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Top 5 Best Ring and Jewelry Candles

Are you looking for the best ring candles and best jewelry candles on the market? Do you want to get a ring candle for yourself or that special someone and don’t know how to go about it? 

If you find yourself in one of those situations, you will want to read the remainder of this article as we will tell you all you need to know about ring candles – what they are and what to look out for when getting one. In the end, we throw in some of our top pick among the best ring candles out there.

What are Ring Candles?

Put merely, ring candles are scented candles with jewelry in them. In addition to lighting and bringing appealing scents to your homes, these products come with a piece of hidden surprise jewelry that could be a pendant, ring, or necklace.

These jewelry pieces are selected at random.  Their prices range from as low as $10 to as high as $10,000. However, some companies give you the liberty to choose what kind of jewelry you want inside your candle – either a necklace, a ring, or a pendant. But the one you get at the end is still subjected to the randomized process.

Now, we should also tell you that ring candles are not meant to be used for proposals. A lot of people think ring candles are made for proposals; this is not true. They are an excellent gift idea but not so much for proposals.

The good thing about ring candles is you get the value of your money in two places – the fantastic fragrance that gives your environment an appealing smell, and a piece of jewelry you can either wear or pawn. With the ring candles, you are never at a loss.

Which are the Best Candles with a Ring in them 

Now that we have established the things to look out for, we have made a compilation of the five best candles that combine the properties mentioned above. Without much fuss, here are the top best candles with rings in them.

  1. Baubles French Lavender Scented Premium Ring Candle
  2. Fragrant Jewels to Me You’re Perfect Candle with Ring
  3. Elegant Jewelry in Soy Candle
  4. Kate Bissett Baubles Scented Premium Candle with Jewelry Inside
  5. Unrivaled Candles Lavender Fields Jewelry & Ring Inside 

If you’re in a hurry and looking for the best ring candles, we’d recommend the Unrivaled Candles Lavender Fields Jewelry & Ring Inside 

1. Baubles French Lavender Scented Premium Ring Candle

This great scented candle is a product of the famous New York jewelry fashion store – the Kate Bisset company. It comes with a heavenly meadow scent – a calming and soothing scent blended with lavender and silicon lemon. This heavenly meadow scent is a pioneered blend from the Bisset company and is said to feel like a peaceful stroll among purple fields.

This scented candle is made from 100% natural soy & coconut wax and, as such, lasts twice as long as normal ones. Its flat braided cotton wick gives good burn stability throughout the circumference of the candle. 

This product comes in an extra-large 18 ounces thick-walled vessel and contains a piece of jewelry with an appraisal between $25 – $7500.


  • it is Long-lasting (up to 120 burn time).
  • A fantastic fresh lavender smell.
  • The fun hidden treasure inside.


  • The jewelry was not as quality as advertised.

2. Fragrant Jewels to Me You’re Perfect Candle with Ring

This unique fragrant jewel candle is a specially handcrafted scented candle, featuring a hidden ring from a specially curated collection. This set comes with a bubble bar and a jewelry candle that is vegan, phthalate-free, and paraben-free.

It is made from coconut wax and burns for approximately 60 hours to give you a long-lasting therapeutic, enjoyable, and relaxing experience.

The product comes in several scent varieties featuring white peach, pineapple, apple, lemon, jasmine, lavender, lily of the valley, and basil. 


  • Made from high-quality essential oils
  • Comes with a rose-shaped bubble bar
  • Amazing fragrance


  • The quality of jewelry is not as advertised.

3. Elegant Jewelry in Soy Candle 

This lovely scented candle is from a famous jewelry candle brand known as secrets and scents. They’ve been in the fragrant candle market for a decade now and have experience in bringing unique fragrances to individual homes.

These candles are eco-friendly, all-natural, 100% soy candles. They do not contain any crude products or additional additives or dyes, so they will not leave any soot when burnt.

It comes in a 21ounce jar with a burn time of 100 – 150 hours to reveal an elegant piece of jewelry with an appraisal value of between $10 – $5000


  • Candles are eco-friendly and 100% natural soy.
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Long-lasting


  • Little fragrance varieties to choose from.

