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12 Best Crystals for Decision Making

You can never go wrong making decisions in your business, career, and relationship when you have the best crystals for decision making as recommended by age-long spiritual healers with you. 

We often reach specific points in our lives where we seem to be at crossroads, or down with many options, which leaves us confused about the best option to choose from. We need to think thoroughly at this juncture because any decision we make will either make or mar us.

Do you know that some of the gemstones and crystals you see around have the power to help you make better decisions in life? I bet you don’t know. It does this by emptying your mind of worries, fears, and anxiety, therefore, replacing negative emotions with tranquility and stability that puts you in a position to make accurate decisions.

Read on to find out about the most potent crystals for decision-making and how to use crystals to make the right decisions in everything you do.

What are the Best Crystals for Decision Making? 

You are where you are today because you made a particular decision that worked out or not. Whether you are trying to decide which man/woman to spend the rest of your life with or which career to pursue, you need to make the right decisions. In one way or another, we make decisions almost every single day of our lives. If you need to make decisions, these are the best crystals handpicked for decision making. 

1. Amber- The Queen of Antiquity 

Amber is a yellowish crystal with a transparent look that shines brightly like the Sun. It is often associated with two zodiac signs- Leo and Aquarius. Amber is a beautiful piece of stone closely associated with three different Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, Plexus Chakra, and Throat Chakra.  

It is an excellent crystal that can help you stimulate the decision-making process. Amber is believed to assist people burdened with tensions, eliminating anxiety and substituting worries with peace, calmness, clarity, and consciousness. Other than decision making, it is known to be an excellent piece of stone for healing, bringing energy and vitality, strength, balance, and patience to its users.

2. Carnelian- The Stone of Spontaneity

Carnelian is regarded as one of the most powerful gemstones. It is a nice-looking crystal that occurs in different orange color shades, mostly brownish-orange, and reddish-orange. The gem is associated with four zodiac signs, which include Aries, Taurus, Cancer, and Leo. It is believed to consist of metaphysical powers that can help its users make crucial decisions through self-actualization, adequate focus, realization, and precision.

It is a fantastic choice of crystal for those hoping to become very successful in career or business. Other potential purposes of the stone of spontaneity include healing and are known to breed courage and tranquility, all in a bid to help you make better decisions.

3. Aragonite- The Stone for Focus

Aragonite is a standard crystal in China, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, and Namibia, discovered as far back as the 17th century. It usually exists in different colors such as reddish, blue, brown, and yellowish-green. 

The Aragonite is quite known for its incredible ability to help its users achieve maximum focus and concentration while deciding. It can assist you in developing inner balance when in turmoil or trying to make a significant choice. Other essential functions of Aragonite include emotional stability, anti-stress and anxiety.

4. Tantalite- The Stone of Protection 

Dark greenish crystals instilled with the power of balancing your emotions for better decision making. The tantalite gemstones are known to help its user to appear patient, cool-headed, and collected such that the person can make the right decisions without regrets.

Tantalite is mostly found in Australia and Brazil. It is referred to as the stone of protection due to its ability to protect users from negativity.

5. Azurite- The Stone of Possibilities

Azurite is a lovely gift of nature that appears in blue. It is associated with the third-eye Chakra and can help you sharpen your focus, broaden your views, see things clearly, and improve your inner vision and dreams. These abilities sum up to enable you to make the right decision when faced with a dilemma. 

With Azurite, the stone of possibilities, you can view potential opportunities from afar. It is an excellent stone that helps you make a more refined decision in your business, profession, and career. Azurite also enhances you in learning new concepts, deepens your knowledge, and develops innovative ideas, maximizing connections, and opportunities.

6. Charoite- The Stone of Future

Charoite is an excellent gemstone which serves many purposes aside from fashion and style. It is a beautiful crystal that comes in hues of purple and is recommended for anyone who has a problem making good life decisions.

Charoite is an excellent choice for people trying to start a business, career, or family. With Charoite, you can view life on a larger and clearer perspective. You can see things from a clearer and broader perspective, thereby enhancing your intellect, deepen your knowledge to make a better decision.

Other potential benefits Charoite provides to its users include inner peace, intelligence, and positive energy.

