Best Crystals to keep in your bedroom

5 Best Crystals to Keep in Your Bedroom

If you find yourself on this page, I suspect you are looking for the best crystals to keep in your bedroom. This is understandable as the healing, and spiritual benefits of having crystals around you cannot be overemphasized. 

The bedroom is the one that is most intimate to you; it’s where you spend most of your time. Be it to meditate, reflect or make decisions, the bedroom is your safe haven, and so, it is crucial to keep it both safe from negative energies and a sanctuary to cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate your body and mind.

This can be achieved through healing crystals. That is why it is essential you know the best crystals you need to have in your bedroom. 

In the remainder of this article, we discuss the benefits of having these crystals in your bedroom. So well to read on.

But before we get into that, let us first talk about the appropriate location to place crystals in your bedroom.

Where to Place Crystals in Your Bedroom

Getting the right crystal is one thing, but placing them in the right location is another. It goes beyond littering crystals around and hoping for the best; you must place individual crystals in specific positions to achieve maximum results. 

The correct placement of crystals is rooted in an ancient Chinese technique called Feng Shui. As far back as 4000 B.C, the Chinese believed that the different spots and corners of a room’s layout radiate distinct kinds of energy and vibrations, and Feng shui was the art of arranging the room to fit this energy layout.

This layout, known as the Bagua map, is a square plan view of the entire room divided into nine different sections. Each section has the specific aura it radiates, and using the appropriate crystals in these areas will amplify those vibrations. 

According to the Bagua map, 

  • The top left corner of the room radiates wealth and power.
  • The top center section radiates an aura of Fame and Reputation.
  • The top right corner radiates an atmosphere of love and romance.

As you move down from the top 3 sections to the middle ones the Bagua map depicts that 

  • The left section illuminates an aura of Family and New beginnings.
  • The center section radiates that of health and overall well-being.
  • The right gives off vibrations of creativity.

Last but certainly not least, we have the bottom three sections 

  • The bottom left section radiates an aura of wisdom and self-growth
  • The center section gives off an atmosphere of purpose and career.
  • The right section radiates the energy of guidance.

With this layout, if you want to manifest money or prosperity, for example, the best spot to place crystals like citrine or green jade that attract abundance, is the top left corner of your room.  

You must note that some crystals require proximity to your aura for their effect to be pronounced. Healing crystals, for example, must be placed around your body – may be under your mattress, under your Pillow, or on your nightstand – for them to work correctly. 

It is all dependent on the kind of stone you are working with.   

What are 5 Best Crystals to Keep in Your Bedroom 

A famous quote goes thus – “ When things don’t work out in the bedroom, they won’t work out in the living room either.” This is reasonably so because the bedroom is the one place you retire to find your peace and reflect after a tiring day of harboring negative vibrations

If that is not reason enough, you will spend about 25 years of your life in the bedroom. Whether it is sleeping or just being there, the fact remains that you will spend a considerable chunk of your life in your bedroom. Moreover, it is where you make 80% of your decisions, most of which are life-changing decisions.

This is why you need your safe haven to be as calm and as comforting as possible so you can absorb positivity through mindful reflection and simultaneously repel any form of negative aura that will hinder your inner peace and outward productivity. 

Below are five of the best crystals you must have in your bedroom.

1. Rose Quartz – Stone of Love

Everybody should have the Rose quartz in their bedroom. It is a crystal of unconditional love as it radiates a high vibration of love and gentility. It heals love and relationships, and it heals blocks that prevent you from feeling love and attaining love.

best crystal to keep in bedroom Rose Quartz

If you are in a relationship or have ever been in one, you will agree with me that there are times when you get angry and irritated with your partner and everything they do. You may not realize it, but sometimes, it’s due to the negative aura you have absorbed from the outside world. It disturbs your inner energy balance and peace, which you then project unto your partner. As a result, you find yourselves fighting about minute things that could have been overlooked.

When you place a rose quartz crystal in the top right corner of your bedroom, it rejuvenates and purges you from those negative vibrations. So when you both retreat to your bedroom after a long day in the outside world, you retire to a place of conjugal bliss and love. The rose quartz puts the bliss in blissful marriages and relationships. 

If you are single and looking for love, you also need to get this crystal in your bedroom. It attracts well-meaning love to you and cleanses all the baggage of old relationships that are keeping you from feeling and falling in love.

Where to Place Rose Quartz in Bedroom?

The ideal place to store this heart chakra stone is beside the table or under your pillow to attract romance in your life. 

2. Amethyst – Spiritual Stone

This purple gem is the all-around spirituality crystal. It rejuvenates and heals the body, mind, and soul from controlling negative energy.

Amethyst best gemstone to keep in bedroom

The use of this crystal can be traced as far back as the ancient greeks. In fact, there is a story behind the name amethyst. 

It is gotten from two Greek words – “a,” which means “not,” and “methysko,” which means “intoxicate.” It was believed that whoever owned this stone had so much self-control that they wouldn’t get intoxicated no matter the amount of wine they drank.

As a result, amethyst has been used as a crystal of sobriety. It connects with your mind and helps temper the urge that always wants to indulge in activities that are otherwise detrimental to your health. If you are suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, this is the one stone you need to keep in your bedroom. 

