how to use essential oils to scent a room

How to Use Essential Oils to Scent a Room

Over the years, the use of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, patchouli, etc. for various reasons has gained massive popularity. One of the reasons essential oils are used is as a natural fragrance to scent rooms. 

Other purposes include; using essential oils to improve sleep, reducing inflammation, skin treatment, and general body wellness and emotional support. 

Using essential oils to scent rooms is the most popular use of essential oils, and it is necessary to know how to use essential oils to scent the room. There are various methods to use crucial oils to scent a room, and this would be discussed elaborately in this article.

Why Diffuse Essential Oils?

As much as people use essential oils for different reasons, some individuals do not understand why to use essential oils. The use of essential oils for body wellness, skin treatment, and emotional therapy is called aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is taking advantage of essential oils’ pleasant smell to relax and leverage these essential oils’ health benefits. Essential oils need to get into the body, and the most common ways of doing this are to be inhaled or absorbed into the skin. 

However, the fastest way to get essential oil into the body is to get it inhaled, and the easiest way to get these oils into the atmosphere is to have the diffused using a diffuser.

When essential oils are diffused into the atmosphere, they can stay suspended for hours, which means they can exert their benefits for a long-lasting period. Diffusing essential oils gets your room scented quickly and also, the following advantages can be enjoyed:

  • Improves the immune system
  • Purifies the air
  • Eliminates harmful microorganisms
  • Improves the mood and eases stress
  • Improves focus
  • Makes the environment more habitable
  • Helps to relax
Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

What Are The Best Smelling Essential Oils To Scent Up Your Room?

It is possible to find yourself in a dilemma when choosing the essential oil to smell your room. There are popular essential oils that most people love, and at the same time, they are very much available on the market. The following are some of the popular essential oils:

Lavender Essential Oil

lavender essential oil to scent a room

Many people embrace lavender essential oil. This is because of its amazing fragrance and other benefits like reducing inflammation, relaxing, relieving pain, boosting the healing process, and solving skin problems. 

The lavender essential oil can be diffused in the room or applied directly to the skin (use with caution if you are allergic). Lavender essential oil is extracted from Lavandula augustofolia. 

Lemon Essential Oil

lemon essential oil to scent a room

Lemon essential oil gives this freshness scent that lightens up the mood and increases energy. Lemon oils can be used to kill harmful microorganisms in the room, just be diffusing it. The lemon essential oil is extracted from Citrus limonum

Peppermint Essential Oil

peppermint essential oil to scent a room

The minty smell of the peppermint essential oil makes it one of the best smelling essential oils, and many people embrace it. It makes the air in the room smell great with its cool and refreshing fragrance. Peppermint essential oils are extracted from Mentha piperita. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

If you would love your room to have a sharp minty, and sweet smell, then you should get the eucalyptus essential oil. It has a clean, pungent, and “camphor-like” smell. It can be diffused into the room to help manage nasal congestion.

 It is also used to stimulate the mind and body. The eucalyptus essential oil is extracted from Eucalyptus radiata.

Chamomile Essential Oil

chamomile essential oil to scent a room

The chamomile essential oil is one of the best smelling because of its sweet and flowery scent. Many people widely use it because the smell is considered mild. It is used to improve sleep, relaxation, and also helps to boost the mood. It is extracted from Chamaemelum nobile. 

How To Use Essential Oils To Scent The Room

There are diverse methods used when you want to improve the smell of your room using essential oils. The most common way to get essential oils into the atmosphere of the room is by diffusion. However, other methods can be used to get essential oils to scent your room. 

Using A High-Quality Essential Oils Diffuser

One of the best ways to get your room scented using essential oils is diffusing it using a diffuser into your room atmosphere. The diffuser releases the essential oil into the air, and then the oil is suspended for several hours. 

The diffuser does not affect the properties of the oils, and it is easy to use. The following are types of essential oils diffuser:

1. Electric Diffusers

An electric essential oil diffuser is designed to have a tray top and a heater powered by electricity. The oil is diffused by pouring it on the tray and then heating the oil, leading to the oil evaporation, which then diffuses into the air, thereby scenting the room. 

The electric diffuser is cost-effective; however, it has some downsides to it. Its placement is limited because it has to be plugged into a socket. It is not the best choice for some people because it does not give the decorating effect like ceramic diffusers and the romantic feel like candles. 