7. Fluorite- The Stone for Maximum Relieve 

This is the perfect crystal for people who are worried, confused, and disturbed. If you find yourself trying to choose between a list of similar options or distrait too many ideas, using the Fluorite crystal will relieve mental stress and enhance emotional focus, thereby clearing a smooth path to make the right decision concerning the future.

Fluorite is a nice-looking gemstone that may exist naturally as green, brown, grey, and purple color. The fluorite is an excellent choice of crystal, which acts as a support when you want to make an important decision.

8. Hematite- The Grounding stone 

Black gemstone, called Hematite, originated from the Greeks. The name was coined out from a Latin word known as ‘haima,’ meaning blood. Hematite crystals are one of the most potent gemstones, which helps its user eliminate harmful emotions, which tends to hinder or block their mind while seeking to achieve lofty goals, implement essential decisions, or develop new ideas.

Hematite also possesses healing powers, which neutralizes the toxic impact of negative feelings.

9. Lapis Lazuli- The Royal Stone 

Here is a blue-colored gemstone with a beautiful design that gives a shiny appearance. It is an excellent crystal that paves the way for proper decision making. It assists the user in clearing hidden emotional disturbances locked away in their minds, enhances his intellect, intuition, and vision.

With the royal stone, you can easily detect lies, dishonesty, and locate your inner self. The Lapis Lazuli comes highly recommended for anyone struggling to make the right decision.

10. Moldavite- The Stone of Spirituality

It is green in color representing nature’s gift to lovers. The Moldavite crystal is known to improve affection, because of its affiliation with Heart Chakra. It is an excellent stone for eliminating many hindrances, including heartbreak, negative feelings, love blockage, etc.

The Moldavite was first discovered in the Czech Republic of Europe. Besides being excellent support for decision making, it is known to have exceptional healing abilities.  

11. Prehnite- Healing Crystal Stone

You won’t realize how difficult it is to decide until you are faced with the same situation. Having support or encouragement will go a long way in pushing you ahead while faced with the challenge of determining which option to select.

Prehnite is a green stone which synchronizes, and aligns the Heart and will together. It improves your inner sight, thereby giving you a peaceful mind to make the right decision.

12. Sapphire- The Blue Stone

The blueish sapphire crystal is related to the throat chakra. With the sapphire crystal, you can see a clearer and more profound vision. It also enhances the user’s ability to see clearly with absolute wisdom and intellect awarded by the sapphire. The sapphire improves your focus and attention, therefore, guaranteeing better decision making.  

How to Use Stones for Decision Making?

Generally, gemstones and crystals are beautifying items worn by women to adorn their dressing because it usually depicts a high taste of fashion, class, and elegance.

However, many people are oblivious that crystals hold many unique and beneficial abilities, like helping you eliminate negative energy and the decision-making process.

We have successfully discussed 12 different lovely stones for decision making. However, this is not enough; we would quickly show you how to use crystals to make better decision-making in the section that follows.

Here are fantastic ways to use stone for decision making: 

  • You may carry it around on you like a ring, bracelet, or a necklace. The presence of the gemstone signifies that you will make better decisions.
  • You may use the crystal as a pen/pencil holder since you tend to make most business and career decisions at your workplace. 
  • It can be incorporated into a flower vase since you make crucial relationships and career decisions at home. 
  • The crystals can be fashioned into a pair of earrings that follows you everywhere and available for support whenever you’re in a twist. 
  • It can also be designed into a bracelet such that you can wear around. You never can tell where, or at what point you may have to make a decision whose outcome will either make or mar you. 


Let us stress here that crystals don’t precisely make decisions for you. No one can make decisions for you! However, crystals work by eliminating obstacles and challenges from your path. It purges you of negative energies and mind blockage, replacing anxiety with peace, patience, harmony, calmness, and quietness. When your head is void of disturbances, you can easily make the right decisions to position you to achieve success in your endeavors.

Crystals serve many purposes, aside from fashion and decision-making. Our focus in this article was to enlighten you on the best crystals for decision-making. Each of the crystals that make our list comes with its unique abilities.

Make sure you browse an Amazon page today and order any of the recommended crystals to streamline your thought and ease your decision-making process.

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