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Top 9 Best Crystals for Depression

In crystal healing, the one question we get asked a lot is the types of stones that help with depression, and in this article, we are going to cover the best crystals for depression matter in its entirety. So sit tight, and follow our lead.

According to the World Health Organization, depression is a mental illness affecting 264 million people worldwide. Its symptoms are sadness, loss of appetite, irregular sleeping habits, lack of interest in activities. Other common characteristics are loss of concentration and tiredness.

Depression is something that many of us have experienced or seen first hand, and at those low points, all we seek is a ray of hope that would uplift our spirits and get us functional again.

Crystals are those materials of light that beam life back into your life. Crystal healing is a more holistic approach you can use to heal yourself from that deadbeat feeling and even prevent it from occurring in the first place.

So without much fuss, let’s get into the crystals that are best to heal your depression.

What are the Best Crystals for Depression

1. Clear Quartz – The Master Healer

In the Crystal healing world, this stone is referred to as the master healer. Not only is it a versatile crystal for healing any form of illness – mental, physical, and emotional- it also works equally well for all zodiac signs.

This crystal is good for healing depression because it absorbs the negative energy of depression that clouds your aura. Most people that go through depression usually say they feel like they are in this bubble of isolation and sadness. That feeling is due to the negative energy fields around them.

Clear Quartz crystal works by absorbing those negative vibes and lifting that burden off your shoulders.

Another reason why it is a great stone for healing depression is that it can also absorb the electromagnetic smog that we get from using electronic devices every day. You might not know this, but evidence shows that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic frequencies can cause a range of neuropsychiatric effects, including depression.

2. Rose Quartz – Stone of Self Love

This beautiful pink crystal is a stone of Love. The one characteristic of depression patients is that they hate everything around them—even themselves.

They feel worthlessness all the time, and that makes them fall deeper into depression. It’s like a domino effect that doesn’t seem to stop as you are constantly being sucked into that black wormhole of depression. To help fight this battle of worthlessness, turn to rose quartz.

Rose Quartz encourages unconditional and self-love by making you appreciate and accept who you are. It enhances feelings of self-worth, contentment, and helps to heal emotional wounds and trauma that is contributing to your depression.

3. Kunzite – The Antidepressant Stone

This purple crystal is a lithiated stone. Lithiated, meaning lithium-based, and lithium is the same mineral used in antidepressant medication.

Kunzite alleviates depression by balancing the neurotransmitters in the brain that affect mood and emotions. 

It resonates with a very high frequency and connects with the heart, third-eye, and throat chakra, so it helps to calm you down, which prevents panic attacks.

4. Blue Lace Agate – The Stone of Self-expression

This crystal is a variety of banded chalcedony and a member of the quartz family.

Blue lace agate is calming, nurturing, and encourages self-expression. Meditating with this crystal calms your nerves, helps to reduce anger, and fears of being judged.

The thing with depression patients is that their feeling of worthlessness makes them cave in and unable to try new things. They are constantly asking the question “what if I fail” or “what will people say?”. This limits their abilities and their chances of attaining rewarding success. And that feeling of success alone improves your mood and helps you in fighting your depression.

5. Black Tourmaline – The Grounding Stone

This stone is a very grounding stone. That simply means that it anchors you to mother earth and allows you to enjoy nature more. Depression patients hardly see the beauty in anything, which contributes more to that smoggy state associated with the disorder.

Black Tourmaline helps you appreciate the beauty nature offers – a good characteristic because there is substantial evidence that shows that aesthetically appealing views improve one’s mood.

As a black stone, this crystal absorbs negative energy in your aura, making you feel light, free, and positive all the time.

6. Lepidolite – The Mood Stabilizer

As far as mood swings are concerned, Lepidolite is an excellent crystal for stabilizing emotions. It is also a lithiated stone, like kunzite, meaning it contains naturally occurring lithium.

This is a perfect stone for depression because it comes with a lot of mood swings and unstable emotions. 

One moment you are enjoying the company of friends, and all of a sudden, you are overwhelmed with negative thoughts that change your mood drastically. Lepidolite prevents these abrupt changes in emotions by keeping you in that happy space for as long as you have it around.

