Best Crystals for sacral chakra

What are 16 Best Crystals and Stones for Sacral Chakra?

If you are struggling with low libido, or feeling sexually frigid, emotional instability, loss of creativity or imagination, reproductive issues, and even addiction, you might have your sacral chakra unbalanced and these 16 best crystals for sacral chakra can help you.

What is Sacral Chakra Responsible for?

Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana Chakra or the Sex Chakra is the 2nd chakra in the 7 main chakras system. The 7 chakras are:

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra is located below the navel, at the center of your lower belly, it governs the kidneys and reproductive organs and it is responsible for sensitivity, sexuality, pleasure, creativity, intimacy, and connection.

 If your Sacral Chakra is balanced, you will:

  • feel abundance, pleasure, creativity, joy, fulfillment, and overall wellness feel energetic and strong   
  • be able to adapt the changes of life
  • have a healthy sexual life

If your sacral chakra is out of balance, you might experience sexual dysfunction, emotional swing, loss of imagination or creativity. Physical symptoms are pain and stiffness in the lower back and hips, low back pain, urinary and kidney problems, constipation, and pelvic pain.

What Color is the Sacral Chakra?

The color of the sacral chakra is orange which is the color of friendship, happiness and innate sense of intuition. Start by wearing orange clothes more often, and using orange crystals will help you balance your 2nd chakra.

How to Choose the Best stones and crystals for Sacral Chakra?

Orange is associated with Sacral Chakra, choosing Orange gemstones to open your second chakra.

Orange healing crystals bring you a sensual and joyful energy! They instill confidence, enthusiasm, creativity, and trigger innovative ideas.

Orange is associated with the sacral chakra, so definitely choose Orange Crystals/Stones to balance the 2nd chakra.

Orange Crystals and Stones

Orange crystals stones including orange carnelian, orange calcite,sunstone, snowflake obsidian, peach/orange aventurine, unakite, goldstone, orange moonstone, orange garnet, aragonite, orange citrine, golden kyanite, tangerine quartz, orange spinel, amber…will give you creativity and adaptivity.

How to use stones and crystals for Sacral chakra?

You can use orange crystals and stones for healing sacral chakra by wearing them as jewelry, place them in the bed room, keep them in the pocket or meditate with them.

  1. Wearing sacral chakra crystals as jewelry: bracelets, pendants, and rings, necklaces
  2. Sleep with stone  by your bedside or under your pillow. Keeping a sacral chakra healing crystal under your pillow, or on your bedside is a powerful way to bring the crystal’s healing energy in your healing sleep time.
  3. Carry one in your pocket as touchstones. Carry your favourite crystals in your pocket or handbag. You can hold them whenever you feel you need to boost your energy or want to focus and pay attention.
  4. Meditate with sacral chakra crystals by holding them or placing them over the sacral chakra area.
  5. Keep sacral crystals at your desk in your office and pick them up when it comes to mind.

What Are the Best Stones and Crystals for Sacral Chakra?

1. Orange Carnelian

Carnelian was used to wear as talismans in ancient times and it is associated with  kings and nobility. Napoleon has a lucky watch chain made from carnelian.

Carnelian best crystal for sacral chakra

Carnelian comes in different colors, while red carnelian is the best crystal to treat unbalanced root chakra, orange carnelian is one of the best crystals to balance the sacral chakra.

Orange Carnelian will give you the confidence and courage to move forward to the next chapter of your life, supporting you to make better decisions in any changes.

Orange Carnelian is also beneficial in activating sexual energy and regulating the reproductive system.

2.  Orange Calcite

As we know that different colors of gemstone have different healing properties, if Yellow Calcite is the best stone for Solar Plexus Chakra, Orange Calcite is the stone for Sacral Chakra.

Orrange Calcite best stone for healing sacral chakra

Orange Calcite is said to help improve creativity, personal will, sexuality and sensuality. It dispels negative energy and balances emotion.

In physical healing, Calcite helps alleviate reproductive systems, useful stone for assimilation calcium, remove stagnant energy, reduce fatigue.

3. Sunstone

Sunstone is not only an ideal stone for sacral chakra but also perfect stone for solar plexus chakra.

sunstone healing crystal for sacral chakra

Sunstone is believed to be a God of the Sun by Ancient Greeek culture. It is said to be a piece of the sun, bringing the sun’s radiation energy.

Sunstone improves the feeling of self-worth, confidence, enthusiasm, and beneficial for sexual relationships.

Sunstone is helpful for general health, it is good for the nervous system, alleviates the pain from stomach ulcers and can treat sore throat.

4. Fire Agate

Fire Agate is a protection stone, it is a shield to protect your body. 

fire-agate sacral chakra crystal

Fire Agate is believed to improve the libido and sexlity.

Fire Agate encourages us to follow the dreams and improve creativity. It’s a perfect stone for artists or people who perform.

Physically, it helps to aid digestion and improve sexual dysfunction, beneficial to treat nervous system and eye problems.

