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How to Make Soy Candles Guide

This is the easiest and most practical how to make soy candles guide you will ever come across. Soy wax candles burn with less soot than paraffin wax candles, and it is no surprise that many people have come to love the soy candles and even go as far as learning how to make one. 

This how-to make soy candles guide forms a detailed tutorial that breaks the soy candle making process into simple and practical steps. Keep reading to learn how to make any fragrance of soy candles right from your homes’ comfort.

How to Make Soy Candles Step by Step

Soy candles are relatively easy, cheap, and pretty straightforward to make. Besides, making your own soy candles also come with other benefits. It saves you the stress and time of walking to the store every time you need the soy candle and using any choicest scents’ fragrance or mix.  

So, without wasting much time, let’s dive into the steps involved in making soy candles.

Step One: Get Your Supplies.

By supplies, we mean the ingredient and tools that you will need to achieve your end-product. Most of the supplies for making soy candles are relatively cheap and are readily obtainable from your local store. You may even have some of them sitting on your kitchen cabinet.

Here is a checklist of essential supplies you need to make soy candles.

  • Wick holder– Used to hold the wick in place.
  • Thermometer- Used to regulate the temperature of the candle during the production process.
  • Fragrance Oil- Gives the candle a pleasant smell.
  • Pouring Jug
  • Soy Wax flakes
  • Containers resistant to heat
  • Wooden wick

There may be other supplies, but these will do for homemade soy candles. I will recommend you purchase them in bulk so you can save some for another time.

Step Two: Prepare Your Area.

As a health enthusiast, it is advisable that after getting your supplies/ingredients ready for work, ensure that you clear out an area, fetch your supplies and sort them orderly.  

Your protective equipment, such as an apron, gloves and hair cover, have to be intact. Get many old newspapers and cover the whole area to prevent anything from staining and messing it up. This is the first step to ensure that your workstation is well organized.

Step Three: Melt the Wax 

The wax is an essential ingredient while making a homemade candle of any type. If you are familiar with candles, you will notice the solid material surrounding the wick. That’s the wax! So the next thing to do is to melt the wax. You will need a simmering pot or a Pyrex jug to do this, and gloves for holding. 

The Pyrex jug is the better option because it is easier to handle when melting the wax. Scoop about two bowls of wax, or enough to fill the container you intend to use and soften for a few minutes. 

Step four: Wick Placement

This is a very critical step that most people complain about when making their candles at home. The wick is the candle’s flammable part, and without it, your candle will not burn. Ensure that your wick is placed correctly and accurately in the center of the melted wax.

Step Five: Add Something Pleasant

The fragrance oil is an item that contributes to the excellent and pleasant smell of the candles. Ideally, you can still make a candle without the fragrance oil, but why not? Everyone loves the lovely scent, and candles are no different. 

You may want to fetch your thermometer ready at this point! Once the melted wax reads 80 degrees, remove the Pyrex jug from heat and move it into a pouring pitcher. Stir for about two minutes. Then add a considerable amount of fragrance oil into the pouring jar. You only need to pour fragrance oil; that’s about 8% of the container’s volume.

Step Six: Transfer the wax.

After melting the wax, placing the wick, and adding fragrance, the next thing is to leave the wax to cool before transferring to a suitable container. Herein, you would also need the thermometer to check the temperature of the melted wax. Allow the melted wax to cool to 55 degrees before you transfer wax into a container. Note that the wick must be in the center even after pouring the wax into the container.

Step Seven: Clean Up

Wash all the containers used and remove the newspapers from your work area. Clean any stain from the table or floor where necessary, and ensure that everywhere looks spick and span.

Step Eight: Cooling 

Ensure that the candle cools further for a day before using it. This is because the cooling process may take a longer period. Ensure to keep the candle away while cooling. After the next 24 hours, your soy candle should ready for use.

How to Make Soy Candles Q&A?

Q1: What is the best way to heat your jars?

A1: We advise that your jars should be pre-heated in the oven before use.

Q2: Does the soy wax smell bad? 

A2: Yes, the soy wax has a pungent smell, so we added fragrance oil to neutralize it.

Q3: What is the best way to clean my melting pot? 

A3: Use Isopropyl alcohol and a piece of dry cloth to clean before the pot cools off. 


Congratulations in advance of making your first soy candle. I hope you were able to understand every step of this guide. Ensure that you follow each step correctly, as written above, without leaving anything out. I’m sure that you can now see that making your own candle is not so difficult. 

That’s not all; we are waiting in the comment section to receive your questions or any feedback on improving the guide. If you find the guide useful, which you should, don’t hesitate to show us some love in the comment box, interact with other readers and share it with your friends.   

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