How to display crystals in your home

How to Display Crystals in Your Home

Not only are crystals a great addition to your home décor but also one of the most effective methods of spiritual healing. This method of spiritual healing has been found more effective since the inception of man. This post reviews how to display crystals in your home

Even though all the crystals are powerful healing items, some stones work better in some specific places. For instance, it is known that stones like black tourmaline and amethyst are an excellent match for the study room, while amber and selenite are a unique addition for the living room. Let’s check out the rooms in the house and the ideal healing stones for them. 

Living room: Apophyllite, Selenite, Amethyst, Amber

Unlike other places in the home, the living room is a space where most family members often stay. Here are the healing stones suitable for your living room and how you can arrange them. 

Apophyllite – Bring Calming & Grounding Atmosphere

Apophyllite is a crystal with a mineral group of silicates and a crystal system of tetragonal. This stone helps to put a stop to negative thoughts. It is also a tranquil and calming healing stone.

This high vibe stone will enhance vibration in any spot it’s put in. It is perfect to be placed somewhere prominent in the room, such as the center and front or on your coffee table. 

Selenite – Bring a Deep Sense of Peace

Selenite is a crystal with a stunning design. It is also one of the most luxurious stones for home décor. Aside from its design, selenite has a lot of healing properties. Selenite encourages honesty and other positive traits. 

Selenite should be placed on the coffee table or a bookshelf in the living room. The windowsill is also an excellent space for the crystal to protect your space and boost its vibrations.

Amethyst: All Purpose Stone


Amethyst is a crystal that carries the energy of spirituality and creativity. It also provides a calming and relaxing vibe for the living space. Its stunning beauty makes it an excellent match for living room décor.

To aid excellent communication, amethyst should be placed on the coffee table or any other prominent place in the room. 

Amber – Bring Joy to Your Living Space


Amber is a healing stone appreciated for its stunning and exceptional beauty. This stone is often used to make jewelry and other accessories. It has the power to eliminate diseases and pain away from your body. 

Placing the amber on the windowsill makes it attract light beautifully. You can also keep this stone on the center table of the living room. 

Kitchen: Citrine, Celestite, Carnelian, Apatite

Like other spaces in the room, the kitchen is another important place you should protect from negative energies and evil control. Some of the stones perfect for kitchen protection are: 

Celestite – Provide Soothing Energy

While you work in the kitchen, the celestite connects your inner spirit with love and light. The stone makes your heart pure and brings positive energy to your body. It also helps you cement a good relationship with the people around you. That is why it is known as the crystal of peace. 

The benchtop is a great space to keep the celestite for easy focusing and wellbeing enhancement. 

Carnelian – Give Confidence and Creativity for Kitchen


Not only does this stone encourage success, but it also motivates steadfastness and positive vibes. It eliminates envy, anger, negative thought, and rage in you. Carnelian enriches you with harmony, courage, happiness, self-esteem, creativity, and lots more. 

You can add a single carnelian to a dreamcatcher or fiber wall hanging in your kitchen. The space with your cooking supplies or cookbooks is also perfect for keeping the carnelian. 



Citrine is a powerful stone of personal will, imagination, and manifestation. It is a crystal that makes your wishes and dreams a reality. The stone also encourages imagination and creativity. Citrine changes negative vibrations into positive feelings and thoughts. 

The eating surface is a great space to keep the citrine. If you have a dining table close to your kitchen, you can also place this stone on it. 


Apatite is an excellent stone to have in your kitchen. This crystal motivates you to cook up something special for your family. It also helps you draw inspiration for new cooking skills and dishes. 

For the best energy, you can keep the rose quartz and apatite on the kitchen display shelves or countertops. 

Bathroom: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Aquamarine

The bathroom is the primary space where you care for your body and mind. In this space, you carry out activities such as skincare regimens, hair washing, and others. Here are some stones that provide you with the energy you want in your bathroom. 

Rose Quartz – Stone of Love

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an excellent crystal to have in your bathroom. There are many places you can keep the rose quartz. You can place this stone in your bath to the spice of the water with energy. The crystal can also be placed around your beauty and skin materials. 