Asides being a stone of sobriety, amethyst is known to calm your mind and emotions. It is a stone of self-control, and it helps to keep negative emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, depression, e.t.c, at bay. 

These emotions can be controlling, and when you are in that autopilot state, you make rash decisions that you later end up regretting. When you sleep in a room with an amethyst nearby, you wake up rejuvenated and cleansed from those negative thoughts and emotions from the night before.

Where to Put Amethyst in the Bedroom?

Placing a piece of Amethyst under the mattress, under the Pillow, or on the bedside table will heal the body from inflammation and soreness, prevents nightmares, and cures insomnia. It is known to be a therapeutic stone. 

3. Selenite – The Moon Stone

This beautiful white (sometimes clear) stone is believed to be associated with Selene, the goddess of the moon. And just like the moon, selenite gives hope and light as the moon does every night.

It is a high-frequency stone and is associated with peace. It opens, cleanses, and activates your aura and energy body. It is also associated with your crown chakra and your third eye, which is the gateway to higher sources of wisdom and clarity.

Selenite is a purity and a salt-based stone. As such, having a selenite around you cleanses any aspect of your life – be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual – from negative energy

Where to Put Selenite in Your Room?

As stated earlier, you make most of your life-changing decisions in your bedroom, and placing a selenite at the bottom left corner of your room helps you make wise decisions. It also radiates light energy making the user pure and honest in their ways. As a result, the universe rewards them for their honesty.  

4. Black Tourmaline – The Stone of Protection

This crystal is a force field of protection. Black tourmaline is the stone for personal protection and protection from negative energy. 

Most black crystals absorb negative chakra and vibrations from your aura, and the black tourmaline is no different. 

That is why you should place it at the entrance of your bedroom. So anytime you walk into your bedroom after a long day in the outside world, you leave those negative vibrations, you absorb, at the entrance.

This crystal is also associated with the root chakra, which is the chakra that anchors your being. To illustrate this point, say you had a long day at work. You come back feeling scattered, and you can’t seem to get a hold of your wandering and absent mind, black tourmaline grounds you and makes you aware of the present.  

Where to Place Black Tourmaline in the Bedroom?

Keeping Black Tourmaline under your pillow or at the corner of the room will help amplify its positive energy and drive away your negative energy.

5. Labradorite – Stone of Transformation

There is a legend behind this crystal. It is said that once, a great warrior found labradorite and rammed his spear into it, releasing the light that is now the aurora borealis. So labradorite is a crystal that helps to awaken your warrior and release your light to the world.

powerful bedroom crystal and stone Labradorite

Labradorite is popularly referred to as the stone of transformation, and this is because the stone has the ability to restore you to your peak self. Most times we go into the world, we are drained by other people’s negative vibration, returning to a bedroom with labradorite refreshes and purges your chakra, so you wake up feeling like a new person in the morning.

Labradorite also helps to inspire creativity within you. It is especially an excellent crystal for people who may be playwrights or poets, or need to be creative and inspire other people.

Where to Put Labradorite in the Bedroom?

The best place to place this throat chakra crystal under your pillow will help to work with your dream recall.

Can I sleep with Crystals Under my Pillow?

The answer is yes. However, it’s not that simple. Remember, we said the Bagua map is the layout you should follow when placing specific crystals, right? Nevertheless, you can put these crystals under your Pillow for healing and therapeutic purposes.

For example, according to Bagua, the best spot to place a rose quartz crystal is the top right corner of the room. However, if you are suffering from heartbreak, you can put bits of the crystal under your Pillow to mend your broken heart. That is a therapeutic process that has to do with love.

The same thing applies to the other crystals. So far it is for restorative purposes, it is acceptable to place crystals under your Pillow.

Besides, some crystals are an exception to the Bagua arrangement. Crystals like the amethyst need to be around you to work for you effectively.

Benefits of keeping Crystals under your Pillow

As stated earlier, crystals can be placed under your pillows when you feel the need to heal. Moreover, there are more benefits to placing crystals under your Pillow. Below are some of the benefits of having crystals under your Pillow. 

  1. It prevents you from having nightmares.
  2. It wards off all those electromagnetic waves that make you restless and keep you from having a good sleep.
  3. It protects your vulnerability when you sleep.
  4. It heals insomnia.

What Crystals Should Not be in Your Bedroom

Just as there are good crystals to have in your room, there are some you need to avoid bringing to your room. Here are the crystals you should not have in your bedroom

  1. Carnelian – This is a high energy stone that radiates a lot of vitality. You don’t want to have too much energy in your room when you want to sleep. You need calm and tranquility.
  2. Black Obsidian – This is a crystal that absorbs negative energy. But unlike black tourmaline, it holds on to this energy till it is cleansed. You do not want to harbor negative energy in your sanctuary, and that is why you should avoid placing this crystal in your bedroom.


Every day you go out to do whatever it is you do, you subconsciously absorb negative energies that pollutes your aura. Having crystals in your bedroom helps to purge those energies and asides that offer some additional benefits.

Get these crystals that have been discussed above and wake up every morning refreshed, brand new, and ready to go on about the new day, head-on, free of negativity.

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