best crystals for manifesting a job

The 9 Best Crystals and Stones for Manifesting a Job

This piece gives a detailed explanation on some of the best crystals for manifesting a job. Manifestation is an effective, but somewhat strange form of spiritual healing that people don’t pay much attention, any longer. We shall start with a practical illustration, so you can appreciate how manifesting your job using crystals can make all the difference between where you are now in your career, business or job hunting, and where you hope to be

John lives across the street, and his life is fantastic. He got picked in his final year at college to work for Google, lives in a fancy house, and drives a Tesla. On the other hand, you are equally qualified but have been searching for just a head start, or the tipping point in your career, and you can’t seem to find any luck. You don’t want to hate John. He’s a nice guy, but then you feel life is unfair and has dealt you crappy cards. 

You are not alone in this. Several other people have experienced this mild life crisis.  The power to change the narrative lies within you. A decisive turn around in your life, the tipping point in your career, and the massive sales in your business are achievable via a simple, yet powerful, and effective practice.

The practice is known as manifestation. It brings spirituality in twine with physicality resulting in a live demonstration of our thoughts and desires. Contrary to popular notion, a state of abundant manifestation in your job, relationship, and career is easy to attain.

You can practice manifestation using just your thoughts and chakra. However, if you want to achieve faster results, the process can be aided by specific stones known as crystals. Crystals are precious stones that are used by reiki practitioners for various spiritual healings. Recently, they are used to speed up the manifestation process and help individuals channel their energy and chakra in the right direction. 

There are several kinds of these crystals, and each has its specific purpose. In this article, we will discuss the best of these crystals you should have in your possession to make your job hunting fruitful and less stressful. 

However, before we venture into the best crystals for manifesting your job, let’s simplify the concept of manifestation a little more. Hopefully, a deeper understanding of how to practice manifestation will make you appreciate this ancient technique’s potency.

What Is Manifestation?

In its simplest form, manifestation is a belief system and form of inner consciousness which involves bringing about and imagining that which isn’t here. It is more than imagination. It is you aligning your mind, body, and soul to harness and channel the field of energy within you towards creating a life that you desire.

This practice has been around for a while, and its origins can be traced to eastern spirituality teachings. In fact, Buddha expressed in his teachings that we are simply a by-product of our thoughts. In the 1920s, its popularity grew when William Atkinson introduced the Law of attraction.

To really understand this concept of manifestation, you need to, first of all, know that the world works in energy and vibrations. Everything you see, from your car, dog, and human beings, are in a state of constant vibration. The proof can be found in science. 

For the sake of illustration, let’s think of life as a radio station. If you are looking for rock music or any program at all, for example, what you will normally do is search for a rock station on the radio and tune in to the frequency, right? The same thing happens in life. If you want to go to that place in life where you have an abundance of everything you ever desire. Then, you must tune in to the station where that is already happening.

Since the universe and every creature works on vibrations, anything that we think, or say, and settle with will be brought to existence. It’s just as simple as that.

So, when you utter words like “I am poor,” you are putting that into vibrations by saying that out loud, and you are transmitting that into the universe. The universe is going to cycle that around and bring you back the energy of being broke and penniless. You then begin to receive more lack because you are now on that vibration, and tuned into the radio station of lack. Welcome to 105.7, where you don’t have anything. To put it better, by a man thinketh, so shall he. 

Dissociate yourself from evil thoughts, enrich your mind, and quickly connect to a realm of abundance. Practicing manifestation using crystals comes with incredible results that cut across every domain of your life. The section on “how to manifest,” and the others that follow will show you just how to manifest into anything you desire.

What is Manifesting?

How to Use Crystals and Stones for Manifesting a Job

Be it you want a new job; a better career; scale your business or want to attract better luck in your life, crystals can help you to achieve that, and you will start seeing significant results in no time. The following steps guide you on exactly how to use crystals to manifest a job. Without further ado, let’s dive in now.

  • Check into a calm environment where you can clearly envision the job you want, that promotion you crave for, or the very peak of your career. 
  • Clear your mind of all doubts and fears until you overcome any resistance holding you back
  • Now that you can imagine it, vividly map out how you can bring your thought to life. This requires some deep concentration. So, take your time while at it
  • We are a product of our deepest thoughts. Now that you have trained your thoughts to work for you; Channel all your energy to work towards what you want
  • Trust the process and appreciate the outcome. 