4. Kate Bissett Baubles Scented Premium Candle with Jewelry Inside

This is another product from Kate Bisset featuring an exceptional scent candle with a vibrant aroma blend of strawberry, grapefruit, and peach nectar. It is also fused with satsuma plum and crushed currant, all geared towards giving you that great euphoria that comes triggering your olfactory lobes.

It is made from 100% natural soy and coconut wax, making it eco-friendly and less likely to leave residues and deposits. The cotton wick is deliberately flat-braided to give good burn stability for a consistent flame.

This product contains a beautiful hidden pendant with an appraisal value between $25 – $7500.


  • It has a lovely blend of top notes, heart notes, and bottom note fragrances.
  • They are made from all-natural 100% coconut and soy wax.
  • Eco-friendly. 


  • The jewelry was not as quality as advertised.

5. Unrivaled Candles Lavender Fields Jewelry & Ring Inside 

This product is a handmade scented candle with lavender and lilac blend to bring your home’s spa experience.

It is a paraffin and soy wax blend giving you a long-lasting experience of this burst of lavender freshness.

This US-made product has its wick specially made to ensure that the candle does not give so much smoke when burning. This candle is a lovely piece of jewelry with a potential retail value of between $10 – $10000.


  • Amazing fragrance.
  • Quality jewelry in the candles.
  • Long-lasting.


  • The candle fumes a lot.

What to Consider before Buying a Ring and Jewelry Candles

Whether it’s a gift for grandma or something you fancy and want to get, there are some things you need to know before getting a ring candle. These tips will significantly reduce your shopping stress and help you pick the best of the best among the several ring candles in the market.

The following factors should be carefully considered when buying a jewelry candle

Ring Size

This is the most important thing to look out for when getting your candles. Many folks will get a candle with a ring smaller or bigger than any of their fingers, and they begin to fret. This is because they did not take out the time to pick their accurate ring size before purchasing the candle. For a product like this, where you have to wait to get the candle, burn it totally before the ring is revealed, it is the smart decision to, first of all, get your accurate ring size.

We know you are in a hurry to get your surprise, but please, be patient and follow due process. Now, some manufacturers give procedures and guidelines on finger measurements about their jewelry sizes. This will ensure your jewelry is your exact fit.

Jewelry Type

This is another thing to consider when getting your jewelry candles. Though initially, jewelry candles are typically the same as ring candles, over the years, jewelry candle makers decided to incorporate other kinds of beautiful jewelry in them, such as pendants and necklaces.

Candle Scent

Not only should your candle have a piece of lovely surprise jewelry inside, but it should also smell good. The candle scent is dependent on the type of candle you get. There are fragrances out there in the market, but the most common ones are lavender, strawberry, lemon, and apple.

It would be best if you were careful with the potency of the fragrance too. Most candles have strong scents that can be very unbearable in a small room. You need to make sure the candle you are getting is not so potent that you cannot use it in your environment.

Type of Candle

This is important for several reasons. First being the longevity of the candle, second being the environmental concern. There are three types of materials used in making candles, including jewelry candles. They are paraffin, beeswax, and soy wax. 

Bowls of paraffin are cheap, so they are used in the majority of candles. You should try as much as you can to avoid paraffin candles because they produce toxic fumes and even burn way faster than the remaining ones. Although they are relatively cheap compared to the other kinds, the value, in the long run, is not all that worth it.

Beeswax is at the other end of the spectrum. Very expensive, but its natural ingredients make it long-lasting and safe for use. Another benefit is that they are very compatible with the base agents of some of these fragrances. They blend well with them, and the end product is an appealing, soothing, and relaxing aroma that immediately engulfs your environment.

Soy wax is relatively cheap compared to beeswax but doesn’t last for as long. They are vegan-friendly and possess most of the beeswax candles’ attributes like compatibility and miscibility with base fragrance chemicals. They last relatively longer than paraffin candles and have become a popular trend in the scented candle community.

Candle Design

This is another crucial feature you should consider when getting a jewelry candle. Besides the fragrance and jewelry, the candle should also be aesthetically pleasing because it can also serve to enhance the decor of your home. Also, we stated earlier that these candles could be sent to loved ones as a gift package; thus, the packaging must come with a beautiful and thoughtful design so they will better appreciate the gesture.

Best Ring Candles FAQs

How do Ring Candles Work?

