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What Crystals are Good for Leos: 6 Best Crystals for Leos

If you are searching for the best crystals for Leos,then you have come to the right place. Crystals can be used in many different ways. Sometimes, they are used for healing purposes, manifestation of love, relationship or a job, and soothing physical pain. And at other times, crystals enable us to stay in tune with our true selves. 

Human beings are astrological beings. As such, we have the tendency to either stray from the characterizing nature of our signs or over emphasize its dominance. For example, Leos are incredibly extroverted and full of energy. Peradventure their energy and impulse are not adequately contained, they could come across as arrogant, full of themselves, and plain irritating.

However, in a bid to contain the excessiveness, it is important not to hinder the expressive force of our signs that makes us who we are. Crystals help to strike a balance between these two extremes, making us a better version of ourselves.

The list of the best crystals for Leos is long. However, before we delve into that, let us first discuss the typical persona of a Leo. What makes them that fiery sign, which seems to be a forcefield of vibrant energy that lights up any room they walk into. 

Leo Zodiac Sign – Personality Traits and Characteristics

The Leo season – which occurs between July 23 – August 22 – births a set of passionate, enthusiastic, and spirited individuals. 

The reason is not far-fetched because this astrology sign is associated with the sun. And just as the sun radiates warmth, Leos are known to radiate an aura of vibrant energy.

It is a fire sign, and Leos tend to be extremely passionate, spontaneous, and temperamental. Leos are quick to anger but then easily let go of that anger. They are reliable, intelligent, creative, and self-aware. 

If you are a Leo, these traits are inherent in you. Therefore, you always want your environment to appreciate your worth. And as we stated earlier, this could be misinterpreted.

Leos are extroverts, and sorry to break it to you, but as a Leo, you do have the high tendency of being obtrude and toxic. That is why that fiery energy of yours needs to be tamed once in a while. 

However, in an attempt to tame this energy, it’s essential you don’t impose resistance on your creativity, confidence, or self-awareness.

What are the Best Crystals for Leos

Using the best crystals for your sign will amplify the positive traits about you and tame the negative ones. This effect is also enhanced when you use the right crystal that resonates with your astrology.

The following are 6 of the best crystals for the astrology sign, Leo

1. Black Onyx – The Anchoring and Soothing Stone

This black stone is a traditional stone for Leo. It enhances self-esteem and determination, which other red, and or orange stones can do. However, black is a very grounding stone as well. This means it helps to calm the overly outward energy in Leos by anchoring them to mother earth.

Black Onyx - best crystal for leo

As a black stone, it also helps to repel negative energy, and as an onyx, it helps to soothe emotions. 

Leos are spirited individuals that are quick to anger and easily frustrated. Having this stone on or with you calms your cylinders and gets you to stability during frustrating situations. It is a perfect fit for you.

Also, the black onyx facilitates Leos’ passion. This makes them focused and determined to do whatever it is they set out to do.

2. Carnelian – The Stone of Energy and Vitality

This reddish-orange crystal is a stone of passion and vitality. Leos are all about energy and enthusiasm. And this crystal is the one stone that amplifies that energy from their aura to their immediate surrounding.

Carnelian best stone for leo

As we said, excessive enthusiasm from a Leo can be impulsive. So you might be wondering… “why would I want to have a crystal that is like an adrenaline shot to my intense energy?” The answer is in the grounding property of this crystal.

Carnelian works with the root chakra. It anchors you to mother earth and balances that enthusiasm with a little drop of humility. It is an excellent stone for Leos. 

3. Rose Quartz – The Stone of Emotional Strength

Many know Rose Quartz as a stone of love and romance, but it is also a stone of emotional healing and stability.

Rose Quartz best leo crystal

One thing about Leos is that they can hardly get their feelings under control. Especially when it has to do with love and heartbreak. The reason is simple; Leos are usually on top of their game, and whatever throws them off is like a threat to them. 

When a Leo falls in love – either male or female – they do so hopelessly because it’s the one feeling that seems to tame that fiery and adventure spirit. So, when their hearts get broken, it can be very difficult to heal and let go. 

Having a Rose quartz crystal with you will help in that healing process. It also gives you the emotional stability, and fortitude to always be in control of your emotions.

4. Blue Tiger’s Eye – The Stone of Clarity

This crystal is also known as the falcon’s eye. It is a stone that gives oversight and a broad overview to anyone that has them in their possession.

This is an important stone for you as a Leo because sometimes, you can be very shortsighted. Leos are adventurous beings, and they love living in the moment. Their actions are also tailored towards that mentality. 

