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Top 10 Best Crystals For Negative Energy

There are forces all around us that affect our lives everyday without our knowledge. Some of these forces are benevolent, most are neutral, while others actively seek to harm us. It is essential to know what crystals get rid of negative energy and can protect us when it seems like our own strength has failed.

Best 10 Crystals that Get Rid of Negative Energy

1. Blue Calcite – The Stone of Learning

Blue Calcite is a pale blue stone associated with enhancing psychic abilities and stimulating creativity. The stone boosts the flow of energy through the body of the user and purges out harmful spirits.

Calcite stones are good unlockers of energy blocks. Negative energy causes impediments to the flow of chakra naturally through the body. This may manifest in many ways like sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, temper issues, and so on.

Daily meditation with Blue Calcite is the perfect way to heal these disorders and restore the proper flow of energy throughout your body. Blue Calcite is a stone of the Third Eye Chakra, so it is excellent for dealing with spirits from a higher realm who may not have good intentions towards you. 

2. Black Tourmaline – Stone of Protection

Black Tourmaline is a powerful healing crystal that has been used by shamans and crystal healers as a force against negative energy for generations. Ancient healers hung the stones outside their doors to keep evil spirits away and walked around with bags filled with the precious black stone.

Known as the “ultimate protection stone,” Black Tourmaline is used as a grounding stone and a barrier against negative forces. Placing the stone around you repels malignant entities that may seek to take away your happiness and health.

One great way to use this protective stone is to create a meditation altar with the stone by placing eight Black Tourmaline crystals in a perfect circle. The stone is also beneficial when worn on the body as it has a double-terminated structure, which enhances the flow of energy in both directions.

3. Ruby – The Passion Stone 

The Ruby stone is from the Corundum family, which also includes Sapphires. The crystal is a powerful healing stone that vibrates at a high frequency. It acts as a beacon of light, which repels negative energy and clears the mind.

It is a helpful tool that shields you from psychic intrusions and psychological stress. Negative energy manifests in our lives as depression, sleeping disturbances, hormonal imbalances, and a wide range of other conditions. Carrying a Ruby stone expels negative emotions and energy from the wearer.

The Ruby is excellent at unblocking chakra points that have been blocked by external forces. It relieves stress, rejuvenates the soul, and adds vitality to the body. The stone is also known as a Stone of Divine Love, which helps show how love can be a powerful tool against negative forces around you.

4. Amethyst – Stone of Meditation 

Amethyst is a lavender crystal that resonates closely with the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye. The crystal is commonly used as a stone of meditation and introspection. It strengthens the mind and makes it more resilient against the adverse effects of external forces.

What Crystals Get Rid of Negative Energy: Amethyst

The purple crystal can be used to cleanse the soul of negative emotions and blockages to the free flow of energy. Those battling with depression, anxiety, and insomnia should meditate with the Amethyst crystal. Making this a daily ritual helps expel these unwanted forces and helps heal the mind.

By clearing all blockages in the Crown Chakra, the Amethyst crystal opens up the mind to remove thought and allows positive energy to flow in. The ability of the stone to act as a psychic augmenting medium also makes it an especially good barrier against external influences.

5. Fire Agate – Stone of the Hero’s Journey

Fire Agate is a rare colorless type of Agate crystal which derives its reddish hue from iron inclusions in the form of limonite. The fiery appearance is due to a phenomenon called the Schiller Effect caused by alternating silica and iron bands. 

What Crystals Get Rid of Negative Energy: fire agate

Fire Agate gives off a powerful and passionate protective energy. It repels negative energy by giving off a strong aura of positive vibrations. It acts almost like a mirror and sends these unwanted forces back to their source of origin.

The crystal is associated with the Root and Sacral Chakra. This means that it is useful for dealing with fear and anxiety. Many evil entities live to prey on our happiness, and they do this by creating a false environment of fear around us. Fire Agate acts like a burning brand in the dark, which casts the night away.