5. Peach Aventurine

Aventurine is a member of Quartz family, comes in different colors which are associated with different chakras. If Green Aventurine is the best crystal for heart chakra, Peach Aventurine and Orange Aventurine is the Sacral chakra stone.

Aventurine sacral chakra stone

Peach Aventurine

Peach Aventurine can help to balance emotional, help with anxiety, stress, worry. It enhances the creativity, support to reach the calming mind during meditation.

Physically, Peach Aventurine is said to activate the metabolism, balance blood pressure, aid the adrenal and urinary system.

Spiritually, Peach Aventurine activates dreaming and supports dreams come true. It also protects you from electromagnetic radiation.

Orange Aventurine

Orange Aventurine is a stone of creativity and a manifestor of exciting possibilities. It also helps to calm the mind during meditation.

Orange Aventurine is believed to aid nausea, skin ailments and reproductive issues.

6. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is an all rounder healing crystal as it can open the solar plexus chakra, the root chakra and the sacral chakra.

Tiger's Eye best healing stone for sacral chakra

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of grounding, protection and stabilization. 

It is thought that Tiger’s Eye increases strength of willpower, self-confidence, and creativity. 

7. Goldstone

Goldstone is believed to be an ambition stone. Blue Goldstone is one of the amazing stones for throat chakra, and gold color of Goldstone will be a sacral chakra gemstone.

Goldstone is said to promote vitality, confidence and encourage ambition.

In physical healing, Goldstone has copper minerals which is helpful for bones, arthritic, painful joints, and reducing stomach tension.

8. Orange Moonstone

Moonstone as its name brings you the feeling of feminine stone and has the power of the moon. It helps with fertility and emotional issues, especially in women.

Moonstone stone for healing 2nd chakra

Orange Moonstone is for anyone who needs to open up the untold opportunities and want to have a flexible mind.

Orange Moonstone can help you improve self-image, aid the sexual dysfunction.

Orange Moonstone maintains a healthy digestive and reproductive system, regulates menstrual period and is a perfect stone for pregnancy, breast-feeding.

9. Orange Garnet

Garnet comes in many different colors  including red, orange and green. Red Garnet is the best gemstone for Root chakra and Orange Garnet is one of the best crystals for Sacral chakra.

Orange Garnet has all the healing properties of the Garnet family and bring the orange color healing. 

Garnet is considered a stone of creativity, awakening and focus.

Garnet is often used to activate metabolism, improve the assimilation of vitamins and minerals, help with blood related problems, and boost the immune system.

10. Orange Opal

Opal is an Australian gemstone, a powerful stone that helps you to get rid of negativity, and comes with different colours and different healing properties with each color.

Orange Opal is believed to balance emotional, remove fear, bring abundance, better health to people wearing it. 

Wearing Orange Opal makes you more seductive, passionate and fall in love with life.

11. Aragonite Star Cluster

Aragonite is considered a stone to release negative energy from your surroundings. It is an Earth Healer and helps you grounded, a wonderful calming stone for meditation.

Aragonite brings your confident, feeling self-worth and self-esteem.

Physically, Aragonite was known to treat fevers, help with pains and aches as well as inflammation.

12. Golden Citrine

Citrine is a powerful stone for maintaining general health. It assists to balance solar plexus chakra, crown chakra and sacral chakra with its associated color.

citrine powerful healing stone for sacral chakra

Citrine absorbs negative energy, lends you optimism, and remove anger.

Golden Citrine is beneficial to boost your visualization ability, creativity, and improve your confidence.

13. Orange Kyanite

Kyanite can be found in a wide range of colors including blue, orange, pink, blac, and green. We mentioned Blue Kyanite is the throat chakra crystal,  and orange kyanite is the best choice to activate the sacral chakra.

Orange Kyanite stimulates the imagination and creative thinking. It also enable us to be confident, optimistic and encourage us to trust our intuition when making decisions.

Orange Kyanite has been traditionally believed to be a natural painkiller, treating fertility problems, help to overcome eating disorders.

14. Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz is the member of the quartz family, Orange Tangerine Quartz is the powerful sacral chakra crystal.

Orange/Golden color is formed by combination of Hematite and water during its formation. 

Tangerine Quartz lends you soothing, calming and grounding energy. 

15. Orange Spinel

We mentioned spinel in best crystals for Root Chakra with Black Spinel and Red Spinel. Orange Spinel has healing properties of Spinel family and orange healing properties.

Orange Spinal stimulates the sacral chakra, helps you to face new challenges and find the new ways of thinking.

Orange Spinel helps you to cover trauma and illness, reduce fatigue, dispel negative energy.

16. Amber

Amber is a powerful healing crystal, it can open the sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra and the throat chakra.

Amber sun stone

Amber is a fossilised resin from an ancient tree. Golden/Orange Amber is associated with the sacral chakra, helping to activate the imagination, increase creativity and improve sexuality.

Amber is said to remove negative energy from your body, boost your immune system and can help children alleviate the pain while teething.

Don’t be overwhelmed with these 16 best crystals for root chakra, just pick one red, black or brown gemstone by your intuition, they will help you to heal unbalanced root chakra.

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