicates parasites that cause stomach problems such as diarrhea, and eventually, diarrhea. It protects the stomach linings and intestines by this process.


  • It has a pleasant scent.
  • It protects the body from the harm of the parasites.


  • It may cause allergies in some individuals. 

How to Use Ginger Essential Oil

You can apply this oil topically on the skin after mixing with a carrier oil such as olive or jojoba. You can also inhale it after mixing it with water by placing it in a spray bottle or diffuser. You can use it through steam inhalation by adding 10-15 drops of the oil in a bowl containing steaming water and inhaling with a towel draped around your head. Never ingest this essential oil.

11. Cinnamon Essential Oil

cinnanmon essential oil can kill parasites

The cinnamon essential oil has a delectable scent and is excellent for aromatherapy. It stops the movement of parasite’s larvae in the body, putting the parasites under control. 

Cinnamon essential oil is also suitable for destroying the parasites’ digestive system, resulting in their gut perforation. This process results in the death of the parasites.


  • It puts the parasites under control.
  • Great for aromatherapy.


  • Avoid using excessive quantities as it could cause liver damage.

How to Use Cinnamon Essential Oil

Dilute this oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil before use. Inhale from a diffuser or add to your body cream or lotions, and massage into the skin. You can also use cinnamon sticks, which contain cinnamon oil. Place one or two cinnamon sticks in a pot of warm water, let the scent infiltrate the whole room, then inhale.

12. Tansy Essential Oil

Tansy essential oil comes from the flowers and stem of the tansy plant. It is particularly useful for “ectoparasites,” parasites that operate on the skin of their hosts. This oil inhibits the growth of these parasites and suppresses the development of their larvae.

Tansy essential oil also stimulates the body’s defense mechanism called macrophages to destroy parasites. Hence, it is very efficient for deworming. 


  • Stimulates the body’s defense mechanism to destroy parasites.
  • It is beneficial for deworming.


  • It is quite rare and expensive to find.

How to Use Tansy Essential Oil

You can use the oil after mixing water by inhaling from a diffuser or spray bottle. In your body lotion, moisturizers, or cleansers, add a few drops and apply them to the skin.

Essential Oil Recipes To kill Parasites.

Some essential oils work best when combined with others to kill parasites. Here are some recipes for the mixture: 

a. Recipe one


  • Three drops of oregano oil
  • Five drops of coconut oil
  • Vegetable capsules


Mix the oregano oil with the coconut oil. Fill the capsule and put it in the refrigerator, and take one, three times daily. 

b. Recipe two


  • 2-3 drops of clove oil
  • One tablespoon of castor oil
  • Hot water bottle


Mix the Castor oil and clove oil and rub on your belly in a clockwise motion. Then place the hot water bottle to keep warm for thirty minutes.


After reviewing many essential oils used for parasites, we have selected the twelve above as the best ones. They have all the properties suitable as alternative care for anyone infected with parasites.

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