6. Hematite – The Balancing Stone

Hematite is a deep red stone that is a part of the extensive Quartz family of crystals. It’s name means “blood” In the Greek.  Despite this, the stone can come in other colors like gray, brown, black, orange, or silver.

What Crystals Get Rid of Negative Energy: Hematite

Hematite is a balancing stone that is known for its solid grounding and protective features. It is useful for those dealing with self-esteem issues and low confidence. Sometimes adverse occurrences in our lives leave us with a weak impression of ourselves and our self-worth.

Hematite bolsters confidence and drives away these negative thoughts. Use the stone as a meditation medium while channeling feelings of self-affirmation and confidence. Keep this crystal close to you during stressful situations and lay a hand on it when you feel negative thoughts creeping in.

7. Shungite – The Purification Stone 

Shungite is a black stone that is well-known for its warding abilities. The stone is commonly used to remove impurities from water but is also useful as a barrier against impure energy. These forces cannot penetrate the aura of positive energy emitted by the crystal. It is also a grounding crystal and helps you balance emotional turmoil during stressful situations.

An effective way of guarding yourself against negative energy is by radiating positive vibrations. Shungite is a well-known stone for deflecting negativity and augmenting positive energy around you. Meditate with the stone and keep a piece of it nearby always. This gem is a famous protection stone and wards off all malignant energy from around the wearer.

Shungite is a protection stone that is also associated with healing. This stone works in two ways. It wards off negative energy by setting up a barrier of positive vibrations around you. It attracts favorable spirits towards you like a beacon of light.

8. Amber – The Sun Stone

Known as the “Sun Stone,” Amber casts away negative energy by acting as a ray of light, which cuts through the darkness. The stone gives off a warm protective aura around the wearer and comforts them in their time of need.

What Crystals Get Rid of Negative Energy: Amber

Amber acts as a purifier by burning through your body and clearing the negative forces flowing through you. It unblocks your chakra and detoxifies your system of any unwanted energies.

Amber should be kept in the home, or anywhere you spend large amounts of time. The stone is excellent for kids and is recommended as a protection stone for warding off negative energy from children.

9. Sodalite – The Stone of Clarity 

Sodalite is a stone that has been used for ages to clear the mind and provide clarity and focus. It rids the spirit of confusion and promotes logical decision making. The stone is a powerful tool for freeing the mind of negative influences.

What Crystals Get Rid of Negative Energy: Sodalite

Sodalite is useful for dealing with loss and grief. Certain moments in our lives, like the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, or a betrayal, make us more sensitive to negative energy. It lowers the defenses of our minds and leaves us open to many forms of mental attack.

Sodalite helps by providing comfort and clarity during times like this. Those who are grieving should carry a piece of the crystal with them during the grieving period and meditate regularly. The positive energy from the gemstone will provide them with the will to move forward and fight against the darkness, trying to creep into their soul.

10. Chrysocolla – The Goddess Stone

Chrysocolla is a powerful healing crystal that is commonly associated with the Sacral Chakra, the Heart Chakra, and the Throat Chakra. The stone is a guardian stone against negative influences both from outside and within.

What Crystals Get Rid of Negative Energy: Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is not a particularly high energy stone. It works by slowly suffusing your entire being with positive energy and replacing the toxic energy and influences in your life with positive vibrations.

Chrysocolla should be used as a meditation stone along with Amethyst. Add the gem to your meditation altar and envision it appearing as a shield of white light surrounding you everywhere you go. The positive aura will dispel any dark forces which seek to steal your joy.

In summary, healing crystals are powerful tools which in the right hands are effective against negative energy. Users should master the art of daily meditation and re-affirmation using these crystals. Negative vibrations aim to steal our power and leave us weak, tired, and broken. With the right knowledge, you can overcome these forces and continue your journey towards living a wholesome and fulfilling life.

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