Top 6 Best Crystals for Positive Energy

In a world where negative energies are always present in our surroundings, it is essential to own crystals that promote positive energy.

The apparent reason behind this is that negative energies are overwhelming and may seem like a mountain of a burden on the bearer. They cloud your judgments and suck the life out of you.  The worst thing about negative energy is that it is ubiquitous, lingers around, contaminates your aura, and drastically reduces your level of productivity.

You cannot use conventional medicine to cure negative energy. Even laughing gas doesn’t bring about sustained optimism. There isn’t any pharmacy you go to, and you’ll see a drug labeled “negative energy repellent” because there isn’t one. Thus, it may be the right point in time to turn your attention to alternative medicine to solve abstract problems facing the human race.

In this piece, we bring you crystal healing, a proven form of alternative therapy you can always count on to manifest positivity and eliminate negative energy.

What Crystals Are Good for Positive Energy?

Positivity and negativity can be likened to yin and yang. This might not necessarily sit right with you, but there will always be negative energy around. Ironically, it is key to the world’s balance – there has to be a little bad for you to appreciate the good. The goal is to ensure that the bad doesn’t overwhelm the good.

Positivity crystals work on the premise stated above. It is pretty logical – when you eliminate the bad (negativity), the good (positivity) increases. 

Some stones, however, are purely good on their own. They have nothing to do with eliminating negativity. All they do is enhance the aspects of your life that will generally promote your positivity.

Without further ado, let’s get into stones that help manifest positive energy and how each crystal’s unique properties can help you live a life full of radiance and positivity.

6 Best Stones for Positive Energy

1. Rose Quartz – Stone of Love

Love is unarguably the powerful emotion on earth, and it is very pivotal in our emotional and mental well-being. Studies show that people that grow up in an environment full of love tend to be generally happier, positive, productive, and even live longer.

Rose quartz is the one stone that enhances this emotion that is a causative effect on your positivity. As we stated earlier, some stones do not have to clear the bad to improve the good; they solely focus on amplifying emotions that increase positivity, and this stone is an example.

It also promotes healthy relationships around you, makes you feel good virtually all the time, and makes it easier for you to forget about grudges and emotions that are burdensome and affect your positivity.

2. Lapis Lazuli – The Stone of Cohesion

With a beautiful blue celestial color, this stone is a powerful crystal to have if you wish to connect your thoughts and desires with your mind and physicality – hence, cohesion.

Most times, when you feel down, you wish you didn’t. You read books that tell you only to think positive thoughts and practice meditation where you continuously chant positive things, but nothing seems to work. This is as a result of a disconnect between what you want and your reality.

Lapis Lazuli connects the dots and brings these two spectra in cohesion. As a result, you can manifest that positive energy that has long been locked away in your desires.

Also, Lapis gives you strength and wisdom to approach life situations that tend to throw you into depression

Lapis Lazuli will help you overcome social anxiety, enhance confidence, and find the proper manner to approach tricky situations.

3. Amethyst – The Stone of Tranquility

This stone is available in different hues and shades of light violet, lilac, and purple. Amethyst resonates with the crown chakra making it very useful in clearing out fear, anxiety, and negative emotions that can affect your positivity.

Negativity is a process. It starts with demeaning and disturbing thoughts about yourself and proceeds to lingering affirmations that you cannot seem to get out of your mind. Amethyst nips this domino effect in the bud by clearing those thoughts in the first place.

Amethyst also helps relieve stress and anxiety and gives comfort as it can purify and cleanse any heavy energy in one’s aura.

It is perfect for a highly sensitive person or anyone who needs guidance and stability in their life.

4. Selenite – The Stone of Purification

This clear stone is a salt-based stone and hence very cleansing. Remember, when we talked about reducing the negative energy to amplify the positive? (yin and yang). This crystal is a classic example that does just that.

Selenite helps to absorb the negative energy surrounding your aura and, as a result, cleanse and purge your energy field.

