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21 Best Essential Oils Recipe Books

Essential oils are suitable alternative care for various conditions out there. Several recipe books have gone through publishing to spread this information. This review will look into the best essential oil recipe books that will be beneficial to you.

Learn the things to consider before buying an essential oil book in this review. There are also answers to FAQs concerning the recipe books in this article. Continue reading to find out more.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Essential Oil Book

Essential oil books are like the start of a journey; they will lead you to a whole new world of alternative care. However, there are so many essential oil books out there, and only a few are great. Before buying an essential oil book, here are things you should consider:

  • Learn about the authenticity of the author through his or her educational background.
  • Go for books that list the actual author and not just the publisher or editor, as this means you can verify the information written.
  • Ensure the book is brand-neutral, as most brand-specific writers are biased towards those products.
  • Check for editorial forewords or reviews from unbiased professionals, as this boosts the authenticity of the book.
  • Check the edition history so you do not purchase an obsolete book. Books should be upgraded as discoveries are made concerning essential oils timely; ensure you buy a recently published book.

The 21 Best Essential Oils Recipe Books Review

There are various essential oils recipe books in the market, and to get the best ones, you need specific information regarding them. Here is a review of twenty-one best essential oil recipe books for your consumption:

1. The Healing Power of Essential Oils

The Healing Power of Essential Oils is suitable for people interested in harnessing the power of essential oils. This product has unique recipes and remedies of essential oils for several health needs. 

Personally, this book makes you feel like you are using a cooking recipe book with a step-to-step guide on using them.

Another excellent point of this book is that it provides a unique approach to treating current health issues through detailed essential oil recipes. The author talks about these modern days’ health dangers and how essential oils can serve as remedies for them.

2. The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

This book is beneficial for anyone interested in aromatherapy. The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy has more than 800 easy-to-follow recipes for essential oil treatment. What is more significant than 800 recipes is that they are easy-to-follow if you love easy and straightforward.

This product also features many benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy, as it focuses on various health issues for all. Everyone can benefit from the alternative care essential oils and aromatherapy have to offer. 

I especially love how it treats health issues for all ages with essential oil and aromatherapy.

3. Essential Oils Natural Remedies

Essential Oils Natural Remedies is beneficial for people interested in natural remedies for common maladies. This product has over 300 natural remedies for 170 everyday ailments ranging from headaches to the common cold. 

Many essential oil books usually concentrate on less common illnesses rather than everyday ailments. This book has an advantage as it focuses on common maladies people seek their alternative care. 

Another excellent quality of this book is that it teaches about essential oils from scratch. Everything about these oils and how-to-get started on it, you will find in this book.

4. Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine

If you are interested in all the benefits you can derive from essential oils, Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine is for you. This book features the top 50 essential oils and their proven benefits. 

This makes this book unique, as it goes beyond using essential oils for health issues. It instead focuses on all the benefits essential oils have to offer. 

Another feature of this book is its uses of essential oils for more than 125 most urgent health issues and 70 DIY easy recipes for you, your family and pets. It is suitable as an all-round essential oil book for anyone interested in diving into the world of essential oils.

5. Your Easy Essential Oil Guidebook

Your Easy Essential Oil Guidebook is just as its name implies; it is accessible as a Guidebook. This book is excellent as a guide for anyone interested in essential oils but does not know where to start. 

This book is highly recommended since lots of watery and misguided information about essential oils are out there.

Another excellent point about this book is how it touches on how essential oils work well for aromatherapy. It has info, tips, and recipes of essential oils to use for aromatherapy. Anyone that wants to dab into aromatherapy via these oils will benefit from this book.

6. The Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

Not many people understand the power essential oils hold, but this Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils discerns this power through its contents. This book provides the information of 30 essential oils profiles, discussing their application, blending and substitution. 

It also teaches the properties and uses of 10 famous carrier oils to dilute your essential oils.

The excellent part is its 100 recipes to enjoy essential oils, including recipes for perfumes, sprays, salves, roll-on, etc. Harness the power of healing through essential oils and all its related information in this book.

7. The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

This book is a complete guide for those who know these oils’ healing power. The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy focuses on readers seeking advanced knowledge about 

this topic. 

This book’s best feature is that it has over 600 easy-to-follow recipes for essential oils and aromatherapy. Only a handful of books have up to that amount of essential oil recipes. 

If you have started diving into the world of alternative care, this is the book to complete your studies.

13. Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies is beneficial for pregnant women and nursing mothers. This book has vital information regarding essential oils for pregnancy, birth and babies. Many essential oils do come with the caution of use for pregnant women and babies. 

