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My 7 Best Crystals for Creativity and Productivity

Are you having a block and looking for the best crystals to enhance your creativity and productivity? Keep reading as this piece will tremendously help you overcome the mental barrier that has been limiting your work progress.

Creativity is fluid. Sometimes, you find yourself excited and in a state of mind where there will be an influx or overflow of ideas. These are good days. However, there are the not so good days where your cognizance seems blocked, and you simply lack the drive to deliver in your work. 

What do you do when you become less creative and unproductive? You need help, and some crystals have the proven ability to help you out. Crystals are known to serve purposes like healing, manifesting, and may also help you to repel evil chakra and negative energies. Boosting your creativity and productivity is sure one of them.

What are the Best Crystals for Creativity and Productivity?

Below is a compilation of the best crystals that can tremendously improve your creativity and productivity in whatever you set out to do.

1. Carnelian – Stone of Creativity

Best Crystals for Creativity and Productivity: Carnelian

The first on the list is Carnelian, commonly referred to as the stone of creativity. This beautiful orange stone is one that exudes warmth, vitality, and resonates with high energy. It is a sacral chakra stone, the second chakra after your root chakra

The sacral chakra is responsible for creativity, fertility, and helps you become one with your ideas, the very start of all creative processes. 

Carnelian helps you bring your sacral chakra into balance. Thus, if you are looking to be a little more creative and feel blocked, work with this stone, and it’s going to get your fires burning.

In addition to boosting creativity, Carnelian also gives you the energy to work on your idea. It creates an effect that is similar to drinking a coffee cup in the morning, thereby stimulating your power from the sacral chakra up to your crown.

2. Herkimer Diamond – Stone of Attunement

The next on our list is the Herkimer diamond, also known as the stone of attunement. It works with the four upper chakras; the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, the crown chakra, and the soul star. 

Herkimer diamonds are a stone of clarity and inspiration. Having one with you helps to bring up buried issues that block creativity and productivity. It enables you to acknowledge those issues, deal with them appropriately, and let them disappear once and for all.

Meditating with a Herkimer diamond helps uncover the latent skills and talents you can use in your daily life. As you continue to work with Herkimer diamond, it will unveil how you can use these skills to add to the cause of humanity.  

3. Lapis Lazuli – Stone of Total Awareness

 best crystal for creativity and productivity: Lapis Lazuli

This fantastic and beautiful royal blue crystal can be referred to as the stone of total awareness. It is a fabulous stone for stimulating your higher mind.

It helps sharpen your intellect, promote creativity, and improve your psychic ability, all of which are higher mind functions. The Lapis is an excellent stone to have on you to keep your mind active and boost your memory throughout the day.

Lapis lazuli is a throat chakra stone. It acts as a stress reliever allowing for peace of mind and serenity. It is a common fact that a calm mind serves as a breeding ground for creativity. Having a Lapis around you during your thought process helps you quickly stumble upon creative ideas.

Another good thing about having a Lapis Lazuli is that it reveals your inner truth, encourages self-awareness, and allows self-expression without compromising. That way, you can become a critic of your ideas, helping you make the necessary tweaks and iteration, making the end product of your ideas flawless and perfect.

4. Orange Calcite – Stone of the Sun

best gemstone for productivity Calcite

As the name suggests, this crystal is orange in color. It is also referred to as the stone of creativity, just like the Carnelian. The gemstone works by activating the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, both of which are associated with deep thinking and creativity. 

Having an Orange Calcite boosts your confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to do anything you set your mind to.

It is a stone of the sun, and it promotes positive, radiant energy throughout the body. It’s all about new adventures, inventions and feeling spontaneous. When working on a new project, it is best to have orange calcite around because it increases your drive and ambition.

5. Citrine – Stone of Abundance

best crystal for creativity: Citrine

This yellow crystal is a stone that resonates with amazing energy. It is one of the luckiest stones around, and wearing a citrine pendant or carrying a piece with you will help you attract warm and positive energy wherever you go. 

It is also called the merchant’s stone for a good reason. Citrine helps you attract money and wealth. It does this by enhancing your creative thinking, geared towards making and acquiring wealth. It is excellent for business owners, and those looking to create start-ups for their ideas, and even artists.