One thing about stones that absorb negative energy is that they need to be cleaned once in a while. Either you put them in saltwater or leave them outside in the sun to recharge and be purged of that negative energy. With this crystal, you do not need all that because selenite is a self-cleansing stone. 

Also, selenite resonates with a very high energy vibration. This crystal is in high vibration with the crown chakra and can clarify situations where negativity clouds one’s judgment.

5. Hematite – The Stone of Protection

One thing about our energy fields and chakra is that it is fluid, and it flows from person to person. Naturally, our body absorbs this negative energy field polluting our aura every time we interact with people with negative chakra. Hematite absorbs this negative energy that you would generally absorb from the interaction with negativity around you.

Being a black stone protects you and repels anything that tends to disrupt your flow and positivity.

6. Citrine – The Stone of Happiness 

This bright yellow crystal is a stone of the sun. It is all about positivity, happiness, and a general sense of well-being.

It resonates with the solar plexus, where the fountain of vibrant energy is present and amplifies this energy, thereby improving positivity.

In addition to the vibrant energy it exudes, citrine gives prosperity and luck. The thing with negativity is, most times, things don’t seem to work out.

This compounds the whole problem, and then you fall deeper into a state of depression and anxiety. All you seek at that point is a gleam of hope to uplift your spirit, and citrine is one stone that does that. 

Also known as the merchant stone, businessmen and merchants have used this crystal in the olden days. They would generally place a citrine crystal in their “money pots” or stacks of money as they believed it brings more luck and bolsters profit. 

How to Use Stones For Positive Energy

It’s one thing to know about stones that enhance positivity, and it is another to understand how to use them. 

There are different ways to use crystals – you can place them in your homes using the feng shui method (Bagua map), you can wear them around your body (neck and wrists), and you can have them with you around your person.

Crystals like citrine and hematite need to be on you as you go out.

  • Citrine because it brings out that positivity, vibrance, and happiness as you go out and interact with people. Plus, it brings luck and prosperity in your dealings.
  • Hematite because it helps to absorb those negative energies as you go int the outside world.

Other crystals like selenite and amethyst are recommended to be placed in your surroundings, especially your home (bedroom). 

This is because as you come back home, possibly filled with negative energy, you will want to return to a space of tranquility and positivity. Having these crystals around will significantly improve your mood.

Anyhow you choose to place or wear your crystals, either on you or in your personal space, you must be able to connect with them to work effectively.

Here are some proven ways you can connect with your crystals to attract more positive energy 

Meditate with them

Meditation is a way of shutting yourself off from the different noise and distractions around you, focusing on yourself and renewing your energy. 

Using a crystal during this process greatly enhances your positivity and makes you reach that serenity level much faster. 

Conscious Belief that the Properties of the crystals are Working for You

As you go about with your crystals in your pockets, wallets, bags, or on your person, consciously remind yourself of their properties and how those properties will help you through the day. 

This makes you one with your crystal, makes them active, also works for you, and does more than some fancy jewelry on your body. 

Program Your Intentions in Your Crystals

This method is suitable for crystals you don’t intend to carry around. Make sure to project your awareness unto your crystals, so they know precisely how to work for you.

You do this by holding them in your hands, with your eyes closed or while keeping a focused gaze. After that, speak to the crystal or continuously repeat what you want the crystal to do for you.

It must, however, be in par with at least one of the properties of the crystal. It is not logical to project protection unto crystals like rose quartz that is all about love.


Your aura is the life force that gets you through this charade of life, and it is your responsibility to protect it whatever that may take.

While it may not your fault, negativity always finds a way to seep into our energy fields, thereby placing a heavy burden of depression, lifelessness, and a lack of purpose. The best approach you can use to get over situations like this is to use the crystals highlighted above following our recommendations.

On a final note, everything you need to know about how to promote your positivity has been discussed up there to improve your general well-being. Now that you have the information, you need to take action.

Get these stones today and improve your life, and say farewell to negative energy. Until then, we can only wish you the best of good luck. Peace, Love, and Light always.

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