These can be accomplished through mindfulness and meditation but can be catalyzed by what we call crystals. In a universe where there are so many distractions and white noise, these crystals, in some cases, help us focus and deflect a bunch of those noises so you can fully manifest what it is you want.

Now that you fully understand what manifestation is and  how to manifest a job, let’s get into the best crystals you can use to manifest your dream job, and achieve optimum results in your career and business.

What are 9 Best Crystals for Manifesting Your Dream Job?

As we stated earlier, the power to change the course of your life is in you. Through manifestation, you alone can decide on the future you want to have and the career path that will lead you to that place of abundance. If you know you are fed up with being the second-best or getting picked last in your career, here are some crystals you can combine with mindful manifestation to bring your desires to reality.

1. Citrine – Stone of Manifestation

If you know that job is very important to your career, then citrine is the one crystal you must have on you at all times. 

Citrine best crystal for manifesting job

Citrine is a very high energy stone, and it is also known as the stone of manifestation. This yellow crystal is a stone of the mind, and it brings new ideas and creativity

Its power is evident in situations where you need to go for job interviews, and you are nervous because citrine helps dispel fear and increases self-confidence. And you will agree with me that confidence is usually one of the qualities interviewers look out for in prospective employees.

This crystal is otherwise known as the merchant’s stone because it helps bring prosperity. Wearing citrine brings your business more customers, boosts your sales, and gives you an overall success in your professional career.

2. Lace Agate – Manifest Networking Skills

Also known as the Mexican agate, is a crystal that is characterized by swirly banded lines. This crystal helps you manifest networking skills amongst peers, which is very important when you are job hunting. 

job manifestion stone Blue Lace Agate

When looking for a job, it is common knowledge for you to network and make friends with several people who could turn out to be your potential boss, coworker, or anyone who can get you a job somewhere. This particular stone opens those pathways and directs you to these people.

Also, this stone will reveal your inner talents and core strengths to prospective employers, thereby making you stand out of the crowd, so you are not just a plain old joe. This makes you more memorable and not just a name on a CV.

3. Amber – Crystals for Job Interview Success

If crystals were food, amber would be honey. Not only is it a golden yellow color, like honey, but it is also so sweet and joyful. This crystal makes you radiate warmth and sweetness that people just want to know you and speak to you.

Amber powerfull career stone

It makes you appear positive, and at the same time, makes you a joy to be around. In addition, this crystal helps calm the nerves and sharpen the mind, which is a good thing, especially in job interviews. 

You wouldn’t want to mess up that once in a lifetime opportunity, so it is best you don’t take any chances and grab an amber crystal right before your interview.

4. Aquamarine – Best Crystal for Manifesting a Job

The Aquamarine crystal, which is gotten from the Latin words Aqua Marinus meaning water of the sea, is a very lovely, calm, and soothing stone. Its name originates from its ocean-like color.

Aquamarine best manifesnation gemstone

This stone helps you communicate clearly and makes you become more eloquent and articulate. So if you have ideas to communicate, with this stone, you will appear more attractive to prospective employers. When people see how well you construct and express your ideas, they will definitely want you on their team. 

Also, aquamarine also calms your nerves. So if you’ve got those pre-interview jitters, it will help you feel calm and give you clarity of mind.

As a bonus tip, it is best to combine crystals both the aquamarine and the amber crystals as both go hand in hand. Their combination will help you express yourself on a practical level and in an attractive manner. This duet is sure to give you a home run in any job interview.   

5. Labradorite – Must-have Crystal for Job Interview

This crystal has a lovely iridescent blue color around it. It will make you feel extra special and sparkly. It is also a very protective stone psychically, so it will help protect against feeling drained in interviews, plus it will protect your energy.

Labradorite amazing crystal for job interview

This stone is a must-have for manifesting a job because it calms all the noise around you to help you listen to your inner guts. 

It helps in situations where you are going for an interview, and you feel something is not quite right – maybe your dressing is not the best for the interview or in situations where you are in one of those pre-interview stages and doing certain things gets you cut off – whatever it is, labradorite acts like an alarm system and cautions you on those red flags. 

6. Yellow Tiger Eyes – Stone of Courage

As its name implies, this crystal dons a golden yellow color, and it gives off solar vibrations like positivity, confidence, and stability to its user.

