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6 Best Stones for Grief and Loss

Whether you have lost the one you love or suffered difficult time from relationship break, grief can be overwhelming, these 6 best stones for grief can help you!

What is Grief?

Grief is a normal response to loss, something we all go through. It might be the loss of someone you love which is the most intense type causing grief, but any loss can cause grief including relationship breakup, a miscarriage, seperation from family and friends, losing a job, selling a family home

Grief can affect many aspects of your life: your emotions, physical health, your behavior and your relationships with others.

Grief can leave you a feeling of shock, disbelief, sadness, isolation, guilt, anger, fear, depression and numb.

Grief can affect your physical health including insomnia, fatigue, nausea, aches and pain, headache. It can also cause difficulty in your thinking, leaving you unable to focus and make decisions.

How to Deal with Grief?

Grief will take time to work through. Some people may grieve for years, some people start to feel better after weeks or months. Be patient with yourself and give it sometimes to heal.

To deal with grief, you can talk with your family and family about your feelings and take care of your physical health.

  • Do exercise, eat a healthy diet.
  • Take meditation to manage your emotional and stress.
  • Balancing between time alone and time spend with family and friends
  • Consider spiritual beliefs, using these gemstones below for grief
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help,
  • Seeking help from a professional if needed.

Crystals can support going through grief and loss by repelling your negative emotions, transforming it into positive energy and balancing your emotions.

How to Choose Crystals for Grief and Loss?

Choosing crystal for grieving by your intuition, let your intuition make the right choice. Choose the one that is most attract to you by color, shape, size and focus mainly on these areas:

What are the Best Stone for Grief and Loss?

1. Amethyst

Amethyst best crystal for grief

Amethyst is an excellent healing stone for stress relief by increasing the sense of peace. This purple hue gemstone helps us reduce our anger, negative emotions and enables us to think more logically.

Amethyst is extremely helpful for those who  suffer from insomnia because of its relaxing properties.  It provides calm, serenity, and releases anger, fear. Keeping a piece of Amethyst cluster under the pillow will help you sleep peacefully, and increase dream recall.

In the spiritual realm, amethyst is a powerful all-purpose healing stone, it not only stimulates the third eye chakra, crown chakra, but also opens the heart chakra. It is one’s channel to clavoyance, telepathy, and communication with angels.

2. Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a healer of grief, a “must have” crystal when you are in tough times. It is a stone of root chakra, helps you ground to the earth and strengthen staminas during the time of grief.

It is said that black onyx brings balance, strength, self-control, and helps with decision making during difficult times. It is helpful for one who is suffering from extreme emotional and mental stress.

Black Onyx is the most ancient crystal which was believed to be Divine. The most well-known Greek mythical say that Cupid – the god of love, used one of his arrows to give  his mother Venus a manicure. Her nails fell to the water of the sacred Indus river and  transformed to Onyx.

3. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz best healing gemstone for loss

Rose Quartz is well known as a stone of love – a heart chakra stone. Rose Quartz with its vibration will support you to love yourself more which helps to get rid of the feeling of guilt – one of the emotion stage in grief.

This gentle, loving pink quartz brings calming energy and heals us with love. It urges us to stay open, allow us to learn self-love and love others around, help us to move forward when the time is right.

4. Moonstone

powerful crystal for grief Moonstone

Moonstone is an incredibly helpful stone for those suffering from loss and grief. Its grounding energy will bring calming, relaxing to you. It will dissolve the feeling of numbness that often come from losing the person you love.

Moonstone supports you to express your feeling openly insteading of suppressing them as talking with your friends and family is one of the way to help you dealing with grief.

Moonstone also helps to forget someone for leaving you.

5. Rhodonite

Rhodonite relief stresss and grief

Rhodonite with its vibration helps to relieve grief and sorrow at a spiritual level. This pink Rhodonite is associated with the heart chakra, stimulates unconditional love and amplifies strong grounding energy.

Rhodonite is an emotional healing stone that supports us to restore our physical energy that has been drained due to grief.  The magnesium content in Rhodonite helps to remove stagnant energy in the heart.

6. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is an outstanding stone for the heart. Chrysocolla is a throat chakra stone that encourages you to express your feelings openly and releases grief, fear.

Chrysocolla strengthens inner peace, self awareness, and allows you to think clearly. 

Chrysocolla absorbs your negative emotions including anger, fear, depression, allowing you to let go, forget and accept the loss.

How to Use Crystals for Grief and Loss

  • Keep your favorite crystals under your bed.
  • Mediating with crystals.
  • Wearing crystal jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets,…

Grief is our natural response to the loss we all go through. Dealing with grief is hard, give yourself sometimes and why not wear some of the best stones for grief. They might help and there is no harm!

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