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Best Crystals to Wear for Money, Mariage, Success & Luck

Crystals are beautiful,  conspicuous, and lovely pieces of stones that are impossible to overlook when you know the kind of best crystals to wear. More often than not, gemstones come in different forms, sizes, and shapes, making them an excellent ornament to complement your dressing. 

Many people, especially ladies, purchase these fantastic gifts of nature for aesthetic purposes with no idea about how to wear crystals properly. That is not to say that men know how to wear crystals better. Do you know that each crystal is designed to serve a unique purpose? Do you also know that there are specific crystals to be worn by different categories of people? 

We have handpicked some of the best crystals that should be worn in different situations. Read on to find out what crystals to wear and how to wear crystals to achieve an optimum result.

How to Know Best Crystals to Wear

Gemstones are beautiful pieces of stones fashioned in different ways to serve different purposes such as healing, attract luck, manifest love, manage bad temperament, etc. 

Selecting the right gem to wear might be a little tasking, especially when you have many to choose from. Nevertheless, you will still end up feeling good irrespective of which gemstone you settle to wear. 

Here are a few things to consider when selecting gemstones to wear:

Favorite Color

You can consider selecting a gemstone or crystal which comes with your favorite color. This reduces the headache of worrying over the crystals to choose. Besides, wearing crystals becomes more appealing and fun when you pick the one that was designed with the color you love.  


It is possible that on entering a store, you are attracted to a particular gemstone. You cannot confirm the reason why you were drawn to that specific crystal. I would say, ‘go with your heart.’ Crystals are delicate pieces of items and are known to pick their owners. 


Do you feel your chakra is unbalanced? There are certain crystals/gemstones designed to help you balance and enhance your chakra system. So the next time you walk into a store, besides your favorite color and natural attraction, you should consider choosing a gemstone that gives you better control of your chakra system.

Zodiac or Birthstone

If you are confused about the type of gemstone to wear, you can use your birth month to decide. Every month has a particular stone designed to complement the unique and natural attributes which people that share that birth tend to have.


Gemstones have different properties and serve unique purposes. You should choose one that helps you achieve your intending objectives. You may decide to wear a gemstone for money, success, marriage, good luck, etc. 

What are the Best Crystals to Wear for Money

Every day of our lives, we are always looking for more wealth. More often, we are dragged back and hindered by our beliefs and self-restraint. However, crystals can help us remove those obstacles from our way, clearing a smooth path to wealth. Pyrite, citrine, green aventurine are the stones to wear for attracting money.

Pyrite- The Fool’s Gold

Best Crystals to Wear for Money: Pyrite

The word ‘pyrite’ was coined out of the Greek word ‘pyr,’ which means fire. It is popularly known as fool’s gold, but the impact is far from being foolish. It is known to attract more wealth while also increasing incredible features such as bravery, hard work, and perseverance. Select pyrite to attract more customers to your business. 

Citrine- The Lucky Merchant’s Stone

Citrine is a yellow crystal with its roots in Brazil, France, and the United Kingdom. It is an excellent money magnet and can create networks or connections which will propel your businesses and establishments to the next level. It is well-known as the Lucky Merchant’s stone. So, you can use the citrine to direct your intent while looking to make, spend, or give more money.

Green Aventurine-  The Stone of Opportunity

It is green in color, represents the heart chakra, and has its roots in India, Brazil, and Nepal. If worn, the green aventurine can bring back all the money lost or lavished. Although it doesn’t bring you money directly, it will create opportunities that will help you cover for such losses.

What are the Best Crystals Wear for Success?

Everybody wants success in their endeavors. There are specific stones that can pave a smooth pathway to success. Here are three great crystals that can increase your chances of succeeding in your career. Cat’s Eyes, Sodalite, Emerald are the crystals to wear for success.

Cat’s Eyes- The Tail of the Dragon

Cat’s eyes originated from India and are popularly referred to as ‘the tail of the dragon,’ Lehsunia or Vaiduria by the Indian. The Cat’s eyes are known to eliminate bad omen, reduce negativity while working,  improve, or revitalize a failing career. The tail of the dragon is also believed to increase thinking capabilities and knowledge, bringing about creative ideas, which in turn increases success in business. 

Sodalite- The Stone of Athletics

It is called the stone of athletics because it is believed to enhance endurance. Sometimes, you may be working on something, but it seems too tasking and challenging. The Sodalite crystal is directly connected with efficiency, bravery, creativity, problem-solving, and intelligence. It is a perfect stone to always carry with you if you find yourself in professions such as sports, academics, entertainment, freelancing, etc. 

Emerald- The Stone for Mercury

A beautiful stone linked with Mercury. It is one of the most powerful stones in the world. It is often known as the stone for intelligence, knowledge, communication, and education. 

By wearing emerald, you are beckoning for increased brightness, improved learning abilities, and constant wealth inflow. 

What are the Best Crystals to Wear for Marriage?

Love is a beautiful thing, but it may be challenging to find. Do you know some crystals can push you in the right direction to meet your better half? And if you’re already engaged,  married, or in a happy relationship, you can also use gemstones to enhance your relationship or revamp and bring back love and attraction in a dying one. 

Here are three potent crystals you can wear for marriage, stimulate a beautiful beginning, and manifest a happy ending.

Rose Quartz- The Hood Witch 

These are lovely stones of nature, which can be carved into different pieces to give the owner eternal love, forgiving heart, and a caring attitude. It is a fantastic piece of stone which is believed to soften the heart, thus, encouraging spouses to be more gentle and loving.  

Tumbled Natural Citrine- Kacha Stones

These small-looking bunch of shining stones are mostly linked with wealth, prosperity, and self-esteem. It is an excellent pick for meditating, concentrating, and boosting energy while at work. It calms you down when angry, providing healing from hurt/heartbreak.

Aventurine- The Moonrise Crystals

Best crystals to wear for marriage: Green Aventurine

A greenish stone commonly used by therapists is believed to motivate honesty and transparency in marriage. It should be used right from the beginning of the relationship. 

What are the Best Crystals to Wear for My Date of Birth?

There are gemstones fashioned to suit every birth month. Such gemstones are known as birthstones or zodiac stones.

 Let’s find out how to select a gemstone based on your date of birth.

  • Ruby- Precious Gemstone. It is an excellent choice for persons whose birthdays fall on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of any month.
  • Pearl- Creative Gemstone. It is a perfect pick for individuals who have their birthdays on 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of any month.
  • Yellow Sapphire- Highly Effective Gemstone. It is a beautiful choice for people whose birthdays fall on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month. 

What are the Best Crystals to Wear for My Luck?

We all need some luck every day of our lives; while working, on a date, or playing the lottery. Here are a few stones which bestow luck:

  • Agate- The Good Luck Stone. Carry out some good luck charm on your necks or hands with Agate. It derives its energy from multiple quartz minerals and is believed to attract good luck.
  • Labradorite- The Protection Stone. The Labradorite is known to shield the user from making the wrong choices in life/career.
  • Blue Kyanite- The Stone of Clarity. It helps you make better decisions; that’s why it is called the stone of clarity. It makes everything clear.


In this article, you have learned about the different gemstones you can use to manifest marriage, enhance creativity, and attract more money and good luck. 

Further to that, this piece also guides you on how to select the right gemstone to wear. Crystals are fantastic pieces of stones that serve better purposes other than fashion or portray luxury. Henceforth, you should start wearing each crystal the right way to make them.

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