This crystal is popularly referred to as the stone of courage and is it best you carry it around with you to job interviews. Most times, interviewers instill fear and can seem intimidating during interviews. This is a tactic employed by human resource management in workplaces to throw you off guard because, to them, if you cannot make a bold first impression, you are likely not the one for the job.

With the yellow tiger stone in your possession, you do not need to worry about any intimidation tactics anyone might throw your way. It gives you this endearing confidence and makes you stand tall amongst a crowd of cowering candidates.

7. Malachite – Transformation Stone

As a professional, you know that off-days are bound to happen. On those days, you feel slow, gloomy, and something is not just right. It is natural, and even the best of the best have their own fair share of off-days. However, it becomes detrimental when those off-days fall on the period you want to land your dream job.

Malachite best career promotion stone

That is where this beautiful green crystal comes in. Also known as the transformation stone, it wards off those negative energy associated with having off days, and as a result, you feel refined, sharp, and on-guard at all times.

Apparent on the malachite crystal are eye-like bands. This symbolizes vision and foresight, so in addition to its transformative powers, it gives you a perception of the happenings in your environment, so you are not caught off-guard by anything.

8. Green Aventurine – Opportunity Stone

Opportunities come but once. And when those rare opportunities come, you do not want to miss out on it.

Green Aventurine stone of opportunity

This crystal is also known as the opportunity stone because it can help align a chain of events in a way that attracts luck and success. Not only do we need good qualification and the right mindset, we sometimes need luck on our side to grab life-changing opportunities.

Besides putting you in a position of huge opportunities, it also helps you discern and know what to do to grab that opportunity.

It contains speckles of quartz within it causing an effect called “aventurescence.” This effect, which makes it appear reflective and shiny, symbolizes sparks of creativity and imagination. Having a green aventurine causes you to manifest creativity in dealing with obstacles that will obstruct any opportunity for success.  

9. Banded Carnelian – Stone of Vitality and Energy

This brownish-red crystal, which is commonly found in Serbia, India, and Brazil, is a stone of vitality and energy. It motivates you to carry on, and the energy to forge ahead as well and that is why it is the one stone you must have in your collection.

If you have applied for multiple jobs in the past and have been faced with so many rejections, you will know that the feeling can be overwhelming. Most times, you don’t even have the strength to apply anymore. The carnelian stone charges your energy and refocuses your mind.

It is also a stone of action, especially for overcoming procrastination and indecision. The banded carnelian crystal clears your mind, which in turn gives you the clarity to make good decisions.

FAQs Best Crystals for Manifesting a Job

1. What are the Best Crystals for Job Interview?

Citrine, amber, aquamarine, labradorite, tiger eyes are the best stones you might want to wear for a job interview. These crystals will help to enhance certain emotions that are necessary to crack the interview such as bring lucky, promote confidence, positivity, open the throat chakra help the communication more effective.

Citrine is known as the stone of manifestation, helps you to remove the fear and improve your self-confidence. Wearing Citrine for the interview will bring you a luck and a good fortune.

Amber will bring you joy, positivity and calm the mind which is very important for a job interview.

The calming, soothing aquamarine helps you become more articulate and communiate more clear.

Best Crystals for Job Interview

2. What Are The Best Crystals For First Day At Work?

The first day at work is the most memorable day but it can be stressful, nervous, overwhelmed. All you need to do is staying calm, confidence, communicate well. And wearing these healing crystal such as labradorite, tiger eyes, carnelian, aquamarine can help to boost these positive emotions.

Best Crystals For First Day At Work

3. What Are The Best Crystals For Job Promotion?

Wearing citrine, sunstone, sodalite, green aventurine will boost the opportunities of promotion. They increase productivity, creativity and bring new ideas to the business, and the ability to take new actions in the workplace.

Keeping citrine around your office or carry them with you can help you manifest your income and may help you to climb to the ladder of your career before you know it.

Green aventurine will strengthen your leadership skill, hep you to tackle problems with confidence.

Best Crystals For Job Promotion

Final Thoughts

Job hunting can be overwhelming on its own, and even worse, it can be challenging to land one. However, if you have the Law of attraction working in your favor and employ the use of crystals to attain an optimum level of manifestation, you can turn the tides in your favor in an otherwise unbalanced universe.

So, instead of whining and complaining about how great John’s life is and how crappy yours seem to be, why don’t you take your destiny into your own hands, literally, with these crystals and land that dream job.

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