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More than 18% of couples in the world have problems making babies. There are several conception-boosting tactics available. However, crystals and stones are among the most effective secrets to making a baby. This article reviews the stones that help with fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth.

What are the Best Crystals for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childbirth?

There are lots of crystals potent for making babies. The best stones for pregnancy include: Aventurine,  Black Coral, Rose Quartz, Moonstones, Red Carnelian.

1. Aventurine – Opportunity Stone

On our list for the best stones effective for childbirth is Aventurine. Aventurine potency has been tested and confirmed potent by a plethora of couples over the years. 

Not only does it enhance fertility, but it also encourages pregnancy. Besides being a stone that helps with fertility, Aventurine also boosts self-confidence and optimism.

It is an elegant green crystal that adds beauty to your space. Aventurine also encourages you to love everyone around you. It is an excellent crystal that helps you win the heart of your family and friends. 

This stone also promotes luck, happiness, and friendships. If you are searching for a crystal with overall fertility enhancement, look no further than aventurine. Aventurine offers you emotional comfort while you carry your baby. 

The chakras associated with this stone depends on the color. Most of the time, green aventurine is the crystal that helps with pregnancy. The stone keeps negative thoughts and emotions away from you.

2. Black Coral – Stone of Regeneration and Purification

Black coral is another powerful stone to make babies with any challenges. This stone is ideal for men who have problems with fertility. Hundreds of thousands of crystal healing therapists recommend black coral as powerful for boosting fertility in males. Aside from being a potent crystal for fertility, black coral is also an all-rounder healing crystal.

Black coral brings out the creativity in you. The stone encourages you to do amazing things you would never think of doing. While enhancing fertility and virility, it also reduces stress in you even after a hassle day at work. 

It brings peace and positive energy to you. Many crystal healing specialists consider black coral as an emotional healer. No matter what you are going through, You can always trust this stone for peace of mind. 

Black coral also helps to stimulate intuition. One of the best techniques to use black coral is to sleep with it. You can also choose to mediate with it depending on which is more convenient.

3. Rose Quartz – Uncoditional Love Stone

Rose quartz is a healing crystal that boosts fertility both in males and females. It is considered one of the most powerful stones that help during pregnancy and after childbirth in the world. 

The stone is an excellent healing crystal for people with sexual dysfunction. Rose quartz increases your ability to perform actively sexually. It keeps you safe from stress and other factors that often lead to sexual dysfunction.

While in the pregnancy stage, rose quartz provides adequate protection for you and your baby. Aside from fertility, rose quartz also offers other healing benefits. The stone keeps you free from anger, resentments, and fears. 

It helps you live over traumas and emotional wounds. Rose quartz helps you to forgive easily. The stone offers you total control over your emotions. Rose quartz grows the love for people in your heart. 

If you often have challenges with regular headaches, rose quartz is a powerful stone to get yourself back. The stone also helps with weight loss and earaches. It helps you out with addiction as well as depression. Bathing with this crystal gives you better chances of conception.

4. Moonstones – Stone of Power

Over the years, lots of crystal healing therapists have associated feminine energy and female deities to the moon. It is believed that the moon has the power to enhance fertility and childbirth. 

All these energies can be found in moonstone. Moonstones offer you calming and reflective energies to stay far from anxiety and stress. Even by just wishing to make babies with moonstones, these crystals are powerful healing stones to make them come to a reality. 

Crystal healing specialists believe that moonstones control everything that has to do with feminine energy such as menstrual cycle, infertility, and fertility.

Moonstones give you positive energies and help you make the best of all decisions. It is also a love stone. The crystal enhances sexual feelings and emotions between two lovers. 

It helps the male perform better during sexual intercourse and even impregnate his partner quickly. It is considered to be the most appropriate healing stone for women who have issues with fertility. If you want a new life, moonstones are the ideal healing stones for you.

5. Red Carnelian

Our list for the best crystal and stone for fertility is incomplete without the inclusion of red carnelian. Unlike other stones that help with fertility, the red carnelian addresses reproductive organs and sexuality better. 

Red carnelian balances the vagina, cervix, and fallopian tubes. It also stimulates the ovaries and uterus. Another unique feature of this crystal is that it prevents miscarriage. 

It keeps you free from stress or any other thing that can result in losing your baby while pregnant. Red carnelian alleviates the reproductive hormones so you can conceive with no difficulties.

The stone also balances PMS and keeps you safe from negative energies. It reduces the chances of cancer and arthritis. Red carnelian eliminates depression, stress, and cramps, before, when, and after pregnancy

It offers rivalry libido and sexual energy. This stone keeps you in a good mood always.

Do Fertility Stones Work?

Like other conception-boosting tactics, crystals are believed to be powerful conceiving methods. Today, these healing stones are popular among many women who are looking forward to having a baby. The effectiveness of these has been confirmed over the years.

It is believed that these healing crystals are great for both men and women with fertility problems. However, the potency of these stones depends on the kind of energy they are associated with. For instance, the moonstone is believed to be a regulator of women’s menstrual cycle and fertility.

What are the Best Crystals for Male Fertility?

Although infertility isn’t familiar to men, there are still lots of men with problems making babies. The best crystals for male fertility include black corals, rose quartz, aventurine.

These stones keep you safe from sexual dysfunction, which is common in most men. They allow you to perform actively in sexual intercourse and produce babies in a short period. With these stones, you are free from the stress that can deny you the opportunity to produce semens that can fertilize fast.

What are the Best Crystals to Prevent Miscarriage?

As estimated, about 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. There are lots of causes of miscarriage, but a crystal can be the only solution to this problem. The best crystals to prevent miscarriage include rose quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone.

These healing stones offer you total control over your productive system. They keep you safe from negative energies or thoughts that can harm you or your baby. If you have emotional problems or traumas while being pregnant, these crystals will provide you with peace, security and balance to stay safe. 

The stones keep you connected with your baby in your womb.

What are the Best Crystals for Morning Sickness?

If you are pregnant, the most common pregnancy symptoms you could be having could be the morning sickness. However, there is no need to panic; all you need are the best crystals for morning sickness to protect your pregnancy. 

The appropriate stones for morning sickness include moonstone, aventurine, amethyst, rose quartz.

These stones keep you safe from traumas and negative energies throughout pregnancy and even after childbirth. Most women experience lots of physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. 

Healing stone for morning sickness allows you to manage and balance all these changes. They also offer healing, protection, and comfort all through the pregnancy stages.

What are the Best Crystals for Childbirth?

The best crystals for childbirth include moonstone, rose quartz, white agate, amethyst.

These stones reduce emotional and physical pain after childbirth. They also offer purification, stability and protection to you and your baby safe. The crystals keep you far away from negative energies, pain, insomnia, headaches, earaches and other things that can cause you harm.

How to Use Fertility Crystals?

Apart from getting the best crystal for the kind of energy you need, you also need to understand how to use these healing stones. Using them appropriately will make them more effective.

Fertility crystals can be used in different ways. You can choose to wear the healing stone like a piece of jewelry or have it kept in your purse. 

Also, you can sleep with your crystal under your duvet or pillow. You can meditate with the stone or bath with it. Any of these methods is potent.


Whether you want the moonstone, rose quartz, or aventurine as your crystal stone for fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth, you can be assured that it would be effective. 

Make sure you also opt for the method of use that is most convenient. Ensure you stay safe from the hassle task while in pregnancy. We wish you all the best.

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