2. Candle Diffusers

The use of candles to diffuse essential oils is a traditional method, but most people still use it because of the romantic and decorating feel. The candles come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and aroma. 

Using candle diffusers is one of the easiest methods to get to scent your room. You have to light up the candle and allow it to burn; the oil’s fragrance is released as the candle burns. Candles are available on the market, and you can also make a candle diffuser yourself by mixing the essential oils with warm wax. 

3. Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are the most popular diffusers used amongst people, and this is because it is effortless to use. Reed diffusers do not require a power source or flame.

 It is very versatile, its placement is not limited, and it is safe. Reed diffusers are wooden, and they serve as means to dispense the fragrance. There should be a bottle or container that would hold the essential oils. 

The reed (which is usually longer than the container) is then placed into the container. The oils then rise to the tip of the reed, and then subsequently, it evaporates. 

4. Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers are modern diffusers and are highly mechanized. It is designed to have a tank, a mechanical part, and a diffuser. It also needs electrical work. The method of operation is by adding water to the tank and adding few drops of essential oils. 

When it is plugged in, the mechanical part creates ultrasonic waves that are transferred to the water, thereby breaking water molecules to form a mist that expands to the atmosphere through the diffuser. 

Ultrasonic diffuser purifies the air using the negatively charged micro-molecules to neutralize harmful positive ions like dust. 

5. Ceramic Diffusers

Ceramic diffusers are containers designed to have holes and a plate on top. The dish will hold a small quantity of water and the hole serves as an opening to place lit candles. 

Few drops of the essential oil are added to the water, and then the lit candles provide heat that evaporates the oil to fill up the room. Ceramic diffusers are expensive, but they can serve ornamental purposes for the room and anywhere they are placed. 

6. Radiator Diffusers

Radiator diffusers are relatively easy to use. They are usually made with metal, ceramic, or metal and shaped like a basin. To use them, you have to place the essential oil in the cavity and allow the radiator to heat it, so it evaporates and fills up the room. 

The downside of using the radiator diffuser is that its application is limited during hot seasons. Also, they are expensive.

7. Lamp Rings

The lamp rings serve two purposes when they are used. They can help diffuse essential oils to scent your room and also provide light. The lamp ring has a cavity where you can apply the essential oil, and it is then placed on a bulb. 

The bulb serves as a heat source to evaporate the oil, so it fills the room. Lamp rings help make the oil long-lasting because the bulb’s heat generation is slow, and therefore, the oil will be released slowly.

8. Tart Warmer

The tart warmer is also a traditional way of diffusing essential oils. It works by melting a wax that has been previously impregnated with the essential oil. The polish is called tart. 

The most common tart warmer is the electric tart warmer. The electric warmer uses a bulb to melt the tart placed on the tray on top of the warmer, then the oil gets evaporated and fills the room.

How To Use Essential Oils To Scent A Room Without Using A Diffuser

Other methods other than using a diffuser can be utilized to scent a room with essential oils. These methods are equally efficient, and they are as follows:

  • Unfinished wood
  • Sprays 
  • Dried flowers
  • Tissue method
  • Cotton ball
  • Diffuser necklace
  • Bottle method
  • Palm method

FAQs on How to Use Essential Oil to Scent a Room

1. What Are The Best Ways To Use Essential Oils To Scent Your Room?

The best ways to use essential oils to scent your room are using diffusers and other methods that would serve as a means to dispense the essential oil of choice to your room’s atmosphere.

The method to be used is solely dependent on the conditions of your room. Some ways are not suitable for certain conditions, although some fits all situations.

An ideal method of scenting your room with essential oils should serve its purpose efficiently. Also, it should not alter the oil in any way.

2. Where Do You Put An Essential Oil Diffuser In Your Bedroom?

This is an important question. The best place to put an essential diffuser in the bedroom is at the center of the room. This keeps it away from the direct sunlight and the window where air affects the oil distribution.

However, if the center of the bedroom is not ideal for you, you can place the diffuser 3 feet away from your bed and away from direct sunlight.

Additionally, it would help if you did not place the diffuser on wooden material to protect the wooden material in your room from moisture. 

Final Thoughts

Before choosing the method to scent your room, you should consider why you need it and what you love. It would help if you understood that the best way to infuse a bedroom is the method that works for you. Focus on your personality, needs, and what you love before choosing the technique to scent your room. 

We hope you found your answer on how to use essential oils to scent a room and share if you like it.

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