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Best Crystals For Protection From Harm, Radiation, Negative Energy 

Healing crystals can be used by both expert and amateur practitioners to protect themselves from harmful elements all around them. They can protect you from physical and non-physical danger. If you want to know what crystals are good for protection, then read on.

Crystals can be used to protect yourself from many forms of physical and non-physical dangers. All around us are harmful radiation, evil energy, disease, and all sorts of accidents. Here  are some of the best crystals that you can use to protect yourself:

Best Crystals For Protection From Harm

Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, and Jet crystals are the best crystals to protect you from harm. They will help you drive away harmful spirits and prevent traumatic experiences.

Black Tourmaline – Stone of Purification 

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protection stone. It wards off evil spirits around you by giving off an aura of positive energy. Carry this stone with you or place it around your home to create a barrier between you and malevolent forces. Black Tourmaline should be placed outside doors and windows and drives away harmful spirits.

Amethyst – Stone of Meditation 

Amethyst is a lavender crystal which is known as the Stone of Meditation. Amethyst crystals can be used to heighten your awareness of these malignant forces around you. Focus your energy through the stone and use it to drive these negative spirits away.

Jet Stone – Stone of Protection

This is a Stone of Protection that is mostly used to prevent traumatic experiences. Those who wish to avoid accidents during travel or work commonly carry around this stone. The stone is usually worn as a necklace or ring and used as a meditation medium every day before leaving your home.

Best Crystals For Protection From Radiation 

Shungite, Fluorite, and Orgonite are the best gemstone that protect you from radiation. They can absorb harmful electromagnetic, perfect stone for those who sensitive with radiation from mobile phone, laptop, microwave.

Shungite – The Antioxidant Stone

Shungite is a black, lustrous stone that has potent antioxidant abilities and has been used for ages to purify water. Shungite also acts as a sponge for radiation. It takes this negative energy and dispels it, leaving the aura around you pure and radiation-free.

Fluorite – The Stone of Flux

Electromagnetic sensitivity manifests in many ways. Some have complained of recurrent headaches, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, and disturbed sleeping patterns. Fluorite crystals help alleviate these symptoms by absorbing the energy and creating a radiation-free aura around you. 

Orgonite – The Chi Stone 

Orgonite is a man-made crystal that is used to absorb harmful EMFs from the environment. It is ideal for those who are sensitive to the deadly radiation given off by everyday electronic gadgets like phones, computers, and televisions. It works best when kept in direct contact with the skin.

Best Crystals For Protection From Negative Energy

Amethyst, Black Kyanite, Pyrite are the best stones for protection from negative energy. They will provide you positive vibration and absorb your negative energies at the same time.

Amethyst – The Stone of Meditation 

One of the best ways to protect yourself from negative energy is by radiating positive vibrations. Amethyst is a well-known stone for deflecting negativity and augmenting positive energy around you. Meditate with the stone and keep a piece of it nearby always.

Best Crystals For Protection From negative energy: Amethyst – Stone of Meditation

Black Kyanite – The Angel’s Stone

Legend has it that the sword of Archangel Michael is made out of Black Kyanite. What better protection against negative forces can you ask for than the sword of an angel? This gem is a famous protection stone and wards off all malignant energy from around the wearer.

Pyrite – The Stone of Light

Pyrite is a protection gem that brings good luck and favor. This stone works from two angles. It wards off negative energy by setting up a barrier of positive vibrations around you. It attracts favorable spirits towards you like a beacon of light.

Best Crystals For Health Protection, Immune System

Our powerful stones for immune system are amber, ametrine, and emerald. They can boost your immune system and help to recovery from illness.

Amber – The Calming Stone 

Amber acts as a natural antibiotic and immune system booster. The stone is excellent for both preventing infections and speeding up your recovery from illness. The soft yellow resin gives off a gentle glow of energy that purifies the environment around us.

Ametrine – The Healer’s Stone 

The Ametrine crystal is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, two powerful healing crystals on their own. By adding up the two stones, you are given total protection against illnesses due to microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases. 

Emerald – Stone of Detoxification 

Emerald acts as a detoxification stone. It absorbs all forms of toxins from your system and leaves you feeling refreshed and much healthier. Keep this stone on you and around your home. Creating a regular meditation routine with the stone is also another way to speed up its effects.

Best Crystals To Hang In The Car For Protection

To hang in the car, we chose these 3 crystals: clear quartz, carnelian, and malachite. They are ideal stone to protect you when driving on the road.

Clear Quartz – The Stone of Clarity

Clear Quartz is a healing crystal that resonates with the Crown Chakra. The stone works best when enforced with energy channeled from a well-centered mind. Before any journey, hang the crystal on your dashboard and visual a sphere of pure white light around you.

