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16 Best Crystals and Stones for Throat Chakra

If you feel you are unable to express your thoughts and feelings or having difficulty in communication, then you are probably having your throat chakra misaligned and these 16 best crystals for throat chakra can help you.

What is Throat Chakra Responsible for?

Throat Chakra or Visuddha Chakra – chakra of communication is the 5th chakra in our main 7 chakras sytem. The 7 chakras system are:

Throat Chakra governs parathyroid, thyroid, neck, mouth, jaw, and responsible for self-expression, communicating, and creativity

throat chakra

When your throat chakra is well, you will 

  • able to listen, speak, and express yourself with ease
  • have no trouble in communicating with others
  • be a creative person
  • maintain a healthy thyroid, neck, shoulder

If your throat chakra is overactive, you often speak before you think, leading to unnecessary arguments and hurtful words. If it is misaligned, you can’t articulate your thoughts clearly or inability to express your thoughts and feelings, resulting in frustration and miscommunication. Physically, you may be facing some physical disorders such as thyroid issues, sore throat, neck stiffness, headache, dental problems.

You can balance the throat chakra with yoga poses, foods, essential oils, or affirmations. One of my favorite healing methods is using crystals and gemstones to align unbalanced throat chakra.

How to use stones and crystals for throat chakra?

Blue crystals and gemstones have powerful healing properties for activating the blocked throat chakra.  Blue is also the color of wisdom, loyalty and truth. You can simply use them by wearing them, holding them, or keep them in your house.

  • Carry your crystal in your handbag or pocket. It is an amazing feeling to carry your favorite crystals with you, you can hold them whenever you feel you need to boost your energy or want to focus and pay attention.
  • Wearing blue crystal like jewelry such as a necklace or earrings to support and balance the throat chakra.
  • Meditate with the stone by holding them or lay down and place them on the neck
  • Display the stones near your office, in the house, or near the bed

How to Choose the Best Stones and Crystals for Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra is associated with blue. Choosing blue crystals can soothe your unbalanced throat chakra.

Blue healing stones are communication stones and also the stones of trust and serenity. These crystals guide us to

  • become more honest, sincere, trustworthy, and faithful; trust is an important factor for good communicating.
  • help us to stay focus
  • help us to release the fear
  • strengthen your self-expression

I believe you will pick your perfect throat chakras crystal based on your intuition, any of the throat chakra gemstones suggested below will do their magic work!

What Are the Best Stones and Crystals for the Throat Chakra?

1. Angelite – Best Throat Chakra Stone

Angelite or anhydrite or angel stone is considered as a powerful healing crystal for stimulating the throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. This lovely blue gemstone can soothe you, create a feeling of peace and calm. It also enhances your self-expression, helps communication in a clear way and encourages your creativity abilities. Remove fear, anxiety and anger, converting them into tranquillity and faith.

Physically, Angelite  has been used in treatment of the disorder of the throat,  headaches, heart function, infectious diseases and the circulatory system, aids throat inflammation and helps to maintain healthy thyroid and the parathyroids.  

How to use Angelite

Angelite is very sensitive and can easily get damaged by water. Therefore, 

  • do not wear angelite while swimming, bathing or sweating
  • do not clear angelite with water and  a soft, dry cloth to clean

Because Angelite can be damaged easily by movement, it is best to use as necklaces, earrings, or hair jewelry not rings or bracelets.

2. Aquamarine – Best Crystal for Throat Chakra

Best Crystals for Throat Chakra: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is perhaps one of the strongest crystals for activating the throat chakra. Aquamarine owes its name to its beautiful water of the sea, washes any stress and tension, and helps you go with the flow.This crystal brings you the feeling of calming and soothing. It boosts self-expression, encourages clarity of thought and increases sensitivity.

Aquamarine is an ideal stone for teachers and representers as it helps to overcome the fear of speaking.

Physically, aquamarine can aid sore throat, and thyroid problems, boosts the immune system and alleviates overreactions.

How to use Aquamarine

Besides its healing effects, you will look fashionable when wearing this aquamarine as earrings and necklaces.