7. Chrysocolla – The Stone of Confidence

This sky blue (sometimes turquoise) gem is a stone of communication, balance, and confidence. As a matter of fact, native Americans used this stone to improve their body’s resistance to illnesses and to improve their morale. 

This stone helps to heal depression in two ways—first, communication. Most depression patients hardly ever communicate with people that can help them. They prefer to keep it inside, not because they want to, but because they do not have the strength to and are scared of people’s condemnation of their situation. This crystal gives you that strength to communicate. 

Chrysocolla gives you confidence that depression sucks away.

8. Aquamarine – The Emotional Soother

Aquamarine is named after a Latin phrase meaning ” seawater”. And like the sea that flows with energy, aquamarine encourages a positive energy flow into your aura.

This crystal also removes negativity, improves joy, and restores peace. It has the calming elements of water and has the ability to soothe any emotional and psychological problems, including depression.

9. Citrine – The Stone of Vitality and Prosperity

Citrine is like a cup of coffee in the crystal healing world. It resonates with a very high frequency and drastically improves your mood.

It is a stone that helps dissolve negative energy and brings about positivity and luck. Most times, depression patients hardly get any luck or success because they hardly ever try at anything. This stone is that spice that gives you a little luck and increases your chances of succeeding. That rewarding feeling you get after a successful outcome improves your mood and alleviates your depression.

Best Crystals for Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

For depression to get to suicide, it means nothing seems to be working. Even with the antidepressants, therapy, consultation.. nothing. At this point, the next best thing is crystal healing.

The best crystals to use in this case are of two types. One that addresses the problem directly ( what we like to call the improvers or mood enhancers) and one that induces a chain of events that will make a positive impact on your life ( what we like to call causative crystals)

The mood enhancers, as the name implies, improves your mood and wards off negative thoughts. This is what conventional antidepressants and therapy would do, but the difference is that crystals not only makes you beam with positivity, it also retains you in that atmosphere of joy, peace, and happiness. Conventional medication will only give you that short burst of energy, and once it wears off, you have to go back and ask for more. 

Here are some of the crystals that help with suicidal thoughts.

Kunzite – The Mood Enhancer

This crystal falls into the mood enhancer category. It tackles the mood problem from the neurology perspective. 

Citrine – The Stone of Prosperity

Best Crystals for Depression and Suicidal Thoughts: Citrine

This one falls under both categories. As a mood enhancer, citrine radiates with vitality and high energy. It is a stone of the solar plexus, where our energy reservoir is located, and it greatly amplifies this chakra point.

As a causative, it is a stone of prosperity and luck. It positions you to be successful in virtually anything you do. This improves feelings of self-worth and self-appreciation. This serves as a reminder that you have something to live for.

Chrysocolla – The Stone of Communication

Best Crystals for Depression and Suicidal Thoughts: Chrysocolla

Now Chrysocolla doesn’t fall in any of the two categories, but it is a good stone for those with suicidal thoughts. People who have suicidal friends or family members don’t know until it is too late. That is because, by default, suicidal people keep these things to themselves. 

They hardly ever communicate how they feel to those that can help them. This stone not only gives you the strength to communicate your feelings and weakness coherently, but it also draws the right people to listen and help you.

How to use Crystals to Heal Depression

Working correctly with healing crystals will give you the desired results and at a father rate. Below are the various ways you can work with crystals to heal your depression.

Meditate with them

This is the default way to work with crystals. Hold in the palm of your hands during your meditation.

Make a crystal elixir

You can also make an elixir with these crystals by placing them in a cup of water. However, you need to be extremely careful with this because some crystals are poisonous. DO NOT make lithium-based crystals like kunzite and Lepidolite into elixirs because lithium can be fatally poisonous.

Carry them with you

This is equally effective, especially with citrine that brings luck to your dealings and black Tourmaline that absorbs and wards off negative thoughts. Having them around you will reduce your chances of having depression episodes throughout the day.


Depression is a deadly illness. Most times, you are one your own, fighting your own demons yourself because nobody seems to understand. What’s even worse is that in some cases, medication does not seem to work. In situations like this, crystal healing has most, if not all, the answers.

So grab one of these crystals today and improve your mental health.

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