It gives you the creative energy to make your ideas stand out from the crowd. Besides, citrine is also really good at activating your solar plexus, which is your power. As a result, it boosts your confidence, self-esteem, and general outlook on life. 

6. Tiger’s Eye – Stone of The Mind

best creativity and productivity stone and crystal: Tiger's Eye

The sixth stone on our list is the golden-brown stone, which gives a lovely flash and shimmer in the light. It is a stone of the mind, and it stimulates clarity and critical thought processes.

It connects with your solar plexus, which helps to breed creativity in mind and productivity in the body. Getting a tiger’s eye and holding it with you at all times, boosts your confidence without ego and improves your inner strength.

Tiger’s eye makes you empowered, confident, and able to pursue your goal with the ultimate focus. It works to strengthen your willpower and intention to succeed. So, even when you face creativity blocks, the tiger’s eye gives you the resilience, patience, and persistence to power through that mental barrier.

7. Blue Apatite – Stone Of Inspiration And Manifestation

Blue Apatite is also known as a stone of inspiration and manifestation, which helps promote your creativity and productivity. This crystal is a throat and third eye chakra stone and therefore stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth.

It deepens your rational thinking and makes you draw from the wealth of creativity in your subconscious. It is also a dream stone, and it aids lucid dreaming. In case you are stuck on a project or can’t seem to come up with an idea, lucid dreams aided by blue apatite can reveal those ideas to you.

It is also a good stone for clairvoyance and clear communication. If you have an idea, the ability to express it might be another hassle. With the blue apatite, you get the fluidity and freedom of expressing your ideas creatively and appealingly.

How to use Crystals for Creativity and Productivity

The fundamental principle behind crystal functioning is mindful meditation and manifestation. Crystals are, in most cases, catalysts that act on what you meditate on or manifest.

Now, meditation goes far beyond sitting in a particular position on a mountain and chanting, “oh mmmm.” It merely is detaching your mind and soul from the outside world and embracing manifestation via crystals’ power to feed on that serenity to substantiate your desires. 

In essence, meditation sets the pace, manifestation runs the race, and crystals catalyze the process.

Now that you know the basics about how meditation can help you manifest anything you want or do not want let’s talk about the fine details involved in manifestation – How exactly can you use crystals to manifest creativity and productivity?

Display them

Display Crystal is the simplest way to use crystals. Here, all you have to do is just have them in your space. You can use them as decor pieces, but once you put a crystal in your space, you allow their frequencies and properties to influence your vibration subtly.

Hence, you can place one of the crystals mentioned above at the corner of your desk or workspace anytime you experience a mental block. This will significantly influence the fluidity of your creative mind.

Meditate with them

Meditating with your crystals is a simple and effective way to connect with their energies. Even if you are not used to meditation, meditating with your stone can be an effortless and relaxing experience. 

All you just have to do is find a comfortable, quiet place where you can sit with your back straight and then hold your stone above your laps. Try to center yourself by having a focused gaze, or you can close your eyes if you want. The aim is to get you balanced and in an atmosphere of serenity. 

Once you have centered yourself, send your awareness to your crystal while having your intention (which is increased creativity in this case) on your mind.

Carry them around

Another way you can harness your crystal powers is to use them as a pocket stone, a stone that you take with you. This is best done with tumbled or polished pieces.

All you have to do is place the stone in your pocket, your purse (or anywhere really so far it is on you) before leaving your house. As you go about your day, try to remind yourself of your intentions and the stone’s unique attributes.

Even if you forget that the stone is there with you, it can subtly influence your creative energy field and positively impact your day.

Balance them on your Chakras

If you go for a professional crystal healing session, they are likely to experience – you lie down on a massage table and place these crystals on your energy centers. This is because proximity to energy centers and chakras enhances the effect of the crystal’s properties.

Before placing crystals on your body, try to know the energy centers on your body and chakra that resonate with the crystal. For example, the Herkimer diamond, being a third eye stone, should be placed at the center of your forehead. This where your third eye chakra resonates, so its effect will be more pronounced.


Creativity blocks happen to everybody. Heck, there’s even a condition named after that in the writing profession – writer’s block. And in situations where you have a deadline to meet or find yourself stuck in a particular spot, it is best to turn to these crystals to lead and guide your path towards efficient creativity and productivity.

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