3. Amazonite – Throat Chakra Gemstone

best crystal for throat chakra: Amazonite

Amazonite or Amazon stone is the stone of truth and courage. This gemstone provides freedom to express feelings and thoughts. It also supports communicating without over emotionally,  enhances the ability to communicate more effectively by identifying how one’s words have created the current reality, and how to change one’s vocabulary to reflect a higher, more aligned reality.

Amazonite is not only a throat chakra stone but also a powerful heart chakra stone to help balance and strengthen the heart.

Physically, Amazonite maintains  good health in general, helps you to have a good night sleep, and can be used to treat problems of the thyroid and throat.

How to use Amazonite 

Wearing Amazonite as a piece of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, tie tacks is the easiest way for the crystal to influence your throat chakra. You can also keep it in the pocket or wallet and touch it during the day when you feel you need encouragement. 

Clean it with soft cloths and mild soap as Amazonite is very sensitive with acids, chemicals and heat.

4. Azurite – Throat Chakra Crystal

best stone for throat chakra: Azurite

Azurite is a beautiful deep blue stone, known as  the stone of heaven, mainly used for the throat chakra but you can also pick it to balance and align the third eye chakra and  crown chakra.

Azurite aids issues related to dysfunction of the throat, neck problems such as neck ache, sore throat, asthma and hearing disorders.

Emotionally, Azurite was thought to clear sadness, relieve stress, grief and it was believed to help you confidently speaking and freely express your thoughts and ideas. 

Azurite can activate, balance and empower three chakra at once including third eye chakra, crown chakra and throat chakra.

How to use Azurite 

Azurite is a soft stone and its surface can get damaged easily, it’s also sensitive to the heat, so keep it away from the sun and hot surfaces. Clean Azurite with mild soap and lukewarm water.

5. Blue Apatite – Best Crystal for Throat Chakra

Beautiful blue apatite is a perfect choice to heal throat chakra. This gemstone helps with group communication and public speaking. Blue apatite is specifically helpful for investment managers or business consultants. It boosts creativity and awakens the inner self.

Because of its calcium content, it is believed that blue apatite can strengthen the absorption of calcium to support cartilage, bones, and teeth. You may want to carry this blue crystal with you if you have joint or arthritis issues.

This amazing stone is believed to give you clarity over your fears and the reasons behind what’s holding you back. 

so, whether you use this beautiful crystal to boost your confidence, urge your creativity, or direct you on the path towards your dreams, there is no wrong way to use it. Just make sure that once you work with blue apatite, you clear and cleanse it so that you can balance it with your needs and your energy.

Let go negative, limiting beliefs about yourself, and embrace the idea that you are an incredible speaker when working with Blue Apatite. You’ll feel driven to speak clearly and more honestly, not just in speeches, but in all areas of your life.

How to use Blue Apatite 

Blue Apatite is best to use as jewelry like necklaces, earrings to enjoy its energy all day long. Keep Blue Apatite in your office, it can be a powerful amulet and a beautiful home decor item. Place it in the throat while meditating or practice visualization techniques.

Blue Apatite is sensitive to chemicals, heat, acids and fragile. Use mild soap and a  soft cloth so you do not scratch the surface or reduce the shining of this crystal.

6. Blue Calcite – Throat Chakra Crystal

Blue Calcite is a powerful gemstone when it comes to soothing, relaxing emotional body and stimulating creativity energies. Encourages calm communication during disagreements

Calcite comes in different colors and is a type of calcium carbonate. Blue Calcite is indeed a special crystal, and is known as a stone of communication, healing and recovery. This gemstone aids problems with joints and bones, and makes you feel better no better what illness you are going through.

This stone is excellent for people who are studying arts and sciences as it soothes the mind, teaches perception, activates insights, and heightens memory.

As a stone for confidence, Blue Calcite alleviates the anxiety and stress surrounding your talking points, and guides in clarity of mind. As you work with Blue Calcite, you become more harmonized with your thoughts and feelings. 