Ring candles are relatively easy to use if you follow the steps outlined below:

Light the candle

The first thing you should do is light it and wait for it to burn out to use your ring candle. While it is lit, you can also enjoy the pleasant fragrance that emanates from the candle.

Discover your Jewelry

The cool thing about ring candles is the excitement and adventure you get from discovering your surprise jewelry. It’s like treasure hunting. Once the candle burns to a considerable level, you can use a tweezer or a spoon for fishing out your surprise jewelry that comes with the candle. It is usually wrapped in an aluminum foil within the pool candle wax. 

Reveal your jewelry

And voila! You’ve got yourself a lovely ring added to your jewelry collection. So, the ring candle works like every other candle, only that there is always a piece of mystery jewelry.

Where to Buy Ring Candles

Ring candles are virtually everywhere; in fact, getting one is not that difficult. You can go online to Amazon to get your ring candles. Some manufacturers also sell their ring candles on their websites. Some ring candle manufacturers like jewel scents and candle unkies display their products on their websites.

Which Ring Candles are the Best?

There are many good ring candles out there, but you deserve the best. Therefore, we highly recommend three that you go for any of these ring candles anytime you need one.

Best Ring Candles: Unrivaled Candles Lavender Fields Jewelry & Ring Inside

Unrivaled Candles Lavender Fields

This product is also recommended because of the value you get for something relatively affordable. The candle has a fantastic lavender smell, a revolutionary wick design that reduces the amount of soot while burning, and a lovely piece of jewelry with a potential retail value of about $10000.

Fragrant Jewels to Me You’re Perfect Candle and Bubble Bar

We recommend this candle mostly because it is environmentally friendly. It comes with a vegan, phthalate-free, paraben-free candle and a bubble bar. Thus, you get two things for the price of one. This ring candle also boasts of several fragrant varieties, so there is something for just about everybody. You get a great ring as well. 

Baubles French Lavender Scented Premium Candle

We recommend this candle because it is long-lasting (up to 12 hours!), has a fresh, relaxing lavender fragrance, and comes with a lovely piece of ring that can be valued as high as $7500.

How much is My Ring Worth?

This is dependent on your luck. You can be lucky enough to get a ring worth $5000 and, if not so fortunate, can get one of $10. But whatever ring you get, there is a value attached to it. Just get the RRP code of the ring you get, log on to the manufacturer’s website, and then get an appraisal on the jewelry. That will give you an idea of your ring’s worth. 

Are the Ring Candles Worth It?

If you consider the pleasant aroma you get from a scented candle combined with the chance to be rewarded a piece of jewelry worth as much as $10000, I feel it is a good investment. 

How Long Will My Ring Candle Burn?

This depends on the type of material used in making the candle. Some manufacturers use beeswax, which is very expensive but long-lasting; others use soy wax, which is quite affordable but not as durable.

To further beat down the price, manufacturers use a paraffin – soy wax blend in making their candles, but there is a compromise on the longevity. There are also environmental concerns when it comes to paraffin.

Another thing that tells on the longevity of the candle is the size of the candle. On average, candles will burn for 5 – 9 hours per ounce, depending on their size.

Cheap Ring Candles

Now, if you are on a budget, you must go for the candles that will not eat deep into your pockets. If you are in this category, here are cheap ring candles you can go for.

Baubles French Lavender Scented Premium Ring Candle

Cheap Ring Candles: Baubles French Lavender Scented Premium Ring Candle

These scented candles are relatively cheap compared to the value of the jewelry you can get inside. With just a few bucks (below $30), you stand a chance of potentially getting a piece of jewelry worth $7000. 

Unrivaled Candles Lavender Fields Jewelry & Ring Inside 

Cheap Ring Candles: Unrivaled Candles Lavender Fields Jewelry & Ring Inside

Unrivaled candles made a revolution with these candles. They intelligently blended the economical paraffin with the soy wax quality, giving you a premium scented candle that is also affordable. Also, you could be lucky enough to get jewelry as expensive as $10,000. For a candle of less than $40, that sounds like a good investment to me.


Scented candles have taken the decor and fragrant world by storm. Even better is the ring (or jewelry) model that features a surprise package inside. It is a perfect gift item for your loved ones. Get some of these ring candles discussed above and put a smile on their faces today!

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