Living in the moment is great, but most times, you can lose sight of the bigger picture. This can reflect in your momentary decisions. Having this stone with you, as a Leo, helps you understand the situation from a bird-eye view. This enables you to make calculated and well-thought-out decisions.  

5. Peridot -The Stone of Empathy

This green stone resonates and connects with the heart chakra. It also helps to promote healing of the mind.

Peridot best leo gemstone

Leos are very logical people, hence their creativity and intelligence. They tend to process things more from their minds. As a result, they can come off as rude, unnecessarily blunt, and insensitive to emotions.

The Peridot crystal helps Leos operate from the heart rather than the solar plexus where they normally get their vibrancy and vitality. As a Leo, this stone encourages you to consider people’s emotions in relation to what you have to say or do. 

6. Labradorite – The Stone of Reflection and Transformation

If there is any stone you need to have as a Leo, this is the one. This blue radiant crystal is one of internal reflection and deliberation.

Labradorite - best crystal and stone for leo

As we stated earlier, Leos are extremely extroverted. As a result, they tend to focus more on their environments and other people than on themselves. This makes them easily distracted and carried away by the outside world.

Labradorite is the one crystal that helps you pull back from the noisy surroundings, reflect on who you are, and discover your own truth.

Best Crystals And Stones For Leo Woman

Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, Charlize Theron are all prominent songstresses. What do these women have in common? They are all Leo women, and as you already know, these Hollywood icons are kicking ass in their respective professions.

Leo women exude confidence and self-worth. They know what they want and will go great lengths to get it. Also, they are passionate about everything they do. Little wonder they are widely successful in their fields.

If you are a Leo woman, Carnelian,  Rose Quartz, and Citrine are best resonate with your aura and can even be a great addition to your jewelry collection.


Best Crystals And Stones For Leo Woman: Carnelian – The Stone of Energy and Vitality

Every Leo should have Carnelian. It amplifies your confidence as a woman and, at the same time, helps you stay grounded to your roots.

Rose Quartz. 

Best Crystals And Stones For Leo Woman: Rose Quartz – The Stone of Emotional Strength

As a love stone, this crystal gives you emotional stability and facilitates self-love. It also helps with insecurities, enabling you to accept yourself the way you are. It helps you attract love from a potential partner. 

Moreover, it also removes blocks from past relationships that frustrates your effort of falling in love and being loved.


Best crystal for leos women: Citrine

This stone is a vibrant crystal that radiates a lot of energy, which resonates with Leos’ spirited vibration. As a woman, having this crystal on you brings the spotlight to your person when you enter a room. People immediately recognize and appreciate your beauty, and you come across as locale and warm.

Best Crystals And Stones For Leo Man

The lion is the symbol of this fiery zodiac sign. And like lions, Leo men are born leaders and confident enthusiasts. 

They are physically strong, ambitious, and loyal. However, they can be egotistical and self-centered if their emotions are not put in check.

Tiger’s Eye,  Peridot, and Garnet are crystals that resonate and balance the energy of the Leo man.

Tiger’s Eye

Best Crystals for Leos man: Blue Tiger’s Eye – The Stone of Clarity

Be it red or blue, a tiger’s eye is one crystal every Leo should have, especially men. You can wear it on your neck, or your wrist as a fashion accessory. What it does is to cement and solidify your will power. 

Yes, Leos are a confident bunch. However, situations can arise where they doubt their abilities. In these cases, a tiger’s eye will be there to lead you through those self-doubt episodes and help establish your dominance.


Best Crystals for Leos man: Peridot -The Stone of Empathy

In establishing your dominance as a Leo man, it is important you do not come off as a bully, and that’s where this green crystal comes into play. 

We stated earlier that this stone is one of empathy and compassion, because it is a heart chakra stone. It helps you strike the balance between your fiery nature and your compassionate self.

Naturally, Men can be bullies. Especially when they wield a considerable amount of power. This stone instills discipline in you. So you don’t get corrupted by your power or masculinity.


This stone comes in several types – Almandine, Uvarovite, Pyrope, e.t.c. Getting anyone of them, or better yet, a combination of two or more, will greatly enhance your innate abilities as a Leo man. 

It also facilitates strong willpower like the tiger’s eye. In addition to that, it helps you discover and manifest your hidden gifts. It strengthens loyalty, to a cause or a person, and awakens your creative prowess.

Best Crystals for Leos man: Garnet


As a Leo, you are prone to being extroverted and overly outward. This could be a good thing, but in some situations, not so good. It all boils down to how you manage the outcomes of your actions

Using these crystals that best resonate with your zodiac sign will help you achieve a more balanced life. A life that is full of creativity, adventure, and enthusiasm.

We hope all Leos stays fiery, grounded, and be a better fashion of themselves with these crystals suggested above. 

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