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7 Best Stones and Crystals for Healing After Surgery

The best crystals for healing after surgery are Fluorite, Bloodstone, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Lapis Lazuli. This article will help you find out the best stones for protection during surgery and healing after undergoing heart, knee, spinal, and brain surgeries.

Surgical procedures are one of the medical procedures people fear to undergo due to their uncertainties. Stones and Crystals are known to bring protection and healing to those who use them, including during and after surgery. Here is a review of the best crystals for healing after surgery.

What are the Best Crystals for Healing after Surgery?

After surgery, the body is usually in a weak state with lots of discomforts, pain, sleeplessness, migraines, etc. While medical care is the best way to heal after surgery, crystals are known to have healing powers that can heal the body. Here are the best crystals for healing after surgery:

1. Fluorite Crystals- Stone For Absorbing Negative Energies

Negative energies and emotions are always present, especially when your state of mind, spirit, and physical being is weak. After surgery, these negative energies and emotions become intense as you struggle to heal and build up strength. 

Fluorite crystals wards off negative emotions and energies as it dispels cleanses and dispels the thoughts and psychic attacks that promote them. It coordinates the mind and body and maintains a balance of emotions. It also strengthens the immune system to prevent infections and speed up healing.

Fluorite crystals should be placed around the body or hung up on walls around you to take effect. It should also be cleansed as often as possible as it absorbs negative energies.

2. Bloodstone Crystals- Stone For Increasing Blood Flow In The Body

best for healing after sugery: Bloodstone

Healing requires positive energy, strength, good circulation, positive emotions and excellent immunity. Most of these cannot be provided by medical care, while others need boosters. Crystals with healing properties are boosters for medical care. Crystals also provide positive energies, emotions, peace and comfort.

Bloodstone crystals from its name enhance good circulation as it increases blood flow in the body. This allows the surgical wound and its surrounding areas to heal properly. Bloodstone crystals also stimulate the immune system to protect the body against infections and speed up recovery.

Gain positive energy, emotions and vitality for healing by putting the bloodstone crystals around you or hung up on walls.

3. Amethyst Crystals- Stone For Pain Relief

Best Crystals for Healing After Surgery: Amethyst

The Amethyst crystal is violet or dark purple with powerful healing abilities. Amethyst is known as a natural tranquilizer, as it promotes a high state of consciousness. It is a great pain reliever and is highly recommended for healing headaches and migraines.

Amethyst crystals also strengthen the immune system, which fights off infections and speeds up recovery. Asides from the healing after surgery, you can use Amethyst to heal scarring from the incision site. This crystal also wards off fear, anxiety and anger, while promoting positive emotions and energies.

For maximum effect, place the crystal close to the incision site or around you, like on your bed.

4. Rose Quartz Crystals- Stone For Peace And Comfort

best stone for surgery Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz belongs to the quartz family of crystals, which are known for their potent healing abilities. The quartz crystals are at the top of the metaphysical chain of the rugged healing stones. Rose Quartz has a soothing effect on whoever has it, as it provides peace and comfort.

The crystal provides you with the utmost tranquility and allows that everything around you is comfortable. It also promotes positive energy and connects you with your higher consciousness to give you a positive aura.

You can find solace and rid yourself of post-surgical discomfort by placing this crystal on the bed or hung up on the wall.

5. Clear Quartz Crystals- Most Powerful Healing Stone

Clear Quartz best crystal and stone for healing surgery

Clear Quartz also belongs to the quartz family of crystals. Clear Quartz has a reputation of being the most powerful crystal that can heal any condition. Ranging from addictions to heart problems to severe trauma, migraines, hearing problems, etc.; these are all issues Clear Quartz crystals can heal.

Clear Quartz is known to have strong metaphysical powers, which is why it can easily connect our mind and body to our higher consciousness. This enables it to significantly influence the body chakras, the mind, energy, and emotions; it heals the body by coordinating all these.

It speeds up recovery when placed near the part that needs healing or when hung up on the walls surrounding the person.

6. Selenite Crystals- Stone For Cleansing The Body And Mind

Selenite crystal is known for its cleansing and healing abilities. For proper healing to take place, your body and mind need purification. Good circulation is enhanced when the blood is purified, which is vital for adequate recovery.