How to use Blue Calcite

Calcite can be scratched easily and  is sensitive to acid as it is a carbonate. Cleanse it with soft cloth, warm soapy water.

7. Blue Lace Agate

best stone for throat chakra Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a gemstone of communication, wearing or carrying this crystal makes you become more confident and articulate. It’s considered a good idea to wear jewelry with blue lace agate or carry a stone in your pocket when you need to speak in public. 

Blue Lace Agate is also a soothing stone with its soft blue color, helps to soothe an overactive mind. It calms and stills one’s thoughts. It helps us to communicate our truth and supports when we are researching understanding and knowledge. Blue Lace Agate assists us to understand the matter of our words, and can boost and bring confidence. 

In physical healing, Blue Lace Agate is thought to treat ailments of the throat, headache tension and align the thymus and thyroid glands.

Blue Lace Agate is great for writers as it helps with articulating inspired ideas.

How to use Blue Lace Agate

There are pretty jewelries made of this crystal: pendants, necklaces, bracelets that you can wear. Keep tumbled or raw Blue Lace Agate in your bedroom to benefit from its gentle energy while you rest.

8. Blue Kyanite

best throat chakra crystal: Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a useful crystal for healing throat disorders and voice ailments. It is believed to assist meaningful communication and allow us to express ourselves calmly.

It clears fears and blockages, helping to speak one’s truth.  It is very beneficial for public speakers and performers as it improves the voice and heals the throat and the larynx.

Physically, Kyanite has been used in treatment of the urogenital system, adrenal glands and parathyroid glands.  It aids in ailments of the throat, brain and muscular system. Kyanite is a natural pain reliever.

Kyanite is a perfect stone for attunement and meditation.

How to use Blue Kyanite

Wear it daily basis with necklaces or earrings to generate new ideas and articulate your thoughts; keep it in the throat while meditating to increase intuition and to focus.

9. Celestite – Throat Chakra Stone

Being a blue crystal, celestite or celestine is associated with the throat chakra helps you to speak beautiful and inspirational words making it a powerful crystal for performers or artists, salesmen or people to do public speaking.

If you are a shy, or nervous person, wearing or keeping celestites with you as a companion crystal may provide you courage, prompt you to give new experiences a chance, confidence in crowds, and heightens your relationships with other people.

Celestite encourages deep relaxation by rehabilitating your natural state of joy. Placing celestite in the bedroom will bring harmony and tranquility into your space, the perfect medicine for a restful sleep

On a physical healing, celestite is believed to send energy to the higher chakra organs and aid in the healing of cellular disorders, brain misalignment, and eye, ear, nose and throat ailments. Crystal healers also use celestine as a detoxifier and pain reliever, and claim that it can soothe anxiety, stress, and obsessive behaviors.

How to use Celestite 

This amazing light blue stone will look amazing placed in the bedroom where it will give peaceful energy.Tumbled Celestite can be used for meditations and breathing techniques.

10. Chrysocolla – Throat Chakra Crystal

best thoat chakra stone Chrysocolla

If you think you are bad at communication, you may want to wear Chrysocolla to empower your communicating. This is the ideal stone for a public speaker, you’ll feel more confidence while wearing or holding it.

Chrysocolla helps overcome phobias by releasing limiting beliefs and mental tensions, and supplying your motivation. 

In physical healing, Chrysocolla has been used in treatment for arthritis, bone disease, blood disorders and lung problems,  soothes menstrual cramps.  It detoxifies the liver, kidneys and intestines.

How to use Chrysocolla 

Wear it as jewelry, use it for meditation, it supports a deep meditative state.

11. Labradorite – Throat Chakra Crystal

Throat Chakra & Crown Chakra Crystal: Labradorite

Labradorite is a stone of magic. Carrying, holding or wearing labradorite allows one’s innate magical powers to surface. It supports communication with higher spirits and enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance

It calms an overactive mind and activates the imagination, developing enthusiasm and creativity.

Some keep it around the workplace, as it is believed to bring out the best in all people and assists a more pleasant workplace atmosphere in general.