However, this book goes into details of suitable essential oils for them, the ones to avoid, and recipes to enjoy essential oils’ benefits.

This book also educates and empowers midwives and doctors. It teaches the best essential oils to recommend and serves as alternative care for health issues related to pregnancy, birth and babies.

14. The Essential Oil Maker’s Handbook

This handbook teaches the processes of making essential oils, including extraction, distillation, and other making techniques. The Essential Oil Maker’s Handbook features suitable plants for making essential oils and various tips and tricks on working with these plants.

This book also includes 40 recipes as a foundation for products like perfumes, facials, additives, liqueurs. It teaches us how to make these products using essential oils. It is a book for beginners and professionals interested in making essential oils. 

15. The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook

Aromatherapy employs essential oils to heal, beautify and protect the body. The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook is a guide to healing via essential oils. 

This book features 109 essential oils and 450 easy-to-prepare recipes that are beneficial for aromatherapy. It has in-depth knowledge for beginners and advanced learners to consume and benefit from aromatherapy and essential oils.

This book also specifies several aromatherapies and essential oils, including health issues, cosmetics, and beauty.

16. Essential Oils for Promoting Weight Loss

You can achieve weight loss through natural remedies of essential oils. Essential Oils for Promoting Weight Loss features seven fat-burning oils with their in-depth profiles. It is a holistic guide that you can teach in your weight loss program to help you achieve your desired weight.

The book teaches how to shed excess weight with essential oil blends. It also features various recipes that resolve stress, insomnia, anxiety and other weight loss related issues. 

This book goes to prove that natural remedies like essential oils can help you achieve your desired weight loss goals.

17. Oil + Glass Recipe Book

This unique title book features proven DIY essential oil recipes with step-by-step directions and dilution ratios with descriptive icons. It also talks about oil education and safety for people interested in doing it themselves. 

This book also features several uses of essential oils, including for children, pregnant women, skincare, household, boosting your immune system, etc. It teaches these uses in detail and how to access these oils.

The book is designed for beginners and experts interested in learning about essential oil recipes and their uses.

18. Essential Oil Make and Takes

“Essential Oil Make and Takes” teaches DIY to make and take projects for beginners and intermediate learners. This book features a premium starter using the best essential oils to create the recipes. 

The book teaches how to make essential oils for beginners and intermediate classes through these projects. It comes in two stages, the “Make and Take 101” and “Make and Take 102” for newbies and intermediate learners, respectively.

This book helps people interested in making their essential oils by using specified project kits.

19. Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes focuses on diffuser recipes of essential oils. This book is a pocket guide that describes various types of diffusers available and how vital quality essential oils are for their uses.

This book also features more than 100 recipe blends, including for stress relief, sleeplessness, mental clarity, mood enhancement, immune booster, relaxation and so on.

The book is a pointer for essential oils’ healing powers and how the diffusers can achieve the effect of aromatherapy with essential oils.

20. The Essential Life

The Essential Life is a book that targets beginners and experts of essential oils knowledge. It is updated with current research on oils to provide content based-on facts for readers.

The book also features essential oil blends perfect for various uses, including health and home. These essential oil blends have easy-to-use directions, detailed contents, and tips for usage for all learning levels. 

This book gives detailed content that is beneficial for its readers, including up-to-date content. It is also a reference guide for people interested in research studies concerning essential oils.

21. Modern Essentials

Essential oils may be as old a time, but they are working correctly in these modern times. Modern Essential is a guide to the therapeutic use of essential oils in these contemporary times. It features the benefits of essential oils as a problem-solver in these times.

This book also features the issues associated with modern times and how essential oils will provide a solution to them. It is a sophisticated guide for beginners and experts in the field of essential oils.

Modern Essentials employs a contemporary style of providing content to its current readers.

What Is The Best Essential Oil Book(s) For Beginners?

There are several beginner books and guides for essential oil, but not all are great. Some authors write social media knowledge on essential oils to make some quick cash. And as a beginner, you may not be able to distinguish those books. 

The best essential oil books for beginners are:

These books are suitable for beginners, as they contain in-depth and authentic knowledge of essential oil that is beneficial.


After reviewing the 21 essential oils recipe books, we have selected “The Complete Book of Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Updated 25th Anniversary Edition by Valarie Ann Worwood.”

This book is an excellent complete guide to essential oils and aromatherapy, as it contains lots of information beneficial for beginners and advanced learners. It also includes 600 easy-to-follow recipes, a lot unmatched by other essential oil books in this review.

This book is highly suitable for anyone that wants a deep dive into the world of essential oils, including aromatherapy. It is a book on essential oils; anyone can find useful!

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