how to select the right chakra stone

How to Select the Right Chakra Stone?

With the diverse shape, color, and forms in which crystals appear, it may be challenging to select the right chakra stone.  However, with the topic gaining more interest by the day, knowing how to select the right chakra stones for your numerous needs has never been made easier.

At the center of choosing the right gemstone lies a deeper understanding of the different chakra points in the human body. So, read on to know more about chakra points and the respective chakra stones that help you unlock the energy stored therein.  

What are Chakras?

Chakras are the specific places that receive energies in the body. They can be likened to a minefield of untapped energy lying fallow within us. The energy field shapes many areas of our lives and may pretty much tell on what career you will succeed at, just as much as they can tell who your other half is.

When the energies lying within the chakra flow through the body, they can balance your spirit, restore peace & harmony, refresh your mind, eliminate your burdens, etc. 

And true to this, many popular studies have revealed that the power, abilities, and ingredients to live an ultra-balanced and peaceful lifestyle lies right inside on our chakra system. 

No one put the chakra better than the renowned Deepak Chopra. These are his exact words about the chakra. “They are spiritual laws that govern the seven chakras in our body, which we can use to inculcate joy, patience, peace, balance and good health in the world.”

From the excerpt above, it is evident that there are seven different chakras in the body, starting from the top (head) to the ground (feet), with each serving as a center for energy. This takes us to another critical point in our understanding of how to choosing the right chakra stones.

The 7 Chakra points in the human body 

There are seven chakra points in the human body system. Understanding how each of these seven chakras works helps you in your quest to maintaining good well-being. So, let’s quickly talk about each chakra system in its essence.

The Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located on the head (as the name implies). It serves as a connection of network to universal consciousness or God. It can also be referred to as the thousand-pedaled lotus or Sahasrara. It is the first chakra that can help connect our body to other people in the world when we tap into them. The crown chakra depicts that we can tap into our consciousness, where everyone is one.

The Third Eye Chakra

Third eye Chakra

The Third eye chakra can be found on the head, somewhere in between the eyebrows. The third eye chakra is the second chakra from the head down and is often called Ajna. It is the chakra that rules over the lower brain, skull, eyes, and pituitary gland. If you can gain access to the third eye chakra, you have unlimited ability to access your seat of reasoning, understanding, imagination, knowledge, wisdom, and intellect. 

Throat Chakra

throat chakra

It is also known as Vishuddha and is located on the throat base. Unlocking the Throat Chakra gives you access to clear communication. It is the reason why the third chakra is fondly referred to as the home of pure communication. Besides, the throat chakra also helps your immune system stay healthy.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra or Anahata is found on the chest- heart, lungs, and arms. This chakra connects you with your feelings of love, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion. 

Heart Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

It can also be called Manipura, which is located at the navel level. Once this chakra is opened, you can access undiluted motivation and extraordinary power to reach your deep desires.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the sixth chakra, also known as Svadhisthana. It is located below the navel level and above the private area. It is responsible for optimistic feelings, the experience of joy, abundance, sexuality, and creativity.

Root Chakra

Root Chakra

The seventh and last chakra is the root chakra or Muladhara. It is usually found at the coccyx base, as the name implies. The root chakra is associated with stability, safety, and support. 

 Now that we know the seven chakra systems and their purposes let’s talk about the chakra Stones, we can use to access each chakra system. 

What Chakra Stones should you use to access the Chakra Systems?

Chakra stones are powerful stones instilled with the natural ability to help us connect to the different chakras. Each of the seven chakras mentioned above has chakra stones associated with it.

 Here is a list of chakras and the stones that gives you direct access to them.

Essential Things to Consider When Selecting the Right Chakra Stones

Every chakra stone serves a unique purpose. Therefore, it is not advisable to select s chakra stone that is unfit for your present needs.  Hence, the reason for this section.

The first thing I want you to know is that the selection of the right chakra stone is more of a personal agenda. A stone can be right for you and not too good for your best friend because you have a different soul.

So, you want to ask yourself a few questions to help you narrow your options when selecting the right chakra stones.

Here are the questions:

  • What are you drawn to?
  • How does the stone feel like?
  • Why do you need the stone?

What are you drawn to?

Have you ever had the urge to purchase something which you never intended to buy them? No, you never thought about it, but you were just attracted to that thing. 

Take, for instance, you entered a store, and suddenly a particular stone caught your eye. This pushed you to purchase the crystal without hesitating. You have no explanation for this, but we can tell you that it’s your inner guide or consciousness that is at work.

People often told us they bought a particular crystal because it just caught their fancy, and much to their surprise, the stone worked for them.

Try to listen to your inner feelings, and from experience, you can safely go for that particular gemstone you are drawn to. Sometimes, it could be the magnificent color and beauty that sprung up the feeling, the brilliance or anything else, don’t give too much thought adjust go for it.  

Simply put, if you want it much enough, then go for it. 

How does the stone feel?

The gemstones are powerful substances associated with healing, decision making, comfort, emotional stability, etc. How a stone feels when you hold it or go close to it can help you better judge the right crystals to choose. If the gemstone you selected doesn’t go with your spirit, then it isn’t for you.

Why do you need the stone?

Out of the factors mentioned in this section, this is the most important one. The reason you need a stone is the top criterion for selecting the right chakra stone. Do you need a chakra stone for beautification and aesthetic reasons or something else? Well, every gemstone comes with a unique purpose, which may be associated with the physical, spiritual, or emotional parts. Once you can answer the question, ‘what do I need the stone for?’ then you are good to go.  

As an add on, the following are some of the common reasons people buy chakra stones, and the gemstone best suited for each category.

1. Healing

Some gemstones have excellent healing powers. Thus, you can use these kinds of crystals to stimulate a healthy lifestyle, enlighten your spirit, and connect with a much bigger purpose. 

The healing isn’t restricted to the physical but also to the spiritual and emotional aspects. Stones designated for healing include clear quartz, jasper, obsidian, citrine, rose quartz, turquoise, etc. 

2. Decision making

If you are struggling with some career decisions, education, or love life, you may need crystals to enhance your decision-making. This crystals category will sharpen your focus, give a calm and soothing feeling, and clears your inner sight. Stones designated for decision making include Sapphire, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Moldavite, etc. 

3. Protection 

You can buy a crystal for protection against dark forces. Protective crystals are also a good option if you are embarking on a trip or taking up a decisive work role. These stones will help by creating a barrier between you and the deadly forces. Protection stones include Amethyst, black tourmaline, Jet stone, Pyrite, Emerald, Moonstone, etc. 

4. Lucid Dreaming 

There are also gemstones you can use to stimulate lucid dreams such that you can control your actions while sleeping. Some of these stones include Tiger’s eyes, Moldavite, Celestite, Herkimer Diamond, etc. 

5. Eliminate Negative Energy 

If you want to eliminate negative energy or enhance positive ones, you can select stones such as Ruby, Hematite, Shungite, Sodalite, amber, etc.


Choosing the right crystals will help you define your purpose, improve your lifestyle, and enhance your growth in every way. 

This article is an eyeopener on the seven chakras in our body, the stones connected to individual chakras, where they are located in your body system, and what each chakra stone offer. 

Before we lay this to rest, we recommend using the guide when selecting the right gemstone for your needs, and we hope it helps you make the right choice.

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