Carnelian – The Stone of Fortune

The Carnelian crystal gives off a soft golden glow and is more commonly associated with financial success. However, most people don’t know the stone is an excellent protection for those traveling on the road.

Malachite – The Stone of Healing

Malachite is a crystal which is usually banded with beautiful shades of green. The stone offers protection from a wide range of harmful entities. They protect against car crashes, EMF radiation, and negative energy.

Best Stones For Protection While Traveling

We pick Amethyst, moonstone, and shungite as a best crystals to protect you while traveling. Carry these stones with you will make you feel safe and have a pleasant journey.

Amethyst – The Meditation Stone

Amethyst is a crystal with a wide range of applications. Protection during travel happens to be quite a widespread use for the stone. Ancient sailors carried the crystal on their ships during their trips to foreign lands to give them favor and safety.

Best Stones For Protection While Traveling: Amethyst – Stone of Meditation

Moonstone – The Traveler’s Stone

Known as the “Traveler’s Stone” or the “Sailor’s Stone,” the Moonstone crystal has been used as a powerful protective talisman during sea travel. Meditate on the ethereal stone while traveling and ask the spirit of the moon to protect you on your journey.

Best Stones For Protection While Traveling: Moonstone – The Traveler’s Stone

Shungite – The Journey Stone

Shungite is a great traveling stone which is particularly helpful for individuals who find travel uncomfortable. It helps with motion sickness, cramps, jet lag, and travel anxiety. Keep this stone around you to make your journey much more pleasant.

Best Crystals To Protect Your Home

Black tourmaline, senenite, and celestite are excellent stones to protect your home. They will drive away negative entities, and provide you positive vibrations around the house.

Black Tourmaline – The Protection Stone 

This black crystal is one of the most powerful protection stones in existence. It has been used by enlightened practitioners for centuries to repel negative energy and malignant entities. Hang the crystal outside your home and feel a protective aura around you.

Best Crystals To Protect Your Home: Black Tourmaline

Selenite – The Moon Stone 

Selenite is a beautiful white stone that helps disown any negative energy within your home. Keep the gemstone inside your dwelling place and use it as a sponge to soak up negative vibrations from your environment.

Celestite – The Dreamer’s Stone 

Celestite is “Dreamer’s Stone.” It offers protection to users while sleeping or at rest. The stone should be kept within your bedroom and within sight. Meditate over it before you go to bed and as you wake to protect yourself from negative energies that prey on you while you sleep.

Best Crystals To Protect Your Home: Celestite – The Dreamer’s Stone

Best Crystals For Protection During Pregnancy

Black Onyx – The Stone of Strength 

Black Onyx is a stone commonly used to protect an expecting mother during pregnancy and even in childbirth. It is believed to bestow her with stamina, ease the birthing process, and reduce her pain.

Aquamarine – The Stone of Grace

Aquamarine is also used as a protective stone during pregnancy. The gem is used primarily to prevent miscarriages. Pregnant women with history of miscarriages or are at risk of having a miscarriage are advised to use this stone throughout the pregnancy.

Malachite –  The Midwives Stone 

Known as the “Midwives Stone,” Malachite has been used as a powerful medium for stimulating contractions, easing birthing pains, and speeding up delivery.

Best Crystals for Protection for Babies/Children

Amber – The Sun Stone

Amber best stone for protection for baby and children

Amber is a stone well-known for its calming effect on children. It gives off a calming atmosphere that can quiet down even the most restless child.

This is also an excellent opportunity to expose your children to the many benefits of healing crystals from a tender age.

Blue Lace Agate – The Stone of Peace

This bluestone is used to ward off negative energy from around us. Children are known to be even more sensitive to these negative vibrations than adults and, therefore, should be well protected from these forces as early as possible.

Lepidolite – The Sleeper’s Stone

This is a lavender stone that acts as a protector of dreams. Children and babies should be exposed to the stone while they sleep. The stone protects them from nightmares, evil spirits and helps normalize their sleeping patterns.

How To Use Crystals For Protection

Protection crystals should always be kept near you or in places you spend most of your time. Here are some ideas on how to use these crystals to their maximum effect:

  • Create a protective altar in your home with the crystals and meditate regularly.
  • This altar must be cleansed regularly to maintain effectiveness.
  • Hang the crystals at entry points in your home or in your car.
  • Remember, Black Tourmaline goes outside the door, while Selenite is placed inside.
  • Wear these crystals with you as you go about with your daily life.
  • Crystals that resonate with the Heart Chakra are best worn as necklaces.

In conclusion, protection crystals are absolutely necessary for those who want to live a healthy, safe, and fulfilling life. There are dangers all around us, both seen and unseen. Use these stones as tools to guard you against the danger that lurks in the dark and let their light guide your footsteps as you flow through the unceasing river of life.

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