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Do Crystals Vibrate & How to Feel Crystal Vibrations?

You must have been hearing about crystal healing for some time now. It is all over the place and has become a trend in recent times, and you must have probably stopped to think – Do these crystals really vibrate? and What are the Best Crystals to Raise your Vibration?

This is a valid question because if you think about it, the atoms’ Vibration that makes up the crystal molecule is the foundation upon which crystal healing is anchored. Only that crystal vibration maybe a little more pronounced than those of every other matter. By crystal vibration, we mean that every crystal possesses an aggregate of vibrational energy that resonates with our chakras to amplify aspects linked to our chakra sources.

We understand your skepticism because if crystals do not vibrate, then the whole crystal healing theory falls apart, or doesn’t it? The evidence for crystal vibrations is not farfetched. We can boldly tell you that science also supports the claim that crystals do vibrate. Like a crystal, other objects like an electric oscillator are also believed in science to resonate with an appreciable level of vibrational energy. 

To have a better grasp of this subject matter – If crystals do vibrate or otherwise – we shall quickly take you through the critical components involved in crystal vibration. Without much fuss, let’s get into it.

Why do Crystals Vibrate?

All the things you see around is made up of energy; that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. It is physics.” These are words of a renowned physicist – Albert Einstein.

Science tells us that matter is anything that has weight and occupies space, but do you know that a fraction of that matter – about 0.0000000001 – is energy?

Typically, we would go into the theory of relativity to explain this concept, but who has time for that kind of boring stuff, right.? 

The bottom line is everything in the universe possesses energy, and this energy makes them vibrate. However, you should also know that different objects vibrate at different natural frequencies. All matter – including you, the cloth on you, the sofa you are sitting on, the wristwatch or bracelet on your wrist, the phone you are using to read this – vibrates at a particular frequency, and crystals are no different.

Do Crystals Really Vibrate

How do Crystals Vibrate?

Crystals have what is known as a resonant frequency, which makes them vibrate on their own. However, they can influence and amplify your vibrations too. 

As stated earlier, everything vibrates, and they do so according to set frequencies peculiar to their atoms. Crystals are known to exhibit one of the most pronounced vibrational energy levels due to the uniqueness of their atomic arrangements. You would also be pleased to know that different crystals give off different rates of Vibration. 

Ever wondered why quartz always don a hexagonal shape with pointy ends, and crystals like galena come mostly as cubes? It is because of the fundamental atoms that make up these crystals. As a result, how they resonate depends on these arrangements.

Now let’s deviate from science and philosophy, and see how the whole topic relates to you.

In our quest to unravel the mystery surrounding crystal vibration, we also found out that besides atomic arrangement, another thing contributing to crystals Vibration is your different energy sources, known as a chakra. 

The human body has seven different chakra and energy points from the sole of the feet to the head’s crown. These chakra points include:

Do Crystals Really Vibrate: Chakras System in the body
Chakras – Energy System in the Body

How your crystal will vibrate depends on how individual chakra points relate to your crystal’s specific properties. For example, a crystal that brings energy and happiness will better resonate with the solar plexus, which is the fountain of personal power and vitality. 

The crystal will connect with the energy point, resonate with the frequency, synchronize with it, and amplify those vibrations in higher magnitudes. In the end, you find yourself living a life full of radiance and vitality.

Do Crystals Vibrate at Different Frequencies?

The answer to this question is rooted in the formative process of the crystals you know and love. Perhaps, we should take a quick journey into the process. 

Even though everything in this world vibrates, crystals are said to be the most stable form of matter in the universe due to the way they form within our planet.

They grow in the earth’s crust over millions of years at high pressures and heat, making them objects with the most activation energy because each step in the formation of a crystal requires energy. They are formed through a series of processes that culminate into what is known as crystallization.

They will form depending on specific environmental conditions and the mixture of elements present in nature. The growth, shape, color, hardness and crystal molecules size depends on the temperature, water, light, pressure, time, and space.

These conditions vary from place to place and from season to season. As a result, the different crystals formed under these other conditions carry their unique energy.

Crystals vibrate at different levels depending on their composition and color. As do the cells and energy centers in the human body, they all vibrate on their frequencies.

