how to make organic candles

How to Make Organic Candles Guide

We often receive many comments and private emails from readers asking us if it is possible to make their own organic candles. Well, I’m excited to answer that question once and for all. Yes, it is possible to produce organic candles yourself; in fact, this how-to make an organic candle guide contains every step involved in making homemade organic candles of all fragrances.

How to Make Organic Candles

Making organic candles has never been made easier. It is more straightforward and cheap if you follow the step by step instructions outlined below. Therefore, if you are excited like me, continue reading to learn about the easiest ways to make organic candles using everyday household supplies

7 Step to Step Instructions on How to Make Organic Candle

Step one: Purchase your ingredient and other supplies

Before you think of making organic candles, you want to take a look at the checklist of needed ingredients and items to see if you can quickly source for them. And the good news is most of them are available at low prices at your local store. 

Here are the essential items you need to make your organic candles:

  • Rod- Used to hold the wick in the center of the wax. It could be anything from straw, wood or pen.
  • Coconut Oil– It is usually mixed with the wax.
  • WaxSoy wax or beeswax is fine.
  • Wick– Ensure your wick is not too small or large. 
  • Glue– It can be used to attach the wick to the bottom of the candle. 
  • Pure Essential Oils– Use essential oils void of perfumes.
  • Ladle– To transfer the melted wax from the heat into a container.
  • Containers– Use containers that are resistant to heat. 
  • Crockpot– To melt the wax. 

Since you have gotten your items and equipment ready, let us venture into the proper guide for making an organic candle.  But before we dive in, please do me a favor. Get your notepad, a comfy seat and ensure you follow the steps accurately to achieve the right result. 

Step Two: Start Mixing 

For the first step, you will need three items- Crockpot, Soy Wax and Coconut oil. Pour about four (4) cups of Soy Wax and one (1) cup of coconut oil into your crockpot.  Be careful how you mix the ingredients from the very start. Ensure that the quantities are proportionate and accurate because any error here may affect the outcome in the long run. 

Step Three: Turn up the heat.

After mixing up the three ingredients mentioned above, the next thing is to place the crockpot on high heat for the wax and oil to melt together. A little part of the wax may not dissolve completely. This is what you would do: Use a spoon to squash them. Heat the crockpot for an hour until the wax and oil melt entirely. As soon as the wax has melted completely, turn off the heat under the crockpot. I will recommend that you open the crockpot because if closed, the wax may remain liquid and hot for a long time.

Step Four:  Get your Jar

The foundation of the candle is vital in the jar. This third step ensures your wick is well-rooted and firm enough at the bottom of the jar. Pour a little wax on the bottom of the jar to fasten the wick to the base. You can use hot glue if you can get your hands on one. Once you have done that, ensure it stiffens for some time.

Step Five: Pour in your wax.

The next thing is to pour your wax into the jar. I will recommend you tape your wick to the jar’s sides to ensure that the wick doesn’t dance around while pouring the wax. Then, use the ladle to transfer the wax into the jar as carefully as possible.

Step six: Add Essential Oils

It is time to add your 100% pure essential oils to the wax. While that may be the best one around, some other fragrance oils you can go for. However, ensure that the wax cools for a while before adding the oil to the melted wax. After adding the essential oil, place a straw on the wick to keep it in the center until it solidifies. And there you go, your organic candle wax is ready. 

Step Seven: Finish Up and Clean

Your organic candle is almost ready! As soon as the wax stiffens, ensure that you trim the wick such that it close to the wax. Then leave for about two days before using it.

Your first organic candle is now ready for use!

How to Make Organic Candle FQAs

Q1: Can I use Mica to melt the wax?

A1: Yes, you can use Mica to melt the wax.

Q2: Which is better to use between Beeswax and Soy Wax?

A2: We recommend beeswax, but Soy wax isn’t a bad idea.

Q3: Which wick is the best for making organic candles.

A3: We have two types of cotton wicks available, which are HTP and CD candle wicks.


That was easy. Now, you can start making your organic candles from home instead of buying from the store. I hope you enjoyed reading our step-to-step instructions on how to make an organic candle. It is essential to follow every instruction stated above from the first step to the last step. If you have any questions, feel free to write us up in the comment section below.

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