In physical healing, it has been used in treatment in disorders of eyes and brain, to lower stress and anxiety. Labradorite reduces sensitivity to cold, lowers blood pressure, soothe menstruation tension, relieves the pain, and aids metabolism and digestion

12. Lapis lazuli – Throat Chakra Crystal

healing stone for throat chakra: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is known as the Stone of Truth, encourages self-awareness and promotes self- acceptance. It encourages honesty in speaking and assists journalists and executives.

Lapis Lazuli helps express your true, creating new ideas and improving your problem-solving capability.

Lapis Lazuli is not only stimulating your throat chakra, but also activating the brow chakra, allowing you to balance and sort your important matters in life.

In physical healing abilities, Lapis Lazuli may treat syndrome,  throat illness, vocal chords, thyroid and endocrine glands, brain and nervous system, and ear and nasal passages. 

How to use Lapis Lazuli

It is fashionable way to wear Lapis Lazuli as jewelry to get healing benefits from this deep-blue gemstone and its vibrant color makes it ideal foe the finest jewelry pieces such as earrings, pendants, necklaces.

13. Larimar – Throat Chakra Stone

best crystals and gemstones for throat chakra: Larimar

Larimar is a stone of serenity, promoting relaxation, cool down hot tempers. 

Larimar makes communication more effectively full of wisdom,  speaking confidently and expressing ideas easily.

In physical healing, Larimar has been used to heal the throat disorders, aid illnesses related to stress and high blood pressure.

How to use Larimar 

Larimar is a perfect stone for meditation, it soothes the mind and assists us enter in deep meditative states. Jewelries made from this light blue Larimar can complement even the most elegant outfits.

14. Sodalite – Throat Chakra Stone

crystal for throat chakra: Sodalite

Sodalite is a strong harmonizing gemstone, its name originally comes from Latin means comrades, strengthening friendship. Blue sodalite not only balances the throat chakra but also activates the third eye chakra.

Sodalite is a favorite crystal for artists and performers who want to increase their speaking confidence and enhance their creativity.

It is believed to soothe and calm the mind, helps stabilize the mind and reduce tension. Blue Sodalite helps to increase self-esteem and self-acceptance and can bring joy to those who are depressed

Physically, Sodalite can calm anxiety  and panic attacks, maintain a healthy immune system, help to balance the metabolism, lower blood pressure, relieve insomnia, and aid a sore throat, problems of the larynx.

How to use Sodalite 

Put these beautiful blue Sodalite in your bedroom, use Sodalite points in meditation, Amazing blue color makes it perfect for jewelry pieces.

15. Turquoise – Throat Chakra Crystal

gemstone for throat chakra: Turquoise

Turquoise helps activate clear communication, and is believed to balance and align all the chakras. It is a wonderful gemstone for increasing self-realisation and supporting creativity. 

Turquoise is also known as the symbol of protection, wisdom, leadership, courage, and luck. It provides self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, stabilising mood swings, relieving stress, restoring your vitality and balancing your emotions.

Physically, Turquoise assists in the absorption of nutrients, strengthening the immune system.  It  holds anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, and soothes pain and cramps.  Turquoise purifies lungs, aids sore throats, and heals the eyes. 

How to use Turquoise

Wear necklaces or earrings on daily basis to help protect and heal you throughout the day.

16. Blue Topaz – Throat Chakra Stone

throat chakra crystal: Topaz

If you have difficulties with public speaking and feel weak in articulating your thoughts, you can consider to use Blue Topaz as it helps to speak clearly and to improve your communication, in a way that others can clearly understand. It heightens the communicating abilities of public speakers, writers, actors, artists and boosts their creativity.

Blue Topaz also stimulates the third eye chakra, improves the brain power and enhances the thinking abilities. It assists you to concentrate and to think better.

In physical healing, Topaz releive stress, aids digestion, blood disorders, asthma and endocrine issues.

My throat chakra stone is Aquamarine, just simply because its name makes me feel like the ocean near me. I hope you find your best crystal for throat chakra

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