Selenite crystals cleanse the body and mind and connect you to your higher consciousness for healing. It is one of the few crystals, which heals your physical and spiritual being simultaneously.

Selenite is also great for healing severe pain, especially when placed on the pain site. It wards off negative energies and emotions while putting your body and mind in a clean state for healing. It gives maximum effect when paired with other crystals such as Rose Quartz, Fluorite or Amethyst. 

7. Lapis Lazuli Crystals- Stone For Proper Healing

Lapis Lazuli for healing surgery

Inflammation, lack of good circulation, high blood pressure, and pain are associated with surgeries. If they are not treated, they will hinder proper healing, which is detrimental after surgery. Medical care may do the trick to enhance recovery, but crystals can increase the chances of its success. 

Lapis lazuli crystals are blue crystals with powerful healing abilities. Lapis lazuli reduces inflammation, promotes good circulation, reduces blood pressure, and eases pain experienced after surgery. For efficient use for healing after surgery, and should be placed close to the incision site.

Lapis lazuli can be paired with other crystals like Rose Quartz or Fluorite for maximum effect.

FAQs On Best Crystals For Healing After Surgery

What Are The Best Crystals For Protection During Surgery?

Best Crystals For Protection During Surgery

The best crystals for protection during surgery are; Jet Stone, Black Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst and Fluorite. These crystals protect you from paralyzing fear and unforeseen psychic forces that may attack you during surgery.

You may experience overflowing negative energy around you during surgery, terrible for the surgery’s outcome. The best way to avoid these opposing energies is to use these crystals. They also help keep your spirit calm during the procedure, and their healing properties are a bonus for after the surgery.

What Are The Best Crystals For Healing After Heart Surgery?

Best Crystals For Healing After Heart Surgery

Healing after Heart Surgery is vital, and you must do everything you can to heal quickly and permanently. The aftermath of heart surgeries brings migraines, discomfort, pain, and sleeplessness. To get rid of these conditions, use crystals that will heal you.

The best crystals for healing after heart surgery are Amethyst, Selenite, Green Calcite, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz. Amethyst, Selenite, and Clear Quartz heal migraines, while Rose Quartz and Green Calcite bring comfort. Amethyst also heals sleeplessness.

 The crystals overall are great for healing the heart after surgery.

What Are The Best Crystals For Healing After Knee Surgery?

Best Crystals For Healing After Knee Surgery

Anyone that undergoes a knee surgery will be in severe pain afterward. The knee joint will be stiff, and you will feel much discomfort and may not be able to sleep except you use painkillers. Crystals help to enhance quick healing after the surgery and bring you peace and comfort.

The best crystals for healing after knee surgery are gemstone Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Green Calcite. They heal the pain and discomfort, bring you peace, comfort, and a quick recovery.

What Are The Best Crystals For Healing After Spinal Surgery?

Best Crystals For Healing After Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgeries are one of the most delicate surgeries, and ever after the surgery, the recovery itself comes with many concerns. From trauma to severe pain, possible infections, there is a lot of worries. However, the problems surrounding spinal surgery can be solved with healing crystals.

The best crystals for healing after spinal surgery are; Green Fluorite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Selenite, and Blue Calcite. Green Fluorite is excellent for preventing and healing infections. Amethyst and Selenite will heal severe pain, while Rose Quartz and Blue Calcite will bring comfort.

What Are The Best Crystals For Healing After Brain Surgery?

Best Crystals For Healing After Brain Surgery

Brain surgery is the most delicate surgery to undergo; the healing process is even more delicate since it is the whole body’s powerhouse. Medical care is of utmost importance to healing appropriately after brain surgery; however, crystals can increase survival chances.

The best crystals for healing after brain surgery are; Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Amber, and Green Calcite. Clear Quartz has a reputation of being the most powerful crystal that can heal any condition. The Rose Quartz and Green Calcite combination will bring lots of comforts. Amethyst heals severe pain, while Amber strengthens the brain tissue.

After reviewing many crystals for healing after surgery, we have selected the above ones as the best. We choose them for their abilities to heal the body, mind, and compatibility for recovery after surgeries. Note that crystals for healing cannot replace medical procedures; instead, they enhance them.

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