How to feel Crystal Vibrations

Most times, when people first get their crystals, they often ask how they can feel the vibrations resonated by the crystal. Like all kinds of feelings, feeling crystal Vibration depends on the extent of the relationship between you and your crystal

The first thing you need to know is that there is always a purpose for everything that happens when it comes to crystals. You walk into a crystal healing shop or browse through an Etsy page to pick a crystal to use for whatever it is you want to, and then you proceed to pick the very one you eventually bought.

This is not by chance. You didn’t pick the one on the left or the right. No, it is deeper than that. You picked that very one, and you did so for a reason.

You might not notice or sense it, but the crystal made the first move by drawing you to itself. That first visual contact you make with the crystal, and you go “oh, that’s the one I want to get” is the first connection. How this relationship will then proceed depends on you making the next move by becoming acquainted with the crystal.

How you do this is to meditate. Crystals are memory objects, programmable, and can collect information from you. Often, when people get crystals, they want to put it to work straight away, like a machine. Such people get frustrated easily when their virtually little effort yields no result.

That is why the first thing you need to do is to program and project your identity unto your crystals through regular meditation. 

That way, the crystal knows who you are, what you want, the challenges in your life that you want to use the crystal for, and the best way to arrange a chain of events that will solve those issues in your life.

What are the Best Crystals to Raise your Vibration?

Now that you know that crystals vibrate, and how to properly harness their energy, it’s only natural you want to know the crystals that will best amplify your vibrations. You can always turn to crystal-like Amethyst, Moldavite, Danburite, etc., to achieve increased Vibration.

First of all, many people misinterpret high Vibration to mean excessively extroverted and full of life. While high vibrations incorporate these characteristics, it transcends just being up and about. It also involves safe channeling and connecting with the higher realm.

This usually involves using the third-eye, throat, crown, and sometimes, solar plexus chakras. Connecting with higher energy improves your life all around, and in turn, you are full of life and vitality.

Moldavite – The Stone of High Connectivity

This glassy tektite crystal is often thought to be the most powerful crystal in the world. Moldavite owes this to the fact that it doesn’t form as the other common crystals do. It is formed when a meteorite makes an impact on the earth. 

Moldavite is a high vibrational stone that resonates with your third-eye and crown chakra. It is so high vibrational that many crystal healers recommend you use it together with a grounding stone. This is because when you are so high up in frequency and vibrational spectrum, you could lose your grounding with mother earth.

Amethyst – The Stone of Calm

Amethyst is another crystal that resonates with high frequency. It is also connected to the third-eye chakra helping individuals connect to a higher plane of frequencies.

Best Crystals to Raise your Vibration: Amethyst

Amethyst is also a calming stone. It calms and soothes irregularities in your aura and energy field, disturbing your connection with the higher realm. It is believed to heal the mind of burdens and thoughts that are detrimental to receiving clarity and directions in high vibration frequencies.

Selenite – The Stone of Purification

This crystal is a purification stone. It is a highly cleansing stone that purges your aura of negative chakra that hinders high vibrations.

It connects to the crown chakra and vibrates at a frequency in the bandwidth of higher planes. It is said to be named after the goddess Selene, who is the moon goddess. It vibrates with intense energy during full moons.

Danburite – The Stone of Communication with the Higher Realm

This is another powerful stone that stimulates your upper energy fields – throat, third-eye, and crown.

It is so powerful that it is very instrumental in connecting you with angels and spirit guides that give you clarity and instructions. It helps you merge the light from the higher realms with the physical world, which in turn improves your general state of being.

Celestite – The Unveiling Stone

This crystal obtained its names from the Latin word ‘coelestis,’ meaning heavenly, and that is because it connects you with heavenly beings in the ancestral realms.

It has the ability to unveil and stimulate spiritual gifts and psychic powers, which greatly improve your spiritual growth. 


In the words of Nikola Tesla, if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and Vibration. These concepts will open your understanding of your environment’s functioning, thereby making life a lot easier. 

It’s not a question of if crystals do vibrate or not because they do. This has been proven by science.

It is a question of how to make them resonate with your frequency and amplify the energy sources in your body that will improve your general state of being. We have mainly covered this in its entirety.

So, drop the doubt, get a crystal that connects you with a higher energy realm, and improve your life today! 

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