what do colors of crystals mean

What do the Colors of Crystals Mean?

The one question we get asked a lot is, “what do the colors of crystals mean?” This crucial question deserves some attention because, asides from each crystal’s foundational properties, crystal colors play the next colossal part in their functionality. 

Crystals majorly come in distinct colors, and it’s no coincidence that they do. These colors have their specific meanings and characteristics, which, in turn, determine how they work.

Having an in-depth understanding of crystal colors will significantly increase their effectiveness for you as you will know exactly where and how to use them. Without further ado, make sure to sit tight, keep reading, and we will take you through the colorful world of crystals.

How Does Crystal Color Determine Their Functionality?

We can’t ultimately make sense of the role crystal color plays in the overall functionality without a proper understanding of the chakra system.

We say this because the healing power and functionality are loosely rooted in how the crystal resonates with our body chakra.

The chakra itself is an energy point with a fountain of immense energy and vibration that shapes and impacts many vital aspects of our lives. Studies revealed that the human body system has seven major chakra points altogether, and each chakra has its color coding and symbolism. Thus, you can never induce the right frequency of energy or connect appropriately with the chakra system except using a crystal that has a similar color to the chakra point.

So, don’t be surprised that crystal healers deliberately assign unique crystal color to specific energy points (chakra) on your body when you go to them. They use this approach because using the right shade of stone is the best way to amplify the individual energy centers’ vibrations.

Therefore, you can only enhance your crystal’s optimum functionality by keying into your chakra system or gain full access to the peak of their energy points. This is easily achievable when you practice meditation with a crystal color that matches the natural frequency of energy resonated by that particular chakra point. 

Different Crystal Colors and their Meanings

Crystals come in several colors, but the primary ones are red, green, purple, blue, yellow, white, and orange. These seven colors are the principal color codes that represent each of our energy centers, and they have their meanings. Thus, the crystals that come with these colors also have different meanings and characteristics.

Red Crystals Meaning

In the energy world, red is affiliated with the root chakra, symbolizing passion, and raw energy. Red crystals stir up that energy you will need to pursue your ambitions and dreams. They also give physical strength in addition to a psychological boost.  

What do the Colors of Crystals Mean: Red Crystals Meaning

Red crystals motivate and encourage you to take calculated risks in split seconds. Since red is the color of blood, it gets you riled up and increases your blood pressure, and as a consequence, you feel invigorated and willing to go the extra mile.

In addition to this immense level of energy, red crystals also keep you grounded and clear-headed. This is because they majorly resonate with the root chakra that grounds you and keeps you down to earth while pursuing your ambition with vigor. It is the right choice for those that engage in a lot of physical activity.

The best place to use a red crystal on your body is at the base of your spine (tailbone), as this is where the root chakra is located. Examples of red crystals include the red carnelian, jasper, ruby, and garnet.

Green Crystals Meaning

Green is a heart chakra color, and it symbolizes wealth, compassion, physical health, and growth. 

As a wealth stone, green crystals improve your finances by placing you in positions to make wealth. It also keeps you disciplined, so you do not spend all your savings on unnecessary things. As far as helping you save money is concerned, green crystals also improve your health, so you do not have to spend thousands of your hard-earned cash in the hospital.

What do the Colors of Crystals Mean - Green Crystals Meaning

As far as growth is concerned, green crystals enhance all-round development – physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional growth. It is a perfect fit for those looking to improve all aspects of their lives. 

The best place to use a green crystal on your body is on your chest, close to your heart region. Examples of green crystals include peridot, green aventurine, malachite, and moss agate.

Purple Crystals Meaning

Purple crystals are high energy crystals because they resonate with our uppermost chakra planes – third-eye chakra and crown chakra. They symbolize spirituality, intuition, healing, and reason.

Purple crystals help you connect to higher energy planes and aid communication with higher beings. This access to the divine portal improves all other areas of your life, including your creativity.

What do the Colors of Crystals Mean: Purple Crystals Meaning

Most people in their work line tend to experience one or two episodes of a mental block that keeps them stagnated. Like amethyst and lepidolite, purple crystals help purge out those stagnation energies and open your mind to receive ideas that will move you forward.

Purple crystals are also known for their healing properties. For example, amethyst is excellent for healing body pains, insomnia, and other illnesses that deteriorate your physical health quality. 

The best location to place a purple crystal on your body is on your forehead and your head’s center. Examples of purple stones include charoite, lepidolite, amethyst, and smithsonite.

Blue Crystal Meaning

Blue crystals are often referred to as stones of communication and clarity of mind. This is because, like the calmness of the blue sea, these crystals can soothe emotions.

We live in a world where different distractions can mess with our emotions, causing us to make regretful decisions. Blue crystals give you the clarity to make the right decisions despite the burden of these distracting emotions.

What do the Colors of Crystals Mean:  Blue Crystal Meaning

Blue crystals are delicate crystals for spiritual contemplation and heavenly wisdom. It is one that helps you see the big picture rather than getting caught up in the small unnecessary details.

As we stated earlier, blue crystals are stones of communication, and that is because they resonate with the throat chakra. They give you that confidence to express your thoughts and ideas clearly and articulately.

The best spot to place a blue crystal on your body is around your throat and Adam’s apple region. Examples of blue crystals include lapis lazuli, aquamarine, kyanite, and blue lace agate.

Yellow Crystal Meaning

Yellow stones resonate with the solar plexus – the seat of willpower, personal strength, and ambition. These stones are high vibration crystals and resonate with an abundance of positivity. 

Yellow stones essentially symbolize the sun. And as the sun comes up every morning with a lot of energy and positivity around it, yellow stones vibrate with a high frequency to give you a boost in energy. It can help provide physical strength when you feel depleted and exhausted, and it will also provide creative energy when you are feeling a little stagnant or lacking motivation.

What do the Colors of Crystals Mean:  Yellow Crystal Meaning

Also, yellow stones boost self-confidence and willpower because they align and work mainly with the solar plexus. Yellow stones are great for a fresh start. Peradventure you dabbled into something, and you get an unexpected outcome that reduces your morale or makes you want to give up, then you need to go for yellow stones. They will give you the motivation to pick yourself right up and the willpower to keep forging ahead. 

The best location to place a yellow stone on your body is 2 inches above the belly button. Examples of yellow stones include citrine, apatite, golden onyx, and yellow jasper.

White Crystal Meaning

White is a color of purity, and this characteristic also transcends to crystals with this color. White crystals are mostly known for their purification attributes; they can purge out negative energies clouding your aura.

These crystals are very good at cleansing any aspect of your life, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. They help to remove toxic influence in your aura so you can proceed through life without hindrances or negative energies that burden the soul and pollute the mind.

White crystals also help you focus more on yourself in contrast to listening to outside opinions that subconsciously charts the course of your life. When you go about and do the things that you do, you will get positive and negative comments. White crystals help you ignore those distractions, as paying attention to them can cause you to lose focus on your craft.

White crystals can work just about anywhere on your body. Examples of white crystals include selenite, clear quartz, howlite, and moonstone. 

Orange Crystal Meaning

Orange stones stimulate the sacral chakra (an energy point representing all things creativity, fertility, and sexuality) when it’s underactive. Many people have an underactive sacral chakra because the negative emotion that impacts this energy point is guilt.

What do the Colors of Crystals Mean:  Orange Crystal Meaning

There seems to be a lot of tension in the modern world about working harder and harder than you get to enjoy life’s pleasures. And when you try to, you are overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and oppression that you should be working instead and not “wasting away.” Orange crystals clear those negative feelings by activating the one energy point in your body that appreciates and enjoys the finer things of life.

Orange crystals are also referred to as stones of fertility. Now when we say fertility, we don’t necessarily mean getting pregnant or having triplets on three different occasions; we mean abundance and multiplication in all aspects of your life. However, orange crystals help when you are trying to fall pregnant because it enhances your sex drive and virility.

The best spot to place an orange crystal on your body is your lumbar spine (lower back). Examples of orange crystals include carnelian, amber, orange calcite, and orange agate.


The universe has blessed us with crystals in diverse varieties and colors, and if there is one thing we know about nature, it’s always deliberate. These crystals are birthed explicitly in their distinct colors to resonate and amplify our bodies’ energy points.

Using these crystals with the understanding of how they work will significantly improve your experience with them. We have taken you through an in-depth analysis of what each of these colors means and their generic functionalities so you can start using them appropriately.

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