Clear Quartz – Master Healer Stone

Clear quartz is a stone of amplification, reflection, light, and clarity. This stone allows you to make the right decision. It helps you reach your target goals while aligning with your highest self. 

You can have the clear quartz placed all around your freestanding tub. The stone can also be kept near your hand washing basin. 



Popularly known as the stone of courage, aquamarine provides you calming energies while you take your bath. It also keeps you cool and helps you get rid of stress in the body. Aquamarine encourages self-expression and removes the fear of you. 

Aquamarine can be placed inside the water. You can keep this stone on the shelves in the bathroom. 

Study Room: Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Shungite, Amethyst

While you hit your books, you need stones that draw energies such as mind-opening, focusing, concentration, and memory. Here are some stones perfect in your study room. 

Black Tourmaline: Stone of Protection

Black tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone for any healing practice. This stone helps you remove negative energies while you study. It provides a strong shield against radiation and EMFs while you engage in e-learning on your computer. 

For excellent concentration, place a piece of black tourmaline on your desk. 


Citrine enhances the imaginative and creative skills of you. You can frame this crystal on the wall of your study room. The stone can also be placed on your reading desk. 

Also known as the stone of purification, shungite eliminates impurities within your environment. It enhances the lymphatic and immune systems by getting rid of toxins. The stone provides you with a clear understanding of what you do. 

You can place this crystal alongside Amethyst near your e-learning devices or on your bookshelves. 

Office Area: Pyrite, Azurite, Fluorite

Whether in your home office or commercial place of work, you need to always be on track of your professional goals. Apart from being 100% focus, you also need the energy to deliver the best. The following stones will be of help. 


Pyrite is a healing stone that enhances physical well-being and keeps negative vibration far away from you. It promotes the strength of willpower and mind for you to make your dreams a reality. 



Azurite is an excellent stone to have in your studio or office. Irrespective of what you do, azurite will offer you the adequate energy you need to carry out your task correctly. During your working hours, this stone inspires or aids you with positive vibes. The stone also provides you with peace and comfort. 


No matter what is unclear to you, fluorite offers you a comprehensive understanding of everything you need. The stone helps you breathe in the peaceful vibes and release out chaos and confusion. It enables you to focus on the essential things of life. 

You should keep these stones on your desk so the stone can infuse you with the energy you require. These crystals can also be placed on your business card or near your computer. 

Child’s Room: Obsidian, Celestite, Hematite, Moonstone

You need stones to protect your children from scary nightmares while you are away. 


Obsidian is a stone that helps your children remove bad energy. Hematite is one of the most effective root chakra stones that keep you free of worry, stress, and anxiety. Moonstone, as well as celestite, enhances your intuition and cleans your mind off evil thoughts. 

You can keep these stones by the bed or under the pillows. The stones can also be filled in a bottle and sprayed around in the room. 

Dining Area: Citrine, Turquoise

You can keep turquoise or citrine in your dining area. Like the citrine stone, turquoise resists evil thoughts and brings good luck. 

These stones can be placed on your plates for enough positive energy. You can also keep them on your dining table. 

Bedroom: Amethyst, Selenite, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, rose quartz, selenite, and amethyst are excellent stones to keep in your bedroom. These stones will keep stress, worry, and anxiety off you while you rest. They also help you relax, calm and peaceful sleep.

Rose Quartz – Strengthen Love and Romantic Vibe

Popularly known as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz is a rose pink kind of quartz. This stone encourages the feeling of peace, friendship, self-love, love, and kindness. It eliminates negative energy, hatred, anger, or arrogance. 

You can keep selenite under the bed, and amethyst can be placed on the dresser or nightstand. Black tourmaline and rose quartz can be hung on the wall in the bedroom. 

Front door: Jade, Black Tourmaline, Selenite

You need crystals that provide your visitors with positive energies while entering and leaving your home. These stones should be placed on the outside and inside the front doors. 

Jade, Black Tourmaline, Selenite are perfect healing stones to have on your front doors. You can place these stones on the window or console near the doors. Having a jade hanging on the outside front door brings good luck to your home. 


Whether you are keeping these stones in your study room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, front door, or child’s room, you can always be sure that these crystals will offer maximum protection and provide you the positive energy